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Gone home
Started by: roylew (2524) Report abuse
Frank Paul..the beach ball.... goes home and not returning

Posted by: kathpressey (4326)  Report abuse
sad it didn't work out for him. The same has happened to Wigan lads when they've moved to Australia,

Posted by: broady (12885)   Report abuse
The reality is that he just didn't perform. Certainly in the games I watched. I wonder if they paid his contract up to get some space on the salary cap.

Posted by: peter g (1720)  Report abuse
Good riddance

Posted by: roylew (2524) Report abuse
He was on his knees before he hit the opposition

Posted by: wigvet (3261) Report abuse
The third highest paid player on wigans books with a year left on his contract. His 'termination' will not have been cheap! In desperate need of an 'enforcer' at prop -but where will they get one from? On the recommendation of a players agent ( oopssorry meant ex-coach)

Posted by: lectriclegs (2905) Report abuse
Just a thought

Posted by: elmos (2690)  Report abuse
He won't be missed,don't think the answer is a 20yr
Old Aussie if he improves in first season will be
Be back in side Australia.

Posted by: roylew (2524) Report abuse
I donít think our club has come up to date with rugby...we need a tactical kicker so that we gain momentum on the field...the 40/20 rule says it all to me and wane doesnít like it

Posted by: wigvet (3261) Report abuse
hes NOT gone!!

'The Wrecking Ball' Frank-Paul Nuuausala was in Standish this morning at the 'Circle Cycling Studio' training with the rest of the squad

looks like he's staying!!!!

Posted by: bridger (inactive) Report abuse

Posted by: i-spy (13469)  Report abuse
Who said he was going Or has he been and come back

Posted by: tommy c (587) Report abuse
short of a couple of tongan lads

Posted by: wigvet (3261) Report abuse
he is going it would appear - bad timing or good riddance?

''Nu'uausala has reportedly signed an agreement with Wests Rosellas, that will see him leave Wigan before the season starts.

The former Kiwi International hasn't made much of an impact in Super League since his arrival, playing 24 games for Wigan in his two seasons with the club.

While Wigan are yet to make an official statement, Frank-Paul has told Rosellas coach, Matt Lantry, he will be in Newcastle next week to begin preparations with his new club.

Nu'uausala is still in the UK at the moment, trying to finalise things on his end so he can obtain a formal release from his contract, the New Zealand forward has been out of favour for a while, so Wigan should be fine with him leaving the club.

An official statement from Wigan is expected early next week''

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3030)  Report abuse
I will make this comment but i have to say i am not one of these people who jump to this comment straight-away,and it is this ,I Strongly Believe It Is Time for a New Coach . Again i do feel that Shaun Wayne has had ample time and to be honest this type of rugby he is serving up is not the usual style of Rugby league the spectators of this great club WIGAN demand ,and want, so whoever is in charge start looking, finally for peet's sake get a goal kicker A.S.A.P. do you all recall FRANO BOTICA? it mattered not to M.Offiah he did not bother going inder the sticks to touch down,why? because Frano plonked them over from anywhere so pull your finger out guys!

Posted by: wigvet (3261) Report abuse
Hes STAYING...according to todays WEP

''Frank-Paul Nuuausala is expected to stay at Wigan despite claims Down Under he is poised for a move to an Australia club. A report suggesting he is set for an immediate move to semi-proí Western Suburbs caught the Warriors by surprise Ė as there has been no talks with the player about a release. Nuuausala is thought to have turned down the chance to leave at the end of last season and has been praised for the way he has knuckled down in pre-season training. With less than four weeks to go until the start of the new Super League season, it is understood he has reassured Wigan he is staying'

lets face it - if you were under-performing on a high salary would you not stay?

Posted by: roylew (2524) Report abuse
Aaaaaahhhh...knuckled down...his knuckles were on the ground as soon as he touched the ball...oh no it canít be true

Posted by: kathpressey (4326)  Report abuse
is that a racist comment roylew?

Posted by: builderboy (1870) Report abuse

I suspect that it is a comment based on his running style and that he is virtually tackled before anyone actually gets hold of him.
The knuckling down is a play on words and I am sure was an attempt to be humorous, and is in no way a racist comment from Roy.

Posted by: broady (12885)   Report abuse
Well explained Phil. I cannot understand how it could be construed as a racist comment. Sign of the times I suppose. Just donít mention the All Blacks.

Posted by: kathpressey (4326)  Report abuse
i just wondered, I did think it was weird the knuckles down comment. thanks for clearing that up. Anyway I hope he does well in the coming season

Posted by: roylew (2524) Report abuse
Weird?....anyway thanks guys


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