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Posted by valerie on 23rd February 2020  valjdallison@hotmail.com 

Hi, I am researching the Pennington family from Ashton In Makerfield, on behalf of my aunt. At the moment I am looking at the family of William Pennington 1777-1849 and I have just discovered that 2 of his children, including 4 others died due to "breaking of the ice". I am very intrigued by this and wonder if there would have been a newspaper report about this. There are 6 children buried on 28th December 1814 in Winwick and chapelry of Ashton due to "breaking of the ice". Regards Valerie

Posted by Mary Sayers on 18th February 2020  sayersmarym@gmail.com 

I am researching the GORE and SEDDON families of Wigan, Crooke and Shevington. I have recently been given two photograph albums that were once the property of Catherine Bowyer nee Gore (1853-1926), who was a sister of my great grandfather, William Gore (b Shevington 1846, died Plank Lane, Leigh, 1916). I am trying to identify the sitters in the photographs, many of which were taken in Wigan (others taken in Bolton, Leigh and elsewhere). I have been successful in identifying some of these but others are more challenging. I wondered whether anyone in the Society has had experience of dating Victorian photographs that were reprinted at a later date than the original in order to provide mementos of someone who had died. I know that this happened but would like some more examples, especially where a carte-de-visite was reprinted as a cabinet print. Any thoughts very welcome. Happy to provide more information.

Posted by Carole Ashworth on 26th January 2020  Cas1951@sky.com 

Hello Wigan. My grx3 grandad Henry Higham born Wigan between 1824 to 1826 (varies on census/marriage record). Please can anyone help me find his Christening to know his mum's name. Think it will be RC but date not yet on LancsOPC. 1841 resident with his dad John Higham, step-mum Ann nee Aspinall & half-siblings, on School Common. Henry's mum must've died between 1825 to 1830. Grateful for any help finding his mum's name.
From Carole in Blackburn.

Posted by Carol McEwen on 24th January 2020  carolmcewen@slingshot.co.nz 

Looking to contact Linda who helped me earlier about 2015-2017. Have misplaced some information and am hoping she may be able to point me to the messages she sent to me. Seddon Wilcox Baldwin families from Wigan Aspull.

Posted by PHILIP WOOD on 1st January 2020  greenfingers13@btinternet.com 

Help Please
looking for any information on Fanny Parr b1851 Haigh Wigan Lanc`s. living or visiting Haigh to see family ? residing Barnsley Yorkshire.
happy new year

Posted by Derek Wilde on 13th November 2019  deggsey471@gmail.com 

Dear Debbie,
Sure we can help, could use a little more info. Please contact me at the email address attached. If there is a difficulty reach me via the society email wigan.fhs@gmail.com

Posted by Debbie Turner on 5th November 2019  

Looking for information and family and desendents of Richard E Goulden 1864-1929and Martha Ellen Vose1867-1907 of Hindley Wigan.Coal miner and cotton mill worker.Am planning to visit area and would love to find out as much as possible.Thank you.

Posted by Roy McGuire on 31st October 2019  roy.mcguire@talktalk.net 

I have tried on several occasions to contact you via your email address but without success. Do you have a problem with your address, I have used your cnyacy address as given.

Posted by Angela Turner on 2nd September 2019  

My grandfather John Thomas Ryan and family lived in Wigan around 1887 -1915. The 1891 census shows them living at 7 Caldwells fold. Their parents were Thomas & Mary Ann Ryan ( nee Higo). I am unable to find a birth certificate for his sister Mary about 1887/88 but she married John Sheridan at St Josephs’ RC church in 1907. Does anyone know where the School Admissions registers for St Josephs’ school might be kept as I think they may have attended this school?

Posted by noreen oliver on 10th August 2019  

I am helping a friend who does not have a computer with her family history.

Her main interests are her WALL and LEA ancestors who lived in Wigan, mainly in the 19c. In trying to sort out the different families she is trying to find out who was the Town Clerk of Wigan in 1918.

I have tried many sites without success for her and have just found you! If any one could help she would be very grateful.

The Town Clerk was thought to be a brother-in-law to Edith Lea, born 18/9/1883, daughter of Richard and Ann Lea.

Noreen Oliver

Posted by Julie A on 10th August 2019  

For Sheila Martin
Re Thomas and Mary Ann (nee Moran) Rowe and children

I think I may have followed up Thomas and his mother Mary Ann as far as 1919, and the siblings LEP 1950 found for you. Please let me know if you still need more info - there's a lot to post!
Best wishes Julie

Posted by Renee Rasanen on 2nd August 2019  reneerasanen@gmail.com 

Hello. Researching paternal Grandfather and family.
GGrandfather, was a bobby called Charles Edwin George and was from Cornwall. His wife was Margaret Grounds. My Grandfather, their son was James Joseph George who was born on 364 Wigan Road.

Posted by John Griffiths on 25th June 2019  Griffitjo4@aol.com 

We are just starting out finding out more about our family connection with Wigan,and I particular Bryn and Ashton. My mother has some good information on the Smalley/Howarth/Eaves families however we have very little on the Griffiths side of the family.I am keen to know more about the Welsh connection and the history of mining in the area .I am also looking to find out more about my Grandfather ,John Griffiths,who was from Ashton and died in an accident at Compton Engineers around 1935,any advice on where I might be able to find more details on the accident would be very helpful as would any information on the Griffiths family in the area.We intend to come back to Wigan in the summer and would be happy to share any information we have.

John Griffiths

Posted by LEP 1950 on 4th June 2019  

Sorry, Sheila, unfortunately the wrong family. For a moment I thought I had found them under the name HOWE in Wales. A Thomas and Mary had 4 children with the names I mentioned and another two besides, but when I looked closer, the ages were not right. A pity!


Posted by LEP1950 on 4th June 2019  

Hi Sheila,

Yes, at first glance they do seem to have vanished. The birth registers for Lancashire show four children born to a father called Rowe and a mother with the maiden name Moran:

Thomas (1890)
John Henry (1892)
Ellen (1893)
James (1895)

Whether these children all survived and whether they all belonged to your ancestors, I don't know, but Thomas Rowe to Mary Ann Moran was the only marriage I could find between 1880 and 1890. The births cease in 1895. This may mean that one of the partners died or they left the area.

Have you actually seen a copy of the marriage certificate? It would be helpful to know the names of the fathers and the ages of the couple.

Perhaps they used a different name after 1895. It wasn't unusual, especially if people did not want to be found.

Wow, I think I might just have discovered something - will send another post.


Posted by Sheila martin on 3rd June 2019  

Trying to trace my great grandfather thomas Rowe who married Mary Ann Moran at st Patrick's church 1889. I know the had one son, my grandfather Thomas Rowe in 1890 but can't
Trace him after that.

Posted by Elaine Owen on 28th May 2019  elaine.owen@timepix.uk  https://www.timepix.uk/PAGES/Browse-maps/n-3sMzQP/Wigan

Just to say we now have almost 2000 1950s photos of Wigan loaded at the above link. Free to Browse. Another 500 or so of Ince still to load in next week or so and then they are complete.
Search by surname, street name etc. Hope you find them useful. Over 30,000 of Greater Manchester also on same site.

Posted by Norman Ashton on 24th April 2019  normana@btconnect.com 

Looking for help in tracing living relatives in wigan/Hindley area.
If you can provide a professional service please email me.

Posted by Tom Wood on 12th February 2019  ttwood49@hotmail.com 

I have an interest in contacting descendants of the family of Hezekiah and Jane Cottam who were from Heath Lane in Ashton in Makerfield. They had 11 children from 1848 to 1870 and of the eight that survived to adulthood there were three sons and five daughters. None of the sons were ever married.

Of the daughters, Alice married John Keane in 1883, Ann married Aaron Simm in 1888, Margaret married William Woodcock in 1886 and Elizabeth married Henry Wood in 1889. Jane was married three times, first to Robert Unsworth in 1880, then to Richard Thomas Stott in 1881 and finally to Edward Bolton in 1903. All of them had children and there is a good chance that that there are descendants still living in and around Ashton.

If anyone may know of someone who may be associated with this family or would have any ideas as to how I could go about attempting to locate any of them, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Tom Wood
Pittsburgh USA

Posted by Margie on 10th February 2019  

I have John Higson c1783/1840 who married Ellen Bonney c1783/1837 9 Jan 1803 St Oswald Winwick.
They had 4 children Baptised St Joseph RC Bedford Leigh :
William Hikson 1806
Mary Hickson 1808
John Hickson 1810
Ann Hickson 1812
Then we jump to 1819 where in Wigan 4 children are Baptised, St John Rc Wigan
Denis 1819
Ellen 1821
Jane 1822/ died 1834
Alice 1831 died 1831

Looking for any more children between the gaps that I have or any sightings of the other children Marriages or Deaths,
Do not need the Baptism info for the children I have these can be found on the LPC site.
I also have all the info relating to Ellen Higson nee Bonney.
Thanks Margie