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Is this the famous Bernard Dowdall?

Photo: Babs   Item #: 368

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Comments: 26


Is this the famous Bernard Dowdall?

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  I spotted this gentleman on a stall in Ashton market. I was convinced it was Bernard Dowdall form other photos I'd seen of him. My friend Fiona wasn't too sure. I was too shy to ask him for his autograph.
Is this his day job?
Was he doing this for charity?
What are the readers views?

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Comments by Arty Fishall, 18th August 2011  
Hi Babs. He certainly looks like Bernard Dowdall but the last time I saw him was when he worked in Kennedy's bookies in Wigan yonks ago.
If it is him he's put on a bit of timber since I last clocked him.

Comments by Rene Mulqueeny, 22nd August 2011  
yes babs this is my bernie.

Comments by Arbuthnot St John-Roper, 11th October 2011  
Seen in B&Q Wigan this afternoon.

Comments by Dennis Neil, 13th October 2011  
Arbuthnot - I used to date your sister.
Do me a favour old boy and ask her if she still has my Sgt. Pepper LP.
Its worth a fortune these days.
There's a good chap.

Comments by Arbuthnot St John-Roper, 13th October 2011  
Dennis, that was all so very long ago. I'll ask Daphne if she still has the record, though she prefers Boy Zone or something these days. Do you know Peter Bernard, by the way?

Comments by Dennis, 14th October 2011  
Back in the dim and distant past old chap. Heard he'd emigrated to Oz.

Comments by Pippa Beaumont, 17th October 2011  
Handsome sort of a chap isn't he?

Comments by Arbuthnot St John-Roper, 18th October 2011  
Well, it all depends upon your point of view. Having seen him in the flesh recently, he does seem to exude the air of a veteran actor. Or was that his aftershave??

Comments by Lol, 19th October 2011  
Corr! Fancy seeing Bernard after all these years. If you had said he was brown bread I wouldnt have disbelieved you.
Said to the wife .. you have heard me talk about this chap love ... little Bernard. Look ,, on the web ,, well bless my soul after all these years.
Times we had in the Dog & Patridge. They were all there ,, The Admiral, Ernie, the lawman, Law. Ken Cowap and his brother all the Wigan mafia.
And there was Bernard regailing us with tales from the race track and the bookies. What he didn't know about racing wasn't worth knowing. He even had his own bookies license.
Remember me Bernard ,, Lol. Always lolling on the wall with a pint pot in my hand. Black suit and white shirt.
I was always told by my mam standing is better for you than sitting.
Always thought I looked a million quid in my black suit even though I didn't have two coppers to rub together.
Tell you if you ever want someone as your after dinner speaker,, this your man. Bernard Dowdall.
I remember your Uncle Nobby Bernard ,, he ran a good pub. You should have heard him laying down the law to Micky Dalton and his mates. Laugh ,, we had some good times. All those characters ,, mostly saddly gone.
Well Bernard its fantastic to see you again. Look after yourself auld cock.

Comments by Penelope Kettle, 19th October 2011  
I saw Mr Dowdall not long ago on the Manchester train. Wasn't sure it was him at first. I thought that chap needs to keep up with the times. Long scruffy hair is out. He needs a smart, short modern hair style.
Then I thought I'm sure thats the local actor thingy, Peter Bernard watsisname.
I suppose it makes sense to actors. If your offered a part for a short haired character you can always cut it short. But it doesn't work the other way. You'd need to wear a wig.
As someone says above he'd look quite acceptable with a modern hair style.

Comments by Frank Pennington, 23rd October 2011  
There was a chap writing recently in the Wigan Observer by the name of Bernard Dowdall. There can't be two of them, can there...
Anyway if its the same bloke it looks like he's adding football punditry to his many talents. West Ham have Ray Winstone and Man City have Noel Gallagher representing them from show business and Wigan Athletic have Bernard Dowdall.
Well beggars can't be choosers!
The old boy was getting worked up over the Latics current plight ... hang the manager was the cry and similar sort of stuff.
Poor chap ,, I fear there's worse to come for our Bernard!

Comments by Wendy Berkley, 24th October 2011  
Arbuthnot, are you one of the St John - Ropers who had the show pony riding stables in Bispham in the 70s? I understand the family moved to Hastings. If so can you tell me what became of Bunty?

Comments by Arbuthnot St John-Roper, 29th October 2011  
Wendy, I'm afraid that I'm unable to enlighten you. I think that they were from a different branch of the family. However, I will bear your query in mind and if anything comes up, rest assured that I will inform you.

Comments by Wendy, 29th October 2011  
Thank you Arbuthnot. I suppose this fellow Peter Dowdall does look rather theatrical if not distingished. I can imagine him speaking just like that Northern playwright.. what is his name now .. ah! Alan Bennet, thats the one. He dosn't write plays by any chance, does he?

Comments by Arbuthnot St John-Roper, 31st October 2011  
"The sky was black with the wings of chickens coming home to roost" is a classic line from Habeas Corpus. By Alan Bennett though, not Bernard Dowdall. Though I do believe that Bernard is a master of the one-liner.

Comments by (Crprl) J. Hill, 1st November 2011  
There was a regimental chaplain by the name of Arbuthnot when I was in the army. I'm sure he had a double barrelled name like yours Arby. Where you a chaplain in the army by any chance?

Comments by J. Swift, 2nd November 2011  
Is that a poe Bernard has on his table? I've always wondered what market traders do when they're caught short.

Comments by Rene Mulqueeny, 4th November 2011  
dear arbuthnot what was my bernie buying in B&Q please. I would love to know.

Comments by Arbuthnot St John-Roper, 5th November 2011  
Rene, he was with a lady, and I think they were looking at fire surrounds. I had to do a double-take, but it was definitely the gentleman in the photo. I stopped short of making his aquaintance though.

Comments by Leticia Lovecraft, 6th November 2011  
Wouldn't surprise me if Mr Dowdall wasn't a very erudite man with his nose always in the classics.
I'll bet he paints for a hobby whilst litening to classical music.

Comments by Nobby Slack, 12th November 2011  
Bernard .. erudite .. I had to look that one up. He was on the committee at Beech Hill labour club. Dickens and Shakespeare ,, more like his nose in the Sun or racing page. As for an arist ,, depends on the type of artist you mean. Last time I saw him painting his gates there was paint on the pavement.
Just joking Bernard lad. Nobby.

Comments by Desdemona Spring, 16th November 2011  
Perhaps Bernard is a pavement artist.

Comments by Rita Daley, 2nd December 2011  
I've seen Bernard a few times in Beech Hill but I didnt know his name until I saw this picture.
I used to think he was gypsy. Didnt know he was an actor.

Comments by Joan Blondell, 13th December 2011  
He's so good looking, isn't he, in a rakish sort of way. He lives near me.

Comments by Maureen Vose, 24th March 2012  
Seems to be a chap the ladies like. Bet he's fun to be with.

Comments by Babs Brooke, 9th July 2012  
I knew him when I was young. Had a crush on him. He's a hadsome fella.

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