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Wigan 'smart' motorway work to begin soon
Started by: basil brush (9764) Report abuse

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2413) Report abuse
What we need is another North - South motorway, not a load of fannying around with a 50 year old traffic jam...

Posted by: basil brush (9764) Report abuse
Has these worked anywhere else?

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2413) Report abuse
Yes,, go to Yankland, they build their way out of problems, same with the railways, just build more bloody lines and reopen the closed ones...

Posted by: basil brush (9764) Report abuse
Calm down TTS, not good for you getting riled.

Posted by: PeterP (6396) Report abuse
Smart motorway roadworks added 2 hours onto my journey each way and I used the toll to miss some of the roadworks

Posted by: thaknows (365) Report abuse
wigan doesnt need a smart motorway, do they work? they help but they would work better if when the restrictions are active it was average speed rather than say a 50 limit, because what happens drivers have cottoned on and slow down when going under the gantrys then speed up in between, which can add to the congestion

Posted by: basil brush (9764) Report abuse
So more misery for the motorist without any benefits

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2413) Report abuse

If they are 'average speed cameras' then that is wot they doo, they measure your average speed through the section and if you exceed it, you are in deep doo doo, fine and penalty points

Posted by: tonker (19283)   Report abuse
"wigan doesnt need a smart motorway"

Indeed, 'Wigan' isn't getting one!

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2413) Report abuse

Posted by: baker boy (13844) Report abuse
what wigan needs most is ,some smart councillors at least 74 dullards in wmbc.

Posted by: thaknows (365) Report abuse
tommytwostroke....smart motorways do NOT use average speed cameras, when the limits are active they use a fixed speed camera on a gantry that works in a similar way to a gatso, there will though be average speed cameras in operation whilst the smart motorway is constructed, maybe this is the source of your confusion.

Posted by: tonker (19283)   Report abuse
They've erected the yellow average-speed-check masts already, southbound from Standish to Gathurst flyover. You know, on the downhill section, where drivers are most likely to gain speed without noticing it?

Posted by: jarvo (28212)  Report abuse
...Yeah, also known as 'Death Valley'.


Posted by: basil brush (9764) Report abuse

Posted by: wigvet (3310) Report abuse
Tonker – the masts have been installed for the imminent 10 week project on re-waterproofing Gathurst Viaduct as Highways England attempt to rectify the ‘cock-up’ they made on the same scheme last Autumn. The job at the time was going that bad:
i) surfacing was laid without any waterproofing underneath – all that has now to be ripped up
ii) the temporary lanes southbound were set out incorrectly so all HGVs had to divert through Wigan!!

Lets hope they get it right this time eh?

And Jarvo the term ‘Death Valley’ is used on the Motorway network in reference to the Irwell Valley, junctions 15-16, on the M60 (M62 what was)

Posted by: jarvo (28212)  Report abuse
And the Shevington section on the M6 as well...

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2413) Report abuse
Thirwell Valley is the best known Death Valley, although the same climatic conditions can occur on the Gathurst Viaduct too...

On about that downhill stretch of the M6 I once did a 110mph on my Yam FS1-E (fizzy) down there

Posted by: joemaplin (101) Report abuse
Tts..must uv had fairy dust int tank

Posted by: basil brush (9764) Report abuse
TTS, your avin a laugh 😂 😂 😂

Posted by: builderboy (1933) Report abuse
The term Death Valley is proving to be used in the same way as the expression Cardiac Hill.

The term Cardiac Hill describes any sharp incline behind a shore line that holiday makers need to ascend to get to their accommodation.

There is a beauty in Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote which literally takes the breath away.

Posted by: wigvet (3310) Report abuse
from the CBRD motorway database web site:

''The M60 in parts it is incredibly well-used and the section through the Irwell Valley between junctions 15 and 16, known as Death Valley by the locals, is sometimes claimed (depending on how you define "busiest") as the busiest section of motorway in the country'

Posted by: jarvo (28212)  Report abuse
Wigvet: Yes, yes, we know that. But look it up. It's actually mentioned on Album somewhere.

I think it's been mentioned many times on TV.

When the fog comes down, it is particularly bad in Shevy on that stretch. Many terrible pile-ups there.

Posted by: tonker (19283)   Report abuse
There'll be looooooads of steep hills, all over the UK, known as "death valley" by 'the locals'!

Look through the big window, there's a World out there!

As for a Yamaha fs1e doing 110mph, anywhere, it would need a lot more than 'fairy dust' in it's tank. In standard trim, a YamPed would quickly self-destruct at 60 mph !!

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2413) Report abuse
The now M60, formerly M62 as it goes over the Irwell Viaduct is known as Death Valley, because of the dense fog which accumulates over the viaduct, made worse by the fact that traffic is usually going down the hills on either side fast and they then hit a wall of fog, without any warning and they slam on the brakes and its bumpety bump ...

Posted by: PeterP (6396) Report abuse
At this moment in time I head North up the M6 for days out,Last week end had to head South to go to Norfolk/Suffolk. What a nightmare traffic wise 50 MPH from near Junct19 to junct18 lucky if I got out of 1st gear most of the 10 miles of the roadworks(stop=start traffic) also 40 MPH on the A14What should have been a 4/5 hr journey with breaks became over 6 hrs motoring,glad I don't have to do this on a daily bases. When the "smart"roadworks start up here then I will get on the motorway at Standish or further up or avoid it altogether if possible

Posted by: John59 (409)  Report abuse
having read the link, we're talking here then of £150m for introducing a few speed cameras and ccttv cameras.

anyone else thnk that summat's just not quite right ?

the rule of thumb for motorways is about £1 per mile
So 150£m should buy you (conservatively) around 100 miles of motorway and yet they're paying tht price for a few whistles and bells add-ons ?

Posted by: John59 (409)  Report abuse
... but eh, “The contract, worth approximately £150m and awarded under the collaborative delivery framework", so who are we to criticse it .

I suppose a 'collaborative delivery framework' means that you agre with the council what will be done and for when .
An amazing new concept - should save lots of money that should.

Posted by: builderboy (1933) Report abuse

You need to amend your quid a mile paragraph in the posting before last.

Posted by: baker boy (13844) Report abuse
peter p you should have gone east to wakefield then down the A1M,cheshire is a bloody awful place to drive thro especially when your on the M6.

Posted by: PeterP (6396) Report abuse
Baker boy is it not worse of two evils roadworks on M60 M62 M1

Posted by: roylew (2732) Report abuse
It’ll all be outdated when it’s finished


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