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Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon

Photo: Una Muldoon   Item #: 335

  Views: 3832

Comments: 46


Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon
  Wigan actor Bernard Dowdall pictured with an adoring fan outside the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon.  

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Comments by Rene Mulqueeny, 9th July 2010  
Bernie you look very smart in that blue suit and pink shirt. It suits you.

Comments by Mary Gormley, 9th July 2010  
Bernard that bloke with you. Whats he got in his hands?

Comments by Frank Healy, 9th July 2010  
Hmm! Bernard's much taller than I thought :o) :o)

Comments by Jim Swift, 9th July 2010  
Or the adoring fan is much shorter!

Comments by Gez Temple, 9th July 2010  
Where you actually on stage Bernard?

If so what play?

Comments by Rene Mulqueeny, 10th July 2010  
My Bernie is a good actor. He will be playing the part of a taller actor.
That fan is probably a little chap.

Comments by Prudence Wymbrush, 12th July 2010  
Daphne darling. I wasnt aware that Peter Bernard was or has appeared at the RST in Stratford. I normally kkep myself well informed via the theatrical media. Are you aware of any such work that Peter Bernard has done?

Comments by Daphne, 12th July 2010  

Comments by Daphne Barrington-Brown, 12th July 2010  
Pru dear, Quentin believes that Peregrine can probably help. As you know he is practically a local to Stratford and does a regular article on the RST.

Comments by Jon Wood, 12th July 2010  
Another good pic Curly. keep makin the bread lad. Rock on Curly lad.

Comments by Frank Healy, 13th July 2010  
:o) Elmer must be seven feet tall. I bet he recognizes the suit and shirt as well. :o)

Comments by Peregrine Farnley-Stokes, 13th July 2010  
Pru, Daphne. I haven't identified said gentleman but that doesnt mean he hasnt appeared. He isnt mentioned in recent programmes but that doesnt mean he hasnt appeared on stage. Often when actors fail to take stage for one reason or another a substitute is found who doesnt always feature in the titles. Love Pere.

Comments by Frank Healy's Younger Wiser brother, 14th July 2010  
Nice place Stratford. Nip down there occasionally to RST. If Bernards appearing there in the near ...some one let me know ...please! :>)

Comments by Peregrine Ponsenby-Smythe, 14th July 2010  
Photo-shopped, yet again?

Comments by Jim Ince, 15th July 2010  
Smashin photo.

Comments by Gad Bury, 15th July 2010  
Latest on Bernard is that he may have landed the part of Winston in a remake of The Dustbinmen.

Comments by Baz Caulfield, 15th July 2010  
Well done Bernard!

Comments by D. Spilsbury, 15th July 2010  
Wonderful news Bernrad. Congratulations!

Comments by Frank Healy, 16th July 2010  
Pseudonymous self adulation? :o):o):o)

Comments by Colin Eckleston, 16th July 2010  
Careful Frank - you can get arrested for that.

Well done Curly lad keep up the good work.

Comments by Mary Gormley, 16th July 2010  
Whats that you said you were doing Frank.
Is that the same as the bloke in the blue jeans is doing?

Comments by Leonard Allen Prowant, 16th July 2010  
No matter to what heights we climb
No matter what our own success;
No matter if we stand sublime
And tower far above the rest;
We cannot pat upon the back
Ourselves, without the splendor pall
Oh, better far the brilliance lack
Than on the shoals of boasting fall.

Comments by alfred Hart, 16th July 2010  
What a load of balderdash, these two lads have just called in for their wages.
Experienced stage hands, I know the small one.

Comments by Alf Hall, 17th July 2010  
Thats not Alf Hart from St George's is it. This is your old mate Alf Hall. Nice picture Alf.

Comments by Frank Healy's Younger Wiser Brother, 17th July 2010  
I once heard our Frank singing a Leonard Cohen song.

Comments by Frank Healy's only, BUT OLDER, brother, 18th July 2010  
One of us cannot be wrong

Comments by Frank Healy's Younger Wiser Brother, 18th July 2010  
I think your jealous of me.

Comments by Bernard Mulqueeny (Canada), 19th July 2010  
I came across Bernard Dowdall's name on the web. Thought surely that was an old St Mary's name. Being an ex-pat I like bit of nostalgia for the old country and school,,, as you do. So I Googled “Bernard at Wigan World” and could now virtually write his life story. Fascinating chap! As a youngster he worked for "poor kids". Later became famous locally as a "raconteur" and horse racing tipster. Now he's a well known actor. Must admit I haven't seen Bernard in any TV or film productions but then you have a different perspective in Canada. One thing though, surprisingly enough my cousin uses those Ortisan tablets he advocates and says she is forever grateful to him. I am looking forward to receiving a sample of those tablets, kindly sent by my loving cousin. Respect Bernard! Great to see a fellow school chum doing well.

Comments by "Woodie" Guthrie, 19th July 2010  
Actuaaly Bernard your Google search didnt reveal all. Bernard Dowdall was a great friend and admirer of the famous Wigan artist Laurence Isherwood and I understand it his ambition to emulate the great man.

Comments by Elmer, 20th July 2010  
Bernard when you asked to borrow my suit I thought it wouldn't fit you.

Comments by Ron Mason, 22nd July 2010  
New pictures from old ceremonies.

Comments by B.Ellison, 25th July 2010  
Strange, none of the comments mention that the adoring fan is Cliff Higham

Comments by Alan Addlington, 25th July 2010  
It is Cliff you know! Smashin photo Cliff. keep rockin lad.

Comments by Blob, 28th July 2010  
Bernard Mulqueeny & Woody Guthrie you missed the bits on Bernard's days as an impresario. He ran an entertainment agency and was the concert secretary at the former Beech Hill Labour club. One report also said that he trained race horses in Newbury although I doubt that myself. He should be the next mayor of Wigan.

Comments by Brian Lawson, 30th July 2010  
You cant be serious Blob. You cant just take a man of the street because he has been kind to people and is multi talented and make him mayor. I mayor needs administrative experience and a flair for dealing with the public amongst other skills.

Comments by John Greer, 2nd August 2010  
Brian I am going to have to disagree with you. I think Mr Dowdall is precisely the type of person I want to be mayor. The reason is, is that he is a "man of the people". Now I dont know Mr Dowdall but I have read that he is very popular with the public and spent much of his youth doing charity work for under privileged children even though, I understand, he came from humble roots himself.
He doesnt need to do administrative work as mayor. We have paid Council workers and shirkers to do that plus our distinguished councillors (god bless us).
I dont want a local millionaire "dun good" whose secrets are brushed under the carpet by those who hang around such people.
I dont want a former public servant who feathered his own nest from the public purse. How many of our council representatives do anything for us. Do they try to improve law and order - no. Do they try to turn over heaven and hell to benefit the old and under privileged - no. Do they try to reduce our council tax whilst improving services - no. Why do we have them - god only knows. The only time that focus for the good is brought on local government is when the central government do it.
No for me its an unselfish, generous of heart, man of the people every time. For me its Bernard Dowdall.

Comments by P.C. Dongle, 3rd August 2010  
Hello! Hello! Hello! It has been brought to my attention that a gentleman has been arrested in Mesnes Park for pseudonymous self adulation?
It is my duty to tell you that there is no truth in the rumour that it was Frank Healey. I thank you!

Comments by Brian Ellison, 5th August 2010  
P.C. Dongle. I knew it wasnt Frank Healy. You said that a "gentleman" was arrested.

Comments by Brian Ellison, 9th August 2010  
Saw Cliff Higham near the shops in Gidlow Lane last week. Does he live in Beech Hill now?

Comments by Eric Charlston, 9th August 2010  
I don't know about Cliff but Bernard Dowdall lives in Beech Hill.

Comments by J. Ashcroft, 14th August 2010  
The bloke in the blue jeans is Clifford Higham from Windsor Street. He was in my class at St. Georges.

Comments by Seamus O'Holding, 19th August 2010  
I second Bernard for mayor. He's a good catholic boy.

Comments by Ailláth O’Higham, 24th August 2010  
And no one Seamus my boy can be bad with the name of Higham. Sure the Saints placed us on high.

Comments by Seosamh Fionngarrán, 14th September 2010  
Bernard Dowdall. I know that the artist Isherwood is a hero of yours so may I draw your attention to the site: http://www.artbyisherwood.co.uk/. I think you will find it very interesting.

Comments by Cubbin, 6th October 2010  
Nice picture of Cliff Higham. Didnt think Bernard was grow that tall when I last saw him at Wigan Grammar School. He looks very distinguished especially for his age.

Comments by Rene Mulqueeny, 26th October 2010  
great photo this of my bernie and his wee pal Cliff. I have it on my mantle.

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