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Posted by Helen B on 19th November 2017  hmbaldwin@hotmail.co.uk 

My husband's 2x G/Grandfather was ROBERT WALSH (WELCH), aBt 1796-1861. He married ELLEN HOLLAND aBt 1803-1875, on 19 Feb 1822. So far I haven't been able to find parents for either of these Ancestors. Can anyone help? I have hit a wall!

Posted by Margie on 12th November 2017  

I have a death cert for Ellen Rudd maiden name Atherton who died in Wigan 1849 gladly pass it on to anyone researching the family.
Not the Ellen Rudd I am looking for.

Posted by Jackie on 10th November 2017  

nk you so much Linda. I was looking for the name Chadwick i found the baptisms for John's children on his daughter Ellen he is named John Chadwick Taylor.His daughter Jane married Edward Hughes they were my great grandparents.They had a son who was baptised John Chadwick Hughes i assumed she had named him after her father he died the year after i was born.I have come across these name changes before on my other grandparents side.It does get a little confusing but thank you again for your help. Jackie

Posted by LEP1950 on 9th November 2017  

Jackie, I am risking copying in the siblings I found for John Chaddock Taylor + his own baptism:

Baptism: 17 Jan 1814 All Saints, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Mary Ann Taylor - 1 Daur. of James Taylor & Ellen
Born: 19 Oct 1813
Abode: Millgate
Occupation: Painter
Baptised by: Revnd. E. Hill Curate
Register: Baptisms 1813 - 1816, Page 87, Entry 696
Source: LDS Film 1885676

Baptism: 12 Sep 1815 All Saints, Wigan, Lancashire, England
John Chaddock Taylor - 1 Son of James Taylor & Ellen
Born: 28 Aug
Abode: Millgate
Occupation: Painter
Baptised by: T. J. Bowstead Curate of St. George's
Register: Baptisms 1813 - 1816, Page 251, Entry 2008
Source: LDS Film 1885676

Baptism: 21 Mar 1820 All Saints, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Elizabeth Taylor - 2 Daur. of James Taylor & Ellen
Born: 14 Jan
Abode: Millgate
Occupation: Painter
Baptised by: Edwd. Hill Curate
Register: Baptisms 1819 - 1822, Page 69, Entry 550
Source: LDS Film 1885676

Baptism: 1 Aug 1824 All Saints, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Amerly Taylor - Daur. of James Taylor & Ellen
Born: 10 May
Abode: Wallgate
Occupation: Painter
Baptised by: Edwd. Hill Curate
Register: Baptisms 1822 - 1825, Page 244, Entry 1951
Source: LDS Film 1885677

I think James' father's name was JOHN and somehow I don't think James was born in 1798. I think he was older. He was dead at the time of John's marriage to Elizabeth Battersby in October 1850, but it looks like he was still alive in January 1848, when his daughter Elizabeth married Thomas Balmer (sic) Johnson. At least he is not listed as being dead. So we can perhaps place his death between the beginning of 1848 and the end of 1850. This might help to find his date of birth if a suitable death with an age given can be found.


Posted by LEP1950 on 9th November 2017  

To Carol and Jon,

Sorry I haven't been active for a while, but I've had some health problems of late and lots of family things. If you have any definite questions, I have now a bit more time.

For Peter Leach:

Did you do any copying and pasting in your messages? It happened to me on several occasions that my messages disappeared when I copied things from the internet in them. I now always type things in myself. That usually works. Unfortunately, we don't know what your problem was.


Posted by LEP1950 on 9th November 2017  

Hi Jackie,
You've probably been irritated by the name "Chadwick", but I think you are looking for a JOHN CHADDOCK TAYLOR, who was born in Millgate, Wigan on May 28th 1815 and christened at All Saints on September 12th of the same year. His christening record shows that his father JAMES TAYLOR was a painter of Millgate. James Taylor had married ELLEN CHADDOCK on April 25th 1813 at All Saints, Wigan. Somewhere along the line, the name may have changed. It could have been originally pronounced "Chaddick" and written as "Chaddock" or it was just miswritten or mistranscribed on later records. This wasn't unusual. I have looked at scans of the original registers on ancestry and it definitely says CHADDOCK in these.

Hope I've helped you,


Posted by Jackie on 8th November 2017  

Trying to find information about a James Taylor born abt 1798 he was my 3rd great grandfather.I can't find any marriage for him.His son was John Chadwick Taylor born abt 1818 a painter in Wigan.He was my 2nd great grandfather married to Elizabeth Battersby.Can anyone please help to find the mother of John.

Posted by Peter Leach on 12th October 2017  r.leach1@btinternet.com 

Dear Linda, I am research some of my ancestors from Leigh. Do you or anyone knows about a draperís shop on Market Street in the 1940s?

Posted by Peter Leach on 11th October 2017  r.leach1@btinternet.com 

Dear Linda, I am just wondering if you or anyone knows about a Draperís shop on Market Street, Leigh in the 1940s?

Posted by Linda on 1st October 2017  carolmcewen@slingshot.co.nz 

Hi Linda. Well I have managed to piece together much of the tree. You remeber I asked about a James in John and Caroline seddons family having been born in 1890, you thought he may have been a child of Emily, well I have now found the connection. In Ancestry.com I found his date of birth, then found him in the 1891 census on the original form. I typed his name into the google engine and up he came. He was 53 when he died. He was serving as a Merchant Seaman - greaser on the SS Ocean venture when she was torpedoed off the coast of Virginia - they were carrying 2 hurricanes plane parts and food, a German sub managed to sink 11 ships in 15 days in that area. So I have a copy of the ships records - a copy of the Military record , map of where sinking took place a picture of the captain of the u-boat. It is amazing what comes up if you search in the right place, I would never have thought of the water - so I just typed in his name and date of birth. Cheers and good looking. Carol

Posted by MARCUS LEWIS on 29th September 2017  MARCUSLEWIS01@GOOGLEMAIL.COM 

Wigan/Pemberton area. My great gran Mary Ann Berry also known as Polly born in Wrexham, went to live with her dads family who belonged to gypsies around 1901 to 1911.I would like to find family still living around there in Wigan area.Pollys dad was John born around Chester and his dad William may come from Wigan area.

Posted by Diane Brackett on 18th September 2017  dianebrackett1946@gmail.com 

I am trying to locate where my aunt was sent to in Wigan in about 1914.
Her name was Ida Frances Ashworth DOB 12th December 1909 Hackney London.
Her mother was Lilian Ashworth nee Horrocks, father unknown.
Lilian was living in Nelson but went to Hackney workhouse and had her daughter..

In the 1911 Census
Ida Frances was put in the Burnley workhouse with her brother Stanley Ashworth my father.
I was told by Burnley Library that Ida Frances was fostered out from the workhouse at age 5 to a family in Wigan who had a Grocers shop. That is the only info I have for her..Any help to locate where that Grocers family and Ida Frances may have been would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Posted by kevin benson on 28th August 2017  kevin.benson@tiscali.co.uk 

FAO: Jean Hynes nee Benson Re: Thomas benson and Margaret bell. please get in touch via email..... Kevin.benson@tiscali.co.uk

Posted by Mary James on 21st August 2017  marygriffithsjames@gmail.com 

I have known for a very long time that my paternal Griffiths Family lived in Wigan from early in the 1800s when John Griffiths (Llanwrst), his father John and mother Jane owens moved there. John married mary phillips who was from Ruthin. The recent interest in my Wigan ancestors is a result of a DNA test which has given me the family of my great grandfather, who was also my step great, great grandfather!! There has always been mystery around the father of my grandmother. this now leads me to all sorts of connections in the Pemberton area and the names include: Green, Fairhurst, Molyneux, Farrimond, Robinson, Sharrock and many more local names. I have researched quite extensively and would like to contact others looking at these families or undertaking a one place study in Lamberhead green/Ince/ Standish areas and also with knowledge of the various religious denominations incl Free Methodist and RC

Posted by Shirley Dorse Welland on 12th August 2017  teddybear44@gmail.com 

Hi, I am hoping someone may be able to help me, I am looking for my GG Grandfather & his family, I have tried before with no success, his name was John Melling, he was charged with larceny and imprisoned 3 times before being caught for stealing a bottle of Brandy from the hotel, which he dropped when caught by police he went to court and defended himself (not a good idea I thought) the case was in the newspapers and can be found on the internet. The information I am after is if his parents were named at any one of the times he was charged, he started at 9yrs old. I am hoping the police records might mention his Mother or Father so I can then check against the Parish records as there are a few John Mellings born around the same time he was sent to NSW Australia for 7yrs, I know his history from there. I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks Shirley.

Posted by Carol on 31st July 2017  carolmcewen@slingshot.co.nz 

Hello Linda - Morning from NZ thank you for all that information, you have certainly answered a lot of questions we had. Would you be interested in making email connection with me. I have included my email for you. It is a very cold morning here - nearly midday and temp still around 5 degrees most unusual for our area of NZ. Cheers Carol

Posted by LEP1950 on 30th July 2017  

So Carol, this is what I have found out about William and Emily Baldwin's children:

EMMA - birth registered in the last quarter of 1841 in Arlesford, Hampshire; no baptism found to date; married WILLIAM SMITH, the son of Richard Smith, at St Mary's, Birkenhead on October 23rd, 1865; in 1881 census in Oxton, Birkenhead without any children; Emma died in 1889 and husband William is living with his brother Thomas in the 1891 census. William's parents Richard and Ann are in the 1871 census, but no sign of William and Emma, at least not after a brief search.

CAROLINE, b. in France about 1843. We know what happened to her!

CHARLES, b. in France about 1845. In the 1851 Birkenhead census, but disappears after that. It seems that he died in the first quarter of 1857.

WILLIAM, b. 1848, d. 1848 at age of two months; christened at St Stephen's, Congleton, Cheshire on April 26th, 1848 and buried in Astbury on May 7th, 1848.

So William and Emily were first in Hampshire, then in France, then briely in Cheshire before moving to Shrewsbury, Shropshire and then back to Birkenhead, Cheshire.

HARRIET, b. 1849 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, but registered in the Apr-May-June quarter as Priscilla (!) She married as HARRIET PRISCILLA on August 25th, 1875 in Woodchurch, Cheshire. Her husband was Henry Hodgson, the son of Elliot Hodgson. In the censuses, she is always just Harriet - in 1851 in Birkenhead, in 1861 in Wales with father William and stepmother Catherine, in 1871 working as a servant in Oxton, Birkenhead, Cheshire. You can easily find her in the censuses after this.

MARY's birth was registered in the last quarter of 1850. I think she was possibly buried at St Mary's Birknhead on January 1853 aged 2. The age and area fit,but the father's name is not mentioned, and so I cannot be 100% positive. In any case Mary disappears. Her mother died in 1852. I suppose Mary could possibly have been given to relatives.

The possible Hammell connection is interesting. A Henry Hammell is inthe 1851 census for Manchester, a tailor from Ireland.


Posted by Carol on 30th July 2017  

For Linda LEP1950 22 7 2017
Yes those are the ladies I mentioned, you have also confirmed some of the information I did not have regarding Elizabeth. Cheers Carol

Posted by Carol on 30th July 2017  

For Linda
Yes I would love the other names you mentioned in contact re Second marriage of Caroline's father.
Alsi had an intersting conversation today with neighbour he brought out a box dated 1856 name H Hammel from Armaugh we are now looking to see whether this person fits into the tree because if he does the neighbour is related. His wife we discovered was realted to my husband this would make Michael related to our family. Strange - will let you know more as we trace the lines. \Carol

Posted by LEP1950 on 26th July 2017  

For Carol:

Caroline's father married a second time on July 20th 1856 at St Peter's, Liverpool - a widow named Catherine Humphreys, nee Davies.

Do you want to know about the marriages/deaths of Caroline's siblings? Or are you only interested in your direct line?