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Wigan, B

Bailey Elizabeth, clothes dealer, 32 Standishgate
Baines John, furniture dealer, 33 Scholes
Baines Mrs. Margaret, 18 Charles street
Baker Thomas, saddler, 42 Darlington street
Baker and Valiant, engineers, ironfounders, &c. Hope Foundry, Clayton street
Baldershaw Richard, beer retailer, Regent street
Baldwin John, tarpaulin, brattice cloth, &c. manufacturer, 115 Great George street
Baldwin Samuel, shopkeeper, Britannia bridge
Baldwin Thomas, tarpaulin, &c. manufacturer, Commercial yard
Baldwin William, Swan and Railway Inn, 92 Wallgate
Ball Edward, shopkeeper, Dorning street
Ball James, joiner, 134 Great George street
Ball Joseph, Woodhouse Inn, Woodhouse lane
Ball Robert, shopkeeper, 75 Standishgate
Ball Thomas, blacksmith, 1 Fairclough street
Ball Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 77 Standishgate
Ball Thomas, shopkeeper, 94a Scholes
Bamford Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 6 Lime street
Bancks Adam, Honeysuckle Inn, Poolstock
Bancks Henry, printer, 23 Poolstock
Bancks James, shopkeeper, 116 Chapel lane
Banks William, Britannia Inn, Britannia bridge
Bannister James, tea dealer, 42 Great George street
Bannister Richard, traveller, 7 Darlington street
Barford James, clerk, Lower Whitley
Barker Charles, beer retailer, 88 Wigan lane
Barlow Alfred & Hamlet, cabinet makers and upholsters, 58 Wallgate
Barlow Alfred, cabinet maker (A. and H. Barlow) Upper Dicconson street
Barlow Daniel, draper, &c. 3 Market place; house Southport
Barlow Mrs. Eleanor, 140 Wigan lane
Barlow Hamlet, cabinet maker, (A, and H. Barlow) Upper Dicconson street
Barlow Henry Anderton, commission agent, 34 Harrogate street
Barlow Mr. Peter, Dicconson street
Barlow Robert, butcher, 82 Wallgate
Barnes James, whitesmith and scale beam maker, 46 Millgate
Barnes Thomas, whitesmith, &c. 43 Millgate
Barnes William, whitesmith, bellhanger, &c. 22 Standishgate
Barnish Edwin Howarth, pharmaceutical chemist, grocer, and agent to the Northern Assurance Co. 15 Market place
Baron George, blacksmith, 5 Nuttall's row, Pottery
Baron James, photographer, Corporation street, Poolstock
Baron Robert, Vine Inn, 34 Upper Morris street
Baron Robert, beer retailer, 42 Scholes
Barrow Davenport Warren, watch finisher, 39 Harrowgate street
Barrow William, carrier to Standish, 1 Patrick's row
Barton Edward, iron moulder, 15 Douglas street
Barton George, shopkeeper, 39 Patrick's row
Barton George, shopkeeper, 13 Earl street
Barton John, beer retailer, Platt lane
Barton Joseph, underlooker, 142 Frog lane
Barton Matthew, ironmonger, &c. 4 Millgate; residence Thorhill, Standish
Barton Richard, shopkeeper, 109 Scholes
Barton Robert, beer retailer, 42 Scholes
Barton Robert, Trencherfield Inn, 127 Wallgate
Barton Thomas, timber merchant and commission agent, Canal wharf, Wallgate
Barton Thomas, tailor, 6 Standishgate place
Barton Thomas, shopkeeper, 24 Harrogate street
Barton Thomas, tailor, 145 Hardybutts
Barton William, shopkeeper, 158 Scholes
Barton William, overlooker, 112 Frog lane
Battersby James, cotton spinner, (James Eckersley & Sons) Pemberton
Battle William, shopkeeper, Poolstock
Battie William, shopkeeper, 73 Pool street, Poolstock
Bayley Rev. John, 25 Charles street
Bayley John Thomas, tailor, Milton street, Poolstock
Beamish George, shopkeeper, 30 Hallgate
Beard Mary, dressmaker, 110 Hardybutts
Beech Joseph, china dealer, 42 Hallgate
Beesley John, confectioner and wholesale fruiterer, 12 King street
Beesley Robert, grocer, &c. 51 Standishgate, and 13 and 15 Wallgate; residence 22 Church street
Bell George, hairdresser and tobacconist, 37 Wallgate
Bell Thomas, seedsman, florist, fruiterer, &c. 32 Wallgate
Bell William, travelling draper, 31 Caroline street
Bell William, hairdresser, 2 Lyon street
Bellars Miss M. E., boarding school, 19 Charles street
Bellis Joseph John, tailor and clothier, 5 and 7 Millgate; house Darlington street
Belshaw Thomas, manager, 64 Caroline street
Bennett James, beer retailer and blacksmith, 7 Hardybutts
Bennett Matthew, Whitesmiths' Arms Inn, and shopkeeper, 17 Warrington lane
Bennett William, boot and shoe maker, 37 Hallgate
Bennett William, china dealer, 75 Scholes
Benson Edward, painter, 63 Darlington street
Benson Matther, provision dealer, 18 Market place; house 19 Wiend
Bentham Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 170 Scholes
Bentham John, shopkeeper, 66 Hallgate
Bentley Henry, plate layer, 67 Darlington street
Bentley Thomas, furniture broker, 60 Millgate
Berry James, shopkeeper, 10 Cross street
Berry James, Stanley Arms Inn, 21 Warrington lane
Berry Joseph, shopkeeper, 66 Lime street
Berry Robert, carder, 10 Hope street
Bibby James, butcher, 16 Market place; house Western place, Standishgate
Bibby James C., engineer, architect, and surveyor, and agent to the Eagle Insurance Co. 9 Standishgate place
Bibby Robert, confectioner, photographer, &c. Water heyes
Billham John, commercial traveller, Chapel lane
Bimson James, forged iron manufacturer, &c. Clarington Brook forge
Birch Benjamin, cashier, 6 Gidlow lane
Birch Thomas, printer and stationer, 32 Millgate
Birchall Henry, brewer, 6 Clayton street
Birchall Hugh, shopkeeper, Douglas bank
Birchall James, engine driver, 133 Great George street
Birchall Ralph, Albion Inn, 24 Millgate
Birkenhead Mrs. boarding school, 132 Wigan lane
Birkett James, wholesale grocer, Bretherton's row, and 4 Hallgate
Birkett William, hatter and draper, 17 and 19 Standishgate and 20 Wallgate
Birtwistle John, broker, 34 Lower Morris street
Bithell James, coppersmith, 69 Darlington street
Bithell John, brazier, coppersmith, &c. 116 Millgate
Blackburn William, confectioner and joiner, 118 Standishgate
Blaylock Richard, Crofter's Arms Inn, 17 Hallgate
Bleakley William, shopkeeper, 38 Harrowgate street
Blinkhorn John, clogger, 141 Scholes
Boardman George, labourer, 92 Hallgate
Boardman Joseph, beer retailer, 36 Hallgate
Boardman Thomas, shopkeeper, 118 Scholfield lane
Boardman William, Birkett Bank Inn, Birkett bank
Bolderson Barnet, shopkeeper, 35 Vauxhall road
Bolton Eliza, dressmaker, 101 Standishgate
Bolton Ellen, householder, 9 Harrowgate street
Bolton John, assistant overseer, 12 Dicconson street
Bolton John, shopkeeper, 198 Scholes
Bolton John, grocer, 14 Market place; house 14 Bishopgate
Bolton John, milliner and draper, 55 Wigan lane
Bolton Peter, shopkeeper, 192 Scholes
Bolton Ralph, brass founder, &c. (R. Bolton and Son) 44 Standishgate
Bolton Ralph, householder, 86 Standishgate
Bolton Roger and Son, brass founders, tinplate workers, &c. 44 Standishgate
Bond John, police sergeant, King street
Bone Mr. Robert, 7 Great George street
Booth Joseph, Free Trade Inn, 1 Warrington lane
Booth Robert, beer retailer, 43 Upper Morris street
BOOTH LEVI, brushmaker and fishing tackle dealer, 47 Wallgate
Bootle Robert, bricklayer, top of Scholes
Bootle Thomas, watchmaker, 52 Wallgate
Borough Police Station, King Street, W. Simm, chief constable
Bott Thomas, shopkeeper, 23 Warrington lane
Bowker Thomas, shopkeeper, 162 Wigan lane
Bowler Solomon Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, 70 Scholes
Boyd Brewers, Old Swan Inn, 41 Queen street
Boyd Mrs. Mary, 16 Charles street
Boylan Bernard, beer retailer and shopkeeper, 87 Scholes
Bradley William, core maker, 108 Wigan lane
Bradshaw James, shopkeeper, Union street
Bradshaw James, shopkeeper, 25 Hardybutts
Bradshaw James, shopkeeper, Platt lane
Bradshaw Thomas, shopkeeper, 17 School street
Bradshaw William, shopkeeper, 120 Frog lane
Bradshaw William, brickmaker, Frog lane
Brady Patrick, beer retailer, 1 Wellington street
Bragg J. and J., tinplate workers, Fisher's yard
Bragg John, tinplate worker, (J. and J. Bragg) Hallgate
Bragg Joseph, tinplate worker, (J. and J. Bragg) Fisher's Yard
Brayshay Daniel, fellmonger, Marsh lane; house Lansdowne terrace
Brayshay William, fellmonger, Water heyes
Bridge Richard, slate dealer and agent, Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway yard Wallgate; house 17 Upper Morris street
Bridgeman Rev. George Thomas Orlando, The Hall
Bridge Margaret, Grapes Inn, 29 Morris street
Brimelow Leigh, cow keeper, 5 York street
Briody Peter, shopkeeper, 101 Scholes
Brindle James, solicitor's clerk, top of Scholes
Brindle Richard, tailor, 25 Upper Morris street
Brindle Peter, medical botanist, 243 Scholes
British and Irish Magnetic Telegraph Co. Lancashire and Yorkshire Station
British Loan and Discount Co. Limited, 54 Millgate; P. Elton, agent
Broadhurst William, tailor, 9 Boy's well lane
Broadfoot William, travelling draper, 37 Caroline street
Brockbank Isaac, brewer, 64 Chapel lane
Bromley and Co. boot and shoemakers, 75 Wallgate
Brookwell James, cab and coach proprietor, livery and bait stables, Victoria hotel yard, Wallgate
Broughton Charles Thomas, inspector of Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, 2 Darlington street
Broughton Sarah, milliner, &c. 2 Darlington street
Broughton Thomas, clerk, 8 Wigan lane
Broughton Thomas, turner, 17 Great George street
Brown Alice, dressmaker, 61 Millgate
Brown Charles, manager, 4 Gidlow lane
Brown Andrew, shopkeeper, Warrington lane
Brown Charles, travelling draper, 17 Charles street
Brown G., blacksmith, Caroline street
Brown George, shopkeeper, 44 Scholefield lane
Brown John, shopkeeper, 61 Clayton street
Brown John, blacksmith, 4 Callendar yard
Brown Mary, grocer, tea dealer, &c. 8 Standishgate
Brown Miss Margaret, day and boarding school, 22 Dicconson street
Brown Richard, tailor, 17 York street
Brown Thomas, marine store dealer, 36 Princess street
Brown William, cotton spinner. Poolstock and Worsley Mesnes; house Pemberton
Browne John, banker's clerk, Clifton street
Bryham, William, jun., colliery agent, Douglas bank
Buckley John, commercial traveller, 133 Standishgate
Buckley Robert, flagger and slater, Black Lion, Spring gardens
Buckley William, flagger and slater, Pig market
Bullock James, solicitor's clerk, 3 York street
Bullock Maria, beer retailer, 59 Millgate
Bullock Mr. Thomas, 110 Frog lane
Bullough Lydia, beer retailer, 4 Scholes
Burchall William, shopkeeper, top of Scholes
Burgess Robert, shopkeeper, 7 Upper Morris street
Burke Catherine, shopkeeper, 33 Wellington street
Burland Margaret, householder, 124 Standishgate
Burland Richard, oil merchant, &c. (R. & R. Burland) Poolstock house
Burland Richard and Robert, oil merchants, grease manufacturers, &c. Bishopgate, works - Newtown, Pemberton
Burnes John, 21 Byrom street
Burns Bridget, shopkeeper, 127 Scholes
Burrows James, consulting engineer, Douglas bank
Burton Caleb, police inspector, King street
Butler Mrs. Elizabeth, 8 Birkett bank
Byers Frederick, hatter, 44 School street
Byrom and Young, grocers, &c. 43 Market place
Byrom Thomas, jun., assistant grocer, 21 Marsden place
Byrom Thomas, grocer, (Byrom and Young) 43 Market place
Byrom William, wine and spirit merchant, 33 King street; house 34 Dicconson street
Byrom William Ascroft, agent for the Life Association of Scotland, 33 King street; residence Lindsay terrace, Poolstock

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