Wigan Family & Local History Society

General Data Protection Regulations 2018

Our agreement with members includes informing them of Monthly Meetings, Annual General Meetings, the distribution of a newsletter and any other matters pertaining to Wigan Family and Local History Society, either, in paper or electronic format. In order to fulfil this agreement we need to hold and process data as detailed below.

Wigan Family & Local History Society (WF&LHS) recognises that members have the following rights;

    ♦ of access to their data,

    ♦ to correction of their data,

    ♦ to erasure of their data,

    ♦ to restriction of the processing of their data,

    ♦ to object in relation to their data.

The Data Controllers and the Data Processors of WF&LHS are the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Our webmaster is also a Data Processor.

Our membership database is held on the Secretary and Treasurer's personal Password protected PC and includes contact information which you yourself have provided; name, postal address, e-mail and telephone number.

We also hold information regarding your means of payment, ie. cash, cheque or Bacs which is made on a year by year basis. If you have set up a standing order for payment of your subscriptions the name and branch of your bank will not be held. We may also have a note of the year when you first joined the Society.

This information is used for all purposes connected with the running of Wigan Family & Local History Society.

If a member terminates their membership, their record is archived for historical reference, but it is not processed again unless that former member rejoins the WF&LHS.

None of the data held by WF&LHS is shared with or sold to any other third parties.

WF&LHS does not keep any information about your racial or ethnic origins, political opinions, religious beliefs, physical or mental health, sexual preferences or conviction by any court.

Our Members Interests database is held on the Wigan World Website in the resources area and is not linked to the membership database. The member's interest section contains names which Members themselves have provided.

To allow access by the Society Members or General Public to make contact with you, you will have to give your permission for your email address to be published.

Any member may check for themselves the information we hold, also, any member wishing to withdraw their consent to the storage, processing and use of their data may do so by either making an application in writing to;
Mr. P Spencer,
The Secretary,WF&LHS.
10 Wolfson Square
Ashton in Makerfield,
WN4 9RF.
by direct e-mail to the Secretary at wigan.fhs@gmail.com

Wigan Family & Local History Society June 2018.