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Wigan Streets, 1909.

Information kindly supplied by Freda Chorlton.

Street Location Area
1st Street602Bolton RoadAshton in Makerfield
2nd Street606Bolton RoadAshton in Makerfield
3rd Street612Bolton RoadAshton in Makerfield
4th Street614Bolton RoadAshton in Makerfield
Abbott Street88Wigan RoadHindley
Ablett Street18Sovereign RoadWigan Borough
Ackhurst Hall YardOrrell
Acton Street11 Dicconson TerraceWigan Borough
Acton's Court19HardybuttsWigan Borough
Acton's Entry25Lyon StreetWigan Borough
Acton's Terrace45Upper Dicconson StreetWigan Borough
Acton's Walk98Chapel LaneWigan Borough
Acton's Yard17Marsh LaneWigan Borough
Adamson Street85Old RoadAshton in Makerfield
Addison Street112Great George StreetWigan Borough
Adelaide Street101WallgateWigan Borough
Adelaide Street - P Bridge45Victoria RoadInce
Afghan Street24Silver StreetWigan Borough
Albert Street125Market StreetHindley
Albert Street8Scot LanePemberton
Albert Street17Bolton RoadAshton in Makerfield
Albert Street - H Ince60Manchester RoadInce
Albion Yard28MillgateWigan Borough
Alder Lane245Swan LaneHindley
Aldred Street47Lord StreetHindley
Alexandra Street75Albert StreetPemberton
Alexandra Street212Warrington RoadAbram
Alfred Street3Sterling StreetWigan Borough
Alfred Street32Moss LaneHindley
Alfred Street34Duke StreetPemberton
Alfred Street -L Ince7James StreetInce
Algernon Street93Platt LaneHindley
Algernon Street226Poolstock LanePemberton
Alker Street206Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Alker's Lane566Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Alliance StreetCrompton StreetWigan Borough
Altham's Yard45StandishgateWigan Borough
Amar Street -H.Ince100Ince Green LaneInce
Amberswood Common183Wigan RoadHindley
Amberswood Terr - H InceManchester RoadInce
Anderton Street115HardybuttsWigan Borough
Anderton Street - H Ince98Manchester RoadInce
Andrew Street68Prescott StreetWigan Borough
Ann Street8Wood StreetWigan Borough
Appleton Street123Great George StreetWigan Borough
Arcade Street31Library StreetWigan Borough
Ardern Street11Oxford StreetWigan Borough
Argyle Street80Chapel GreenHindley
Argyle Street192Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Arley Street - L Ince28Taylors LaneInce
Armitstead Street70Lord StreetHindley
Arthur Street41Argyle StreetHindley
Arthur Street55Brackley StreetPemberton
Arundel Street1Windsor StreetWigan Borough
Arundel Street174Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Arundel Street73Chapel GreenHindley
Ascroft AvenueEastwood RoadWigan Borough
Ascroft's Yard36Queen StreetWigan Borough
Ash Street902Warrington RoadPemberton
Ashcroft Street63Cambridge StreetWigan Borough
Ashcroft's Yard50Warrington RoadPemberton
Ashland Avenue25Freckleton StreetWigan Borough
Ashton CrossMillfield LaneAshton in Makerfield
Ashton Street15Wellington StreetWigan Borough
Ashton Street - H Ince35Manchester RoadInce
Ashton's Yard20Duke StreetWigan Borough
Ashton's Yard43Princess StreetWigan Borough
Atherton RoadMarket StreetHindley
Atherton StreetParr's Court, 3, Darlington StreetWigan Borough
Atherton StreetBickershawAbram
Atherton Street50Warrington RoadPemberton
Atherton's Yard1Brock Mill LaneWigan Borough
Atherton's Yard4Great George StreetWigan Borough
Atherton's Yard33HallgateWigan Borough
Atkinson Street223Warrington RoadAbram
Aughton Street26Lord StreetHindley
Avondale Road27Shaw StreetWigan Borough
B. Court26Heath RoadAshton in Makerfield
Bailey's Court31HallgateWigan Borough
Baker Street39Pool StreetWigan Borough
Baldwin Street9Vauxhall RoadWigan Borough
Ball Street281Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
Balmoral Road8Osborne RoadAshton in Makerfield
Bamber StreetX 21Bridge StreetHindley
Banck's Yard1Coppull LaneWigan Borough
Bank Street1Davies StreetHindley
Bank Street348Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Bank Terrace25LongshootWigan Borough
Bankes Street2Cambridge StreetWigan Borough
Banner Street99Chapel GreenHindley
Banner Street - L Ince192Warrington RoadInce
Barley Brook Street189Gidlow LaneWigan Borough
Barlow's Yard41Lower Morris StreetWigan Borough
Barnes Yard41James StreetWigan Borough
Barnsley StreetPark RoadWigan Borough
Baron Street261ScholesWigan Borough
BarracksOrrell RoadOrrell
Barracks Square9WallgateWigan Borough
Barrack's Yard63Market StreetHindley
Barton Street35Chapel St.Pemberton
Barton Street547Liverpool RoadHindley
Barton Street35Chapel St.Pemberton
Barton's Fold34Chapel StreetPemberton
Barton's TerraceSeven Stars RoadWigan Borough
Bath Street297WhelleyWigan Borough
Battersby Street - H Ince214Belle Green LaneInce
Beaconsfield Street144WhelleyWigan Borough
Beaufort StreetX 101Atherton RoadHindley
Beaufort Street7Billinge RoadPemberton
Bedford Street17WhelleyWigan Borough
Bedford Street12Enfield StreetPemberton
Beech Hall Street343Gidlow LaneWigan Borough
Beech Hill Avenue108Beech Hill LaneWigan Borough
Beech Hill Lane296Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
Bell Lane60City RoadOrrell
Belle Green Lane - H Ince125Manchester RoadInce
Belle Vue Street454Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Belvoir Street51Schofield LaneWigan Borough
Bentinck Street389Warrington RoadPemberton
Beresford Street27Meadow StreetWigan Borough
Betley Street1Davies StreetHindley
Bickershaw LaneAbram
Bigham's Yard13Pitt StreetWigan Borough
Billinge Road320Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Birch Street130Gidlow LaneWigan Borough
Bird Street - H Ince108Manchester RoadInce
Birkett Bank181HardybuttsWigan Borough
Birkett Bank Terrace1Birkett BankWigan Borough
Birkett Street47Birkett BankWigan Borough
BishopgateCrawford StreetWigan Borough
Blantyre Street23Chapel GreenHindley
Bleach StreetX 115Liverpool RoadHindley
Bleakledge StreetX 149Castle Hill RoadHindley
Bloomfield Terrace - H Ince55Forge StreetInce
Bold StreetSchool LaneWigan Borough
Bold Street57Billinge RoadPemberton
Bolton House RoadBickershawAbram
Bolton HousesBickershawAbram
Bolton Road2Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Bolton Street247aScholesWigan Borough
Bolton Street14Ellesmere RoadPemberton
Bolton Street - H Ince40Manchester RoadInce
Bolton's Yard51HallgateWigan Borough
Bottling WoodDouglas Bridge, Coppull LaneWigan Borough
Boundary405Leigh RoadHindley
Boundary Street32Nicol RoadAshton in Makerfield
Boundary Street - L Ince1Warrington RoadInce
Bourke Street575Liverpool RoadHindley
Boys Well Lane118ScholesWigan Borough
Brackley Street2Duke StreetPemberton
Bradford Place20Green StreetWigan Borough
Bradford Street130Chapel LaneWigan Borough
Bradshaw Street120WhelleyWigan Borough
Bradshaw Street80Orrell RoadOrrell
Bradshawgate29Wellington StreetWigan Borough
Branch Street - H Ince263Manchester RoadInce
Bretherton Street159Wigan RoadHindley
Bretherton's Row15WallgateWigan Borough
Brick Kiln Lane86StandishgateWigan Borough
Brickcroft817Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Bridge End52Prescott StreetWigan Borough
Bridge Street137Chapel LaneWigan Borough
Bridge StreetMarket StreetHindley
Bridge Street - L Ince16Warrington RoadInce
Bridgeman Terrace71Mesnes StreetWigan Borough
Bridgewater Street125WallgateWigan Borough
Bridgewater Street110Castle Hill RoadHindley
Bridgewater Street7Harrison StreetPemberton
Brindle Street232Castle Hill RoadHindley
Brindley Street618Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Brock Mill LaneLower Whitley, Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Brock Street - L Ince1Caroline StreetInce
Brockstedes Road412Downall RoadAshton in Makerfield
Brook LaneOrmskirk RoadPemberton
Brook Street7Pool StreetWigan Borough
Brook Street35Duke StreetPemberton
Brook Street157Heath RoadAshton in Makerfield
Brook Street - H Ince213Manchester RoadInce
Brookhouse Street38Warrington LaneWigan Borough
Brookhouse Terrace68Silver StreetWigan Borough
Brown Street6BradshawgateWigan Borough
Brown Street38Great George StreetWigan Borough
Brown StreetAbram
Brown Street - H Ince273Manchester RoadInce
Brown's Yard27Queen StreetWigan Borough
Bryham Street11Vauxhall RoadWigan Borough
Bryham Street - H InceX 153Belle Green LaneInce
Bryn Road 205Bolton RoadAshton in Makerfield
Bryn Road 284Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Bryn Road South119Bolton RoadAshton in Makerfield
Bryn Street286Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Brynn StreetBrynn GateAbram
Brynn Street - L Ince197Warrington RoadInce
Buckley Houses30Buckley StreetWigan Borough
Buckley Street317Gidlow LaneWigan Borough
Bull HeyParson's WalkWigan Borough
Burgess Street - L Ince238Warrington RoadInce
Burlington Street34Turner StreetWigan Borough
Burlington StreetXArgyle StreetHindley
Burygrave Street74Nicol RoadAshton in Makerfield
Butler Street15School LaneWigan Borough
Byrom Street6Brook StreetWigan Borough
Byron Street44Corporation StreetWigan Borough
Bywater Street305WallgateWigan Borough
California Street96Poolstock LanePemberton
Cambridge Street46aHardybuttsWigan Borough
Camm Street244Warrington RoadAbram
Can Row - H InceX 274Manchester RoadInce
Canal Bank111Warrington LaneWigan Borough
Canal Street261Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
Canal Terrace - H Ince19Bloomfield TerraceInce
Cansfield Grove161Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Capps Street485Liverpool RoadHindley
Captain's Road91Princess RoadAshton in Makerfield
Car Street - L Ince34Warrington RoadInce
Careless Lane - H Ince169Manchester RoadInce
Carlisle StreetX 50Bridgewater StreetHindley
Carlisle Street500Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Carlton Street18Tipping StreetWigan Borough
Carlton Street43Poolstock LanePemberton
Caroline Street89WallgateWigan Borough
Caroline Street - H Ince2Brock StreetInce
Carr Lane62Fleet StreetPemberton
Carr Street1Market StreetHindley
Cartwright's Yard132StandishgateWigan Borough
Castle Hill Road45Bridge StreetHindley
Castle Streetcont. of Vaughan StreetWigan Borough
Castle Street144Castle Hill RoadHindley
Cathcart Street89Wigan RoadHindley
Catherine Street94Schofield LaneWigan Borough
Catherine Terrace4Birkett Bank TerraceWigan Borough
Caunce Road28Golborne StreetWigan Borough
Caunce Street17Platt LaneWigan Borough
Cawdor Street167Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Cecil Avenue59Springfield RoadWigan Borough
Cecil Street3aLorne StreetWigan Borough
Cemetery Road - L InceX 242Warrington RoadInce
Chadwick Square5Glassbrook StreetWigan Borough
Chadwick Street12Brook StreetWigan Borough
Chancery StreetHardybuttsWigan Borough
Chapel Fields281Atherton RoadHindley
Chapel Green1Castle Hill RoadHindley
Chapel Lane23Rodney StreetWigan Borough
Chapel Street39Queen StreetWigan Borough
Chapel StreetX 644Liverpool RoadHindley
Chapel Street52Orrell RoadOrrell
Chapel Street812aOrmskirk RoadPemberton
Chapel Street26Bolton RoadAshton in Makerfield
Chapel Street - L Ince26James StreetInce
Charles Street54Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Charles Street30Railway StreetHindley
Charles Street158City RoadOrrell
Charnock's Yard7Barton StreetPemberton
Chatham Street200Darlington Street EastWigan Borough
Chatham Street - H Ince79Belle Green LaneInce
Chatsworth Street3Enfield StreetPemberton
Cheltenham Street237WhelleyWigan Borough
Chequer StreetDorning StreetWigan Borough
Cherry Croft47Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Chorley Street - L Ince46Warrington RoadInce
Christopher Street - H InceX 201Ince Green LaneInce
Church GroveSt. Catherine's Church, Lorne St.Wigan Borough
Church Street73StandishgateWigan Borough
Church StreetX 2Atherton RoadHindley
Church Street117Moor RoadOrrell
Church Street13Fleet StreetPemberton
Church Street - H Ince189Ince Green LaneInce
Church Terrace51HardybuttsWigan Borough
City Road70Fleet StreetOrrell
Clapgate LaneX 423Warrington RoadPemberton
Clare Street14Mason StreetWigan Borough
Clarence Street2Orchard StreetWigan Borough
Clarence Street - H Ince285Manchester RoadInce
Clarence Yard38WallgateWigan Borough
Clarendon Street - L Ince287Warrington RoadInce
Clarington Grove - H Ince188Darlington Street EastWigan Borough
Clayton Street152WallgateWigan Borough
Clephan's Yard29School LaneWigan Borough
Clifton Crescent152Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Clifton Street34Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Clifton Street121Poolstock LanePemberton
Close Lanes506Atherton RoadHindley
Close Street193Castle Hill RoadHindley
Colin Street13Douglas RoadWigan Borough
College Avenue39Library StreetWigan Borough
Collier Street71Ladies LaneHindley
Collier's Yard23High StreetWigan Borough
Collinge Street - P Bridge14Victoria RoadInce
Commercial Square17Heath RoadAshton in Makerfield
Commercial Yard40Market PlaceWigan Borough
Consort Street - H Ince176Ince Green LaneInce
Cook Street80Warrington RoadAbram
Coop Street194ScholesWigan Borough
Cooper's Yard46Bridge StreetHindley
Coppull Lane87Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Coronation StreetSwan Meadow RoadWigan Borough
Coronation Street - L Ince494Warrington RoadInce
Corporation Street19PoolstockWigan Borough
Council Avenue25Bryn StreetAshton in Makerfield
County Police St. - H Ince12Careless LaneInce
Cowburn Street236Castle Hill RoadHindley
Cowling StreetSwan Meadow RoadWigan Borough
Crankwood RoadX 569Warrington RoadAbram
Crawford Road59PoolstockWigan Borough
Crawford StreetKing Street WestWigan Borough
Crawford Terrace15Mount StreetWigan Borough
Cricket Street59Prescott StreetWigan Borough
Crofter's Arms Yard19HallgateWigan Borough
Crompton Street27StandishgateWigan Borough
Crompton Street414Liverpool RoadHindley
Crompton Street - L Ince474Warrington RoadInce
Crook Street1Spring GardensWigan Borough
Crook's Yard71HallgateWigan Borough
Cross Street29Driving LaneWigan Borough
Cross StreetBamfurlongAbram
Cross Street102Market StreetHindley
Cross Street44Wigan RoadHindley
Cross StreetLoch StreetOrrell
Croston Street139Wigan RoadHindley
Crown StreetSwan Meadow RoadWigan Borough
Crown Street - H Ince243Manchester RoadInce
Cudworth StreetPottery TerraceWigan Borough
Cumberland Street49WhelleyWigan Borough
Cuthbert Street393Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Cygnet StreetSwan Meadow RoadWigan Borough
D. Court71Heath RoadAshton in Makerfield
Darby Lane50Wigan RoadHindley
Darlingron Street - H Ince259Manchester RoadInce
Darlington Street56Chapel LaneWigan Borough
Darlington Street East89Darlington Street Wigan Borough
Davies Street600Liverpool RoadHindley
Dawber StreetDorning StreetWigan Borough
Dawber's Yard43York StreetWigan Borough
Dean Street15Cambridge StreetWigan Borough
Dean's Yard33City RoadPemberton
Deansgate9Bridge StreetHindley
Delecarte Street - L Ince229Warrington RoadInce
Delph Street41Park RoadWigan Borough
Derby Street6Beaconsfield StreetWigan Borough
Derby TerraceDouglas Bridge, Crompton StreetWigan Borough
Derby Terrace19Bold StreetWigan Borough
Dicconson Crescent1Dicconson TerraceWigan Borough
Dicconson StreetWesleyan Chapel, StandishgateWigan Borough
Dicconson TerraceSt. Paul's Church, StandishgateWigan Borough
Didsbury Grove9Church StreetHindley
Dig Nook2Bolton RoadAshton in Makerfield
Diggle Street8Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
Dixon Street63Moss LaneHindley
Dobb's Fold190bWallgateWigan Borough
Dootson StreetAbram
Dorning Street50HallgateWigan Borough
Dorset Street317WhelleyWigan Borough
Douglas Road23Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Douglas Street2Chapel LaneWigan Borough
Douglas Street249Liverpool RoadHindley
Douglas Street11Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Douglas Street East47Warrington LaneWigan Borough
Douglas Terrace11aStandishgateWigan Borough
Douglas TerracePemberton
Dover Street292WallgateWigan Borough
Dower Street121Moss LaneHindley
Downall Green Road407Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Drake Street8Milton StreetWigan Borough
Driving Lane4Bridge StreetWigan Borough
Drummers Lane216Downall RoadAshton in Makerfield
Duke Street94Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Duke Street5Stanley RoadHindley
Duke Street353aWarrington RoadPemberton
Duke Street151Princess RoadAshton in Makerfield
Duke Street - L Ince391Warrington RoadInce
Earl Street44Duke StreetWigan Borough
Earl Street521Scot LanePemberton
Earl Street - H Ince30Belle Green LaneInce
East StreetX 690Atherton RoadHindley
East Street332Bolton RoadAshton in Makerfield
East Street - L Ince83Warrington RoadInce
Eastwell Road122Old RoadAshton in Makerfield
Eatock Street443Liverpool RoadHindley
Eaton Street X 63Bridgewater StreetHindley
Eccleston Street45Dicconson StreetWigan Borough
Eckersley Street32WhelleyWigan Borough
Eddleston Street477Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Edge Hall Road93Church StreetOrrell
Edith Street9Miry LaneWigan Borough
Edward Street96Swinley RoadWigan Borough
Edward Street - H InceX 33Caroline StreetInce
Edwin Street142HardybuttsWigan Borough
Egerton Street131WallgateWigan Borough
Egerton StreetX 132Liverpool RoadHindley
Eleanor Street283WallgateWigan Borough
Elizabeth Street50Caunce StreetWigan Borough
Elizabeth Street - H InceX 125Belle Green LaneInce
Ellen Street5Fairclough StreetWigan Borough
Ellesmere RoadCarnegie Library,Ormskirk Rd.Pemberton
Ellesmere StreetX 83Bridgewater StreetHindley
Ellesmere TerraceLomax StreetHindley
Elliott Street144Ladies LaneHindley
Ellis Street42WhelleyWigan Borough
Elm Street10Walthew LaneHindley
Elmfield RoadWigan LaneWigan Borough
Emlyn Street6Liverpool RoadHindley
Enfield Street636Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Engine Fold763Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Engine Yard180City RoadOrrell
Engineer Street - H Ince33Belle Green LaneInce
Essex Street273WhelleyWigan Borough
Ethel Street7Granville StreetWigan Borough
Every Street66Greenough StreetWigan Borough
Factory Fold - H Ince331Manchester RoadInce
Factory Street21Fleet StreetPemberton
Factory Yard - H Ince192Manchester RoadInce
Faggy Lane83Chapel LaneWigan Borough
Fair Walk View14Heath RoadAshton in Makerfield
Fairclough Street42Darlington StreetWigan Borough
Fairclough Street42Ladies LaneHindley
Fairhurst Street144Great George StreetWigan Borough
Fairhurst's Yard50MillgateWigan Borough
Fairhurst's Yard4Barton StreetPemberton
Far Moor13Edge Hall RoadOrrell
Farmer Street - H InceX 185 Ince Green LaneInce
Farrell Street61Enfield StreetPemberton
Farrimond's Row83WallgateWigan Borough
Farrimond's Yard112Schofield LaneWigan Borough
Field Street148Frog LaneWigan Borough
Field Street - L Ince465Warrington RoadInce
Fir Tree Street - L Ince531Warrington RoadInce
First Avenue48Springfield RoadWigan Borough
First AvenueX 15Atherton RoadHindley
Fisher's Yard73WallgateWigan Borough
FitzAdam Street5Crook StreetWigan Borough
Fleet Street827Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Flemming's Yard35HallgateWigan Borough
Flemming's Yard11High StreetWigan Borough
Fletcher Street13Herbert StreetWigan Borough
Florence Street49Lorne StreetWigan Borough
Florrie Street33Linney StreetWigan Borough
Foggs Lane - P BridgeX 23Collinge StreetInce
Foggs Street129Walthew LaneHindley
Foley StreetX 137Atherton RoadHindley
Folly6Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Forge Street - H Ince32Manchester RoadInce
Foster Street47Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
Foster's Buildings124Frog LaneWigan Borough
Foundry LaneBillinge RoadPemberton
Foundry Street5School StreetWigan Borough
Fourteen Meadows Road98Swan Meadow RoadWigan Borough
Fowden Street56Caroline StreetWigan Borough
Foy Street15Harrogate StreetWigan Borough
France Street49Ormskirk RoadPemberton
France's Yard82Great George StreetWigan Borough
Francis Street49Prescott StreetWigan Borough
Francis Streetx 28Argyle StreetHindley
Francis Street - H Ince185Belle Green LaneInce
Frank Street6Manor StreetWigan Borough
Freckleton Street134Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Frederic Street76Moss LaneHindley
Frederic Street - L InceChapel StreetInce
Frederick Street20Birkett StreetWigan Borough
Frederick Street152Market StreetHindley
Frederick Street245Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Frith Street308WallgateWigan Borough
Frog Lanecont. of New Market StreetWigan Borough
Garden Street33Warrington LaneWigan Borough
Garswood Road250Liverpool RoadAshton in Makerfield
Garswood Street62Gerard StreetAshton in Makerfield
Gas Street9Lomax StreetHindley
Gas Street13aGerard StreetAshton in Makerfield
Gaskell Street12Schofield LaneWigan Borough
Gaskell Street20Railway StreetHindley
Gaskell StreetX 37Ward StreetHindley
Gee Street105Schofield LaneWigan Borough
Gee's Court14Harrogate StreetWigan Borough
GennelX 39Bridge StreetHindley
George StreetChapel GreenHindley
George Street125Billinge RoadPemberton
George Street - H InceX 65Ince Green LaneInce
George's TerraceSt. James's RoadOrrell
Gerard Street3Oldfield StreetWigan Borough
Gerard Street1Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Gerrard's ShuntWarrington RoadPemberton
Gibralter Street36Fleet StreetPemberton
Gibson's Yard25High StreetWigan Borough
Gidlow Avenue276Gidlow LaneWigan Borough
Gidlow Lane19Frog LaneWigan Borough
Gidlow Street7Jenkinson StreetHindley
Gidlow Street114Belle Green LaneInce
Gilroy Street23Vauxhall RoadWigan Borough
Glass Houses48Church StreetOrrell
Glassbrook Street184Gidlow LaneWigan Borough
Glebe End Street9Frog LaneWigan Borough
Glegg Street - H Ince10Hall StreetInce
Glover's Yard24High StreetWigan Borough
Golborne Street35Platt LaneWigan Borough
Golbourne Street298Bolton RoadAshton in Makerfield
Golden Cross Yard126StandishgateWigan Borough
Gordon Street214Darlington Street EastWigan Borough
Gore Street751Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Gorman Street15Meadow StreetWigan Borough
Gower StreetTrentham StreetPemberton
Grafton StreetX 31Alfred StreetPemberton
Graham Street46Warrington RoadAbram
Grant Street - H Ince179Manchester RoadInce
Granville Street5Sandon StreetWigan Borough
Granville StreetX 23Arundel StreetHindley
Grayson's Yard16Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Great Acre238ScholesWigan Borough
Great George Street108WallgateWigan Borough
Green BankSocial Club, Atherton RoadHindley
Green Lane123Swan LaneHindley
Green Street144aChapel LaneWigan Borough
Green Street629Liverpool RoadHindley
Greenbank22Shelmerdine StreetWigan Borough
Greenough Row31HardybuttsWigan Borough
Greenough Street140ScholesWigan Borough
Greenough's Gardens40Orchard StreetWigan Borough
Greenough's Yard36Orchard StreetWigan Borough
Green's Yard9Derby TerraceWigan Borough
Gregory Street192Wigan RoadHindley
Grey Road162Old RoadAshton in Makerfield
Grosvenor Street73Platt LaneHindley
Grosvenor Street133Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Grundy's Yard5HardybuttsWigan Borough
Hall LaneRailway Station, Ladies LaneHindley
Hall Street - H Ince127Manchester RoadInce
Hallgate14Market StreetWigan Borough
Halliwell's Terrace57Silver StreetWigan Borough
Hambleton Street51Cambridge StreetWigan Borough
Hardacre Street - L Ince143Warrington RoadInce
Hardman Street9Brook StreetWigan Borough
Hardy Street102Park RoadWigan Borough
Hardybutts22Warrington LaneWigan Borough
Hardy's Yard6LongshootWigan Borough
Harper StreetHartley AvenueWigan Borough
Harrison StreetX 724Atherton RoadHindley
Harrison Street84Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Harrogate Place28Harrogate StreetWigan Borough
Harrogate Street25Darlington StreetWigan Borough
Hart Street647Liverpool RoadHindley
Hartley Avenue150Darlington Street EastWigan Borough
Hartley Street741Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Hart's Yard12Greenough StreetWigan Borough
Harvey's Court51StandishgateWigan Borough
Haworth Street26Ladies LaneHindley
Haydock Street28Heath RoadAshton in Makerfield
Heardman Avenue32Mort StreetWigan Borough
Heath Road69Gerard StreetAshton in Makerfield
Heath's Yard6Faggy LaneWigan Borough
Heaton Street52Swinley LaneWigan Borough
Heaton's Yard14Cross StreetWigan Borough
Heaton's Yard74Schofield LaneWigan Borough
Hemfield Road - H Ince246Belle Green LaneInce
Hen Street12Bolton StreetWigan Borough
Henhurst Bridge144Chapel LaneWigan Borough
Henry Street70Caroline StreetWigan Borough
Henry Street - L Ince306Warrington RoadInce
Herbert Street21Miry LaneWigan Borough
Hesketh's Yard38Lord StreetWigan Borough
Hewlett StreetLibrary StreetWigan Borough
Hey Street9Field StreetWigan Borough
Hey Street - L Ince5Taylors LaneInce
Hieland Road168WhelleyWigan Borough
High Street10Coppull LaneWigan Borough
High Street52Ward StreetHindley
High Street - H Ince234Ince Green LaneInce
Higham Street4Chancery StreetWigan Borough
Higham's Yard157WhelleyWigan Borough
Highfield RoadHindley
Hill Street18Delph StreetWigan Borough
Hill Street114Ladies LaneHindley
Hill Top Fold25DeansgateHindley
Hill's Yard14Bridge StreetWigan Borough
Hilton Street19Powell StreetWigan Borough
Hilton Street34Bolton RoadAshton in Makerfield
Hilton Street - L Ince160Warrington RoadInce
Hilton's Court17Douglas StreetWigan Borough
Hilton's Entry6Douglas StreetWigan Borough
Hilton's Yard13Douglas StreetWigan Borough
Hilton's Yard13Lower Morris StreetWigan Borough
Hilton's Yard89Queen StreetWigan Borough
Hindley Mill Lane171Castle Hill RoadHindley
Hoade Street19Ward StreetHindley
Hodges Street50Park RoadWigan Borough
Hodge's Yard2Cumberland StreetWigan Borough
Hodge's Yard7Douglas StreetWigan Borough
Hodson StreetCaroline StreetWigan Borough
Holcroft's Yard68Boyswell LaneWigan Borough
Holding Street5Pilkington StreetHindley
Holland Street3aLorne StreetWigan Borough
Holme Street11Duke StreetWigan Borough
Holme Terrace138Kenyon RoadWigan Borough
Holt Street265Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
Holt Street18Liverpool RoadHindley
Holt Street2St. James's RoadOrrell
Holt Street99Poolstock LanePemberton
Holt Street - H Ince81Manchester RoadInce
Hook Street - H InceX 52Ince Green LaneInce
Hope Street18StandishgateWigan Borough
Hope Street - L Ince402Warrington RoadInce
Hopwood Street45Victoria StreetWigan Borough
Hopwood Street18Gower StreetPemberton
Hornby Street17Kenyon RoadWigan Borough
Horsfield Street102Miry LaneWigan Borough
Horton Street394Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
Howard Street228ScholesWigan Borough
Howard Street692Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Howard's Yard7Addison StreetWigan Borough
Howard's Yard49Clayton StreetWigan Borough
Humphrey Street - H Ince191Manchester RoadInce
Hunt Street13Rupert StreetWigan Borough
Hurst Street104Wigan RoadHindley
Ince Boundary - H InceX 13Amberswood TerraceInce
Ince Green Lane - H Ince146Manchester RoadInce
Ince Green Lane - L Ince245Warrington RoadInce
Ingram Street204Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
Ingram Street44aMoss LaneHindley
Ironmonger Lane6Faggy LaneWigan Borough
Isabella Street45Linney StreetWigan Borough
Ivy Street25Spring GardensWigan Borough
Jackson Street - H Ince194Manchester RoadInce
Jackson's RoadSmith's RoadOrrell
Jackson's Square162ScholesWigan Borough
Jackson's Yard5Appleton StreetWigan Borough
James Street125Chapel LaneWigan Borough
James Street - L Ince76Warrington RoadInce
Jane Street14Platt LaneWigan Borough
Jenkinson Street12Queen StreetHindley
Jew's Yard70MillgateWigan Borough
Jockey Terrace6Butler StreetWigan Borough
John Street43Wellington StreetWigan Borough
John StreetX 661Atherton RoadHindley
John StreetX 115Tunstall LanePemberton
John Street - H InceX 11Caroline StreetInce
Johnson Street4Leigh StreetWigan Borough
Johnson Street187Swan LaneHindley
Johnson Street2Brook LanePemberton
Johnson's Place22Wood StreetWigan Borough
Johnson's Terrace10Bradford StreetWigan Borough
Johnson's Yard19Wood StreetWigan Borough
Jordan's Entry12Chapel LaneWigan Borough
Jordan's Yard19Lyon StreetWigan Borough
Joynson's Terrace13City RoadPemberton
Junction Terrace - L Ince207Ince Green LaneInce
Kay Street51School StreetWigan Borough
Kearsley Street73Frog LaneWigan Borough
Keble Street - H Ince118Manchester RoadInce
Kendal Street1Gidlow LaneWigan Borough
Kendrick Street43Platt LaneWigan Borough
Kent Street22Leigh StreetWigan Borough
Kenyon Road44Bridgeman TerraceWigan Borough
Kenyon Street23Swinley LaneWigan Borough
Kerfoot Row218Castle Hill RoadHindley
Kershaw Street83Loch StreetOrrell
Kildare Street50Liverpool RoadHindley
Kildare Street181Warrington RoadPemberton
Kilshaw Street27Enfield StreetPemberton
Kimberley Place61Princess RoadAshton in Makerfield
Kimberley StreetPark RoadWigan Borough
King of Prussia Yard22HallgateWigan Borough
King Street29WallgateWigan Borough
King Street46Market StreetHindley
King Street58Belle Green LaneInce
King Street West48WallgateWigan Borough
King's Road158Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Kingsdown Road357Warrington RoadAbram
Kirkless Lane - H Ince229Belle Green LaneInce
Kirkless Street47Birkett BankWigan Borough
Kirkpatrick Street647Atherton RoadHindley
Kitt Green66City RoadOrrell
Knowles Avenue11Duke StreetPemberton
Knowles Street - L InceX 132Warrington RoadInce
Knowle's Terrace24Douglas StreetWigan Borough
Ladies Lane22Market StreetHindley
Ladysmith Avenue37Princess RoadAshton in Makerfield
Lamb Street38Wallace LaneWigan Borough
Lambton Street15Smethurst LanePemberton
Lancaster Row - L Ince165Warrington RoadInce
Lancaster Street - L Ince109Warrington RoadInce
Lancaster's Entry34Lyon StreetWigan Borough
Land Street30Kendal StreetWigan Borough
Landgate LaneWigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Lansdowne TerraceEarl StreetWigan Borough
Larches Cottages164Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Latham Lane48Bell LaneOrrell
Latham's Yard18MillgateWigan Borough
Latham's Yard32Queen StreetWigan Borough
Laurel Grove1Alexandra RoadAshton in Makerfield
Law Street5Derby TerraceWigan Borough
Layland Street86Prescott StreetWigan Borough
Lea Street67Miry LaneWigan Borough
Leader Street2Catherine TerraceWigan Borough
Leader Street721Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Lea's SquarePrescott StreetWigan Borough
Lea's Yard17Chapel LaneWigan Borough
Lea's Yard4Pitt StreetWigan Borough
Lee LaneAbram
Leeds Street14Miry LaneWigan Borough
Leigh Road864Atherton RoadHindley
Leigh Street104Darlington Street EastWigan Borough
Leigh StreetX 320Leigh RoadHindley
Leopold Street151Enfield StreetPemberton
Letterewe Street5Pottery TerraceWigan Borough
Leyland Green Road139Rectory RoadAshton in Makerfield
Leyland Street114Warrington RoadAbram
Leyland Street240Liverpool RoadHindley
Library Street1WallgateWigan Borough
Lily LaneBamfurlongAbram
Lily Lane - P Bridge66Warrington RoadInce
Lily Place10York Road SouthAshton in Makerfield
Lime Street41School LaneWigan Borough
Lindsay Street128WhelleyWigan Borough
Linney Avenue5Linney StreetWigan Borough
Linney Street10Catherine StreetWigan Borough
Liptrot Street24Scot LanePemberton
Litchfield StreetBrindley StreetPemberton
Litherland's Yard13Bridge StreetWigan Borough
Little Amar Street - H Ince118Ince Green LaneInce
Little Church Street793Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Little Lane200Billinge RoadPemberton
Little London110StandishgateWigan Borough
Liverpool RoadAtherton RoadHindley
Liverpool Roadcont of Gerard StreetAshton in Makerfield
Liverpool Road, Platt BridgeX 72Walthew LaneHindley
Local Board Street - H Ince43Ince Green LaneInce
Loch Street14Orrell RoadOrrell
Lodge Road130Church StreetOrrell
Lomax Street689Liverpool RoadHindley
Long LaneAtherton RoadHindley
Longshoot218ScholesWigan Borough
Longton Street199Liverpool RoadHindley
Lord Street76Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Lord Street50Atherton RoadHindley
Lord Street - H InceX 3 Ince Green LaneInce
Lorne Street18St. Catherine StreetWigan Borough
Low Mill Lane43Market StreetHindley
Low Street32School LaneWigan Borough
Lowbank Road267Old RoadAshton in Makerfield
Lower Morris Street68ScholesWigan Borough
Lower St. Stephen Street61Frog LaneWigan Borough
Lowe's Yard39Bridge StreetWigan Borough
Low's Square11HardybuttsWigan Borough
Lune Street48Lower Morris StreetWigan Borough
Lymn Street90Warrington LaneWigan Borough
Lymn Street524Liverpool RoadHindley
Lyon Street140WallgateWigan Borough
Lyon's Yard12aIronmonger LaneWigan Borough
Mabel Street4Bold StreetPemberton
Macclesfield Street13Wigan RoadHindley
Mafeking Place119Princess RoadAshton in Makerfield
Makinson Arcade56Market PlaceWigan Borough
Makinson's Avenue28Hall LaneHindley
Manchester Place76HardybuttsWigan Borough
Manchester Road59Birkett BankWigan Borough
Manchester Road - H InceInce
Manley Street - L Ince173Warrington RoadInce
Manning Avenue69Springfield RoadWigan Borough
Manor Street9Dorning StreetWigan Borough
Manor Street218Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Margaret Street24Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
Margaret Street74Ladies LaneHindley
Margaret Street - L Ince339Warrington RoadInce
Mariebonne Place163Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Market Arcade48Market PlaceWigan Borough
Market HallMarket StreetWigan Borough
Market Place2Library StreetWigan Borough
Market SquareHope StreetWigan Borough
Market Street26Market PlaceWigan Borough
Market StreetBridge StreetHindley
Markland Street - H Ince18Manchester RoadInce
Marsden Street11Hope StreetWigan Borough
Marsden Street - L Ince16Taylors LaneInce
Marsh Green533Scot LanePemberton
Marsh Lane59StandishgateWigan Borough
Marsh Street89Poolstock LanePemberton
Marsh's Court4Bradford StreetWigan Borough
Martland Mill Bridge107Martland Mill LanePemberton
Martland Mill LanePemberton
Marton Street2Dicconson TerraceWigan Borough
Mary Street - H InceX 143Belle Green LaneInce
Mason StreetMiry LaneWigan Borough
Mawdsley Street217Liverpool RoadHindley
May Street582Ormskirk RoadPemberton
McCormick Street2Chancery StreetWigan Borough
McDonald Street22Queen StreetOrrell
McEwen's Yard56MillgateWigan Borough
Meadow StreetFrog LaneWigan Borough
Melling Street84Billinge RoadPemberton
Melverley Street267WallgateWigan Borough
Mesnes Park TerraceBridgeman TerraceWigan Borough
Mesnes Street38StandishgateWigan Borough
Mesnes Terrace17Hope StreetWigan Borough
Milk Street26Queen StreetWigan Borough
Mill Road80St. James's RoadOrrell
Mill Street76Great George StreetWigan Borough
Mill StreetX 74Market StreetHindley
Mill Street108Heath RoadAshton in Makerfield
Mill Yard115ScholesWigan Borough
Millgate37Market PlaceWigan Borough
Millingford Grove89Bryn StreetAshton in Makerfield
Millstone Yard67Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Milton Street7PoolstockWigan Borough
Mint Court180ScholesWigan Borough
Mint Street180ScholesWigan Borough
Mint Terrace180ScholesWigan Borough
Miry Lane180WallgateWigan Borough
Mitchell Street218Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Moat House Street - H Ince301Manchester RoadInce
Molyneux Street172ScholesWigan Borough
Molyneux's Yard13High StreetWigan Borough
Molyneux's Yard14Lord StreetWigan Borough
Molyneux's Yard32Orrell RoadOrrell
Mona Street26Frog LaneWigan Borough
Monument Entry122Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Moor Road111Orrell RoadOrrell
Moore's Buildings118Frog LaneWigan Borough
Moorfield Street218Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
Moorfield Street501Liverpool RoadHindley
Morden Avenue38Old RoadAshton in Makerfield
Morpeth Street235Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Morris Row215ScholesWigan Borough
Morris Street - L Ince246Warrington RoadInce
Mort Street12Springfield RoadWigan Borough
Moss LaneX 546Liverpool RoadHindley
Moss Street68Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
Moss Street150Walthew LaneHindley
Moss Street12Brook LanePemberton
Moss Street - L Ince577Warrington RoadInce
Moss's Yard33Queen StreetWigan Borough
Mount Street22Greenough StreetWigan Borough
Myrtle Street18Spring GardensWigan Borough
Naylor Street74Liverpool RoadAshton in Makerfield
Netherby RoadBeech Hill AvenueWigan Borough
Neville Street24Schofield LaneWigan Borough
Neville Street598Liverpool RoadHindley
New Lodge139Wigan LaneWigan Borough
New Market StreetHallgateWigan Borough
New Row18Chapel StreetPemberton
New Square48StandishgateWigan Borough
New Street17Canal StreetWigan Borough
New Street - L Ince12Warrington RoadInce
Newark Street192Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
Newby's Yard57City RoadPemberton
Newman Avenue69Springfield RoadWigan Borough
Newman Street156WhelleyWigan Borough
Nicholas Nook96ScholesWigan Borough
Nicol Road300Bryn RoadAshton in Makerfield
Nicol Road130Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Nixon's Yard19Queen's TerraceOrrell
Noble Street505Scot LanePemberton
Norfolk Street45Throstle Nest AvenueWigan Borough
Norfolk Street148Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Norley Road15City RoadPemberton
Norman StreetX 35Warrington RoadPemberton
Norman Street - L Ince290Warrington RoadInce
Normandy StreetX 18Wardley StreetPemberton
Northumberland Street66Platt LaneWigan Borough
Northumberland Street18Duke StreetPemberton
Nutt Street32Bradshaw StreetWigan Borough
Oak Street107Darlington Street EastWigan Borough
Old Fold14Chapel StreetPemberton
Old Hall Street - H InceX 263Ince Green LaneInce
Old Road61Bryn StreetAshton in Makerfield
Old Road251Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Oldfield Street52Pool StreetWigan Borough
Orchard Street82Greenough StreetWigan Borough
Orchard Street102Bolton RoadAshton in Makerfield
Organ StreetX 806Atherton RoadHindley
Ormandy's HousesWestwood RoadWigan Borough
Ormersher's Yard41Clayton StreetWigan Borough
Ormskirk RoadWallgatePemberton
Orpington Street737aOrmskirk RoadPemberton
Orrell Post8Moor RoadOrrell
Orrell Road834Ormskirk RoadOrrell
Orrell Street111aWarrington LaneWigan Borough
Orrell StreetX 206 Liverpool RoadHindley
Osborne Road137Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Osborne Street10Castle StreetWigan Borough
Ox House Roadoff Sefton RoadOrrell
Oxford Street31Greenough StreetWigan Borough
Oxford Street159Castle Hill RoadHindley
Pagefield Street156Gidlow LaneWigan Borough
Palin StreetX 805Atherton RoadHindley
Park Crescent4Park RoadWigan Borough
Park Crescent West10Park RoadWigan Borough
Park LaneX 449Warrington RoadAbram
Park Roadcont. of Parson's WalkWigan Borough
Park Road180Atherton RoadHindley
Park Street73Pool StreetWigan Borough
Parr's Court3Darlington StreetWigan Borough
Parsonage Road178Ladies LaneHindley
Parson's WalkNew Market StreetWigan Borough
Partington Street442Scot LanePemberton
Patrick's Row19Avondale RoadWigan Borough
Patricroft Road - H Ince143Ince Green LaneInce
Pauline Street185Leigh RoadHindley
Pearl Street265Barnsley StreetWigan Borough
Pearson Street - L Ince423Warrington RoadInce
Peel Street79Walthew LaneHindley
Peel Street - H InceX 17Holt StreetInce
Peer's Yard7Bridge StreetWigan Borough
Peet Street66Corporation StreetWigan Borough
Pemberton Valley56Tunstall LanePemberton
Pendlebury's Yard117Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Pennington Lane - H Ince63Belle Green LaneInce
Pennyhurst Street10Tickle StreetWigan Borough
Penson Street18High StreetWigan Borough
Penson's Yard125StandishgateWigan Borough
Perch Street31WhelleyWigan Borough
Peter Street3Liverpool RoadHindley
Peter Street196City RoadOrrell
Peter Street187Princess RoadAshton in Makerfield
Pickup Street122Wigan RoadHindley
Pickup Street - H Ince172Manchester RoadInce
Pilkington Street98Ladies LaneHindley
Pinfold Square - H Ince247Manchester RoadInce
Pipe Shop Yard150Chapel LaneWigan Borough
Pitt Street124WallgateWigan Borough
Pitt Street - L Ince97Warrington RoadInce
Plank LaneAbram
Platt Lane195ScholesWigan Borough
Platt LaneLodge StreetHindley
Platt Street2Warrington RoadHindley
Poke Street18Fleet StreetPemberton
Polding Street - L Ince13Cemetery RoadInce
Pool StreetPoolstockWigan Borough
Poolstock152Chapel LaneWigan Borough
Poolstock Lane494Warrington RoadPemberton
Portland Street18Turner StreetWigan Borough
Portland Street355Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Potter's Square15Princess StreetWigan Borough
Pottery RoadWallgateWigan Borough
Pottery StreetPottery TerraceWigan Borough
Pottery Terrace9Pottery RoadWigan Borough
Powell Street85StandishgateWigan Borough
Powell's Yard18Church StreetWigan Borough
Prescott Road23Spring RoadOrrell
Prescott Street92Miry LaneWigan Borough
Prescott's Yard79Schofield LaneWigan Borough
Preston Street - L Ince60Warrington RoadInce
Pretoria Road129Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Primrose Hill184ScholesWigan Borough
Prince Street176Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Prince Street - H Ince215Belle Green LaneInce
Princess Road7Gerard StreetAshton in Makerfield
Princess Street105Chapel LaneWigan Borough
Princess Street77Liverpool RoadHindley
Princess Street147Little LanePemberton
Proe's Court66Frog LaneWigan Borough
Progress Street44First AvenueHindley
Pump Street6Low Mill LaneHindley
Queen StreetL & NW Ry. Bridge, WallgateWigan Borough
Queen Street27Ladies LaneHindley
Queen StreetFleet StreetOrrell
Queen's Hotel Yard160WallgateWigan Borough
Queen's Road566Liverpool RoadHindley
Queen's Road88Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Queen's Terrace63Church StreetOrrell
Railway Street65Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
Railway Street186Ladies LaneHindley
Railway Street - L Ince67Warrington RoadInce
Rainford CottagesX 2Clapgate LanePemberton
Randle Street91Ladies LaneHindley
Ranicar StreetX 853Atherton RoadHindley
Ratcliffe Street38Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
Raven Street - H InceX 175Ince Green LaneInce
Rectory RoadDownall GreenAshton in Makerfield
Red Lion Court108Chapel LaneWigan Borough
Red Lion Place2James StreetWigan Borough
Regent Road29Moss LaneHindley
Regent Road27Stanley RoadHindley
Regent Street29Greenough StreetWigan Borough
Regent StreetX 37Liverpool RoadHindley
Regent StreetX 147Little LanePemberton
Reservoir Street - H Ince80Belle Green LaneInce
Richard Street - L Ince32Warrington RoadInce
Richmond Hill737Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Richmond Street90HallgateWigan Borough
Richmond StreetX 57Poolstock LanePemberton
Ridyard Street555Liverpool RoadHindley
Ridyard Street337Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Rigby StreetX 55Castle Hill RoadHindley
Rigby's Buildingsoff Nicholas Nook, 96, ScholesWigan Borough
Rigby's Yard20Rigby's BuildingsWigan Borough
Riley's Yard53Queen StreetWigan Borough
River Street2Windsor StreetWigan Borough
Robert Street9Ingram StreetHindley
Robin Hood Yard77HallgateWigan Borough
Rocky Bank Terr. - L InceX 226Warrington RoadInce
Rodney StreetBorough Courts, King StreetWigan Borough
Roebuck Yard39StandishgateWigan Borough
Roscoe Street159Darlington Street EastWigan Borough
Rose Street - H Ince94Manchester RoadInce
Rothwell's Yard64HardybuttsWigan Borough
Rowbottom Square25WallgateWigan Borough
Royal Hotel Yard1bStandishgateWigan Borough
Royal Oak Yard113StandishgateWigan Borough
Rupert Street88HardybuttsWigan Borough
Russell Street35School StreetWigan Borough
Russell Street - H Ince148Belle Green LaneInce
Rylands Street220Gidlow LaneWigan Borough
Salisbury Road333Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Salmon Street72WhelleyWigan Borough
Sandon Street41PoolstockWigan Borough
Sandon Street642Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Sandy Lane224Castle Hill RoadHindley
Sandy Lane39St. James's RoadOrrell
Sandycroft Avenue41Avondale RoadWigan Borough
Saracen's Head Yard81Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Sayer's Yard115ScholesWigan Borough
Scarisbrick Street46Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Schofield Lane165ScholesWigan Borough
Schofield's Houses82Billinge RoadPemberton
Schofield's Place5Foundry StreetWigan Borough
Schofield's Yard3Foundry StreetWigan Borough
Scholes122MillgateWigan Borough
School Lane36ScholesWigan Borough
School Street47School LaneWigan Borough
School Street466Bolton RoadAshton in Makerfield
School Street - H InceX 50Ince Green LaneInce
Scott Street53Gidlow LaneWigan Borough
Scowcroft Street506Atherton RoadHindley
Second Street66Springfield RoadWigan Borough
Seed Street6Northumberland StreetWigan Borough
Sefton Road48Moor RoadOrrell
Seven Stars Road252WallgateWigan Borough
Shared Street13Kent StreetWigan Borough
Sharp Street232WallgateWigan Borough
Sharp Street - H InceX 292 Ince Green LaneInce
Shaw Street24Earl StreetWigan Borough
Shaw's Yard85HallgateWigan Borough
Shed Street - L Ince268Warrington RoadInce
Shelmerdine Street7Harrogate StreetWigan Borough
Short Street3Gore StreetPemberton
Shuttle Street23Hill StreetHindley
Sidbrook Street75Wigan RoadHindley
Silver Street101Darlington Street EastWigan Borough
Silver Street34Walthew LaneHindley
Silver TerraceSilver StreetWigan Borough
Silverwell Terrace7Lymn StreetWigan Borough
Slag Lane225Liverpool RoadAshton in Makerfield
Slidbrook Street32Enfield StreetPemberton
Smethurst LaneOrmskirk RoadPemberton
Smith's LaneX 346 Leigh RoadHindley
Smith's Road166Orrell RoadOrrell
Smithy Green - H InceX 144Manchester RoadInce
Smithy Yard86Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Snape Street5Edith StreetWigan Borough
Soughers Lane505Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Soho Street27Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Sole Street61WhelleyWigan Borough
Somerville Road10Spencer RoadWigan Borough
Southern Street268Billinge RoadPemberton
Sovereign Road66Darlington StreetWigan Borough
Spencer RoadWigan LaneWigan Borough
Spindle HillockDownall GreenAshton in Makerfield
Spion Cop96Old RoadAshton in Makerfield
Spring Gardens50Frog LaneWigan Borough
Spring Grove105Spring StreetWigan Borough
Spring RoadGathurst RoadOrrell
Spring Street10aHardybuttsWigan Borough
Spring Street - L Ince346Warrington RoadInce
Springfield Road214Park RoadWigan Borough
Springfield Street135Wigan LaneWigan Borough
St. Ann's Square3Coppull LaneWigan Borough
St. Clement Street - L Ince450Warrington RoadInce
St. George's Terrace10Marsh LaneWigan Borough
St. James's Road117Moor RoadOrrell
St. Malo Road6Spencer RoadWigan Borough
St. Patrick Street67Schofield LaneWigan Borough
St. Thomas StreetSt. Thomas's Church, Caroline St.Wigan Borough
Stafford Street48Liverpool RoadHindley
Stafford Street - L Ince367Warrington RoadInce
Standishgate62Market PlaceWigan Borough
Standish's Yard66MillgateWigan Borough
Stanley Road568Liverpool RoadHindley
Stanley Square81Platt LaneWigan Borough
Stanley Street27Platt LaneWigan Borough
Stanley Street134Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Stanley Street - H Ince136Belle Green LaneInce
Station Road1StandishgateWigan Borough
Station RoadGarswoodAshton in Makerfield
Stephen Street700Liverpool RoadHindley
Stephens Street680Liverpool RoadHindley
Sterling Street138Kenyon RoadWigan Borough
Stonecroft Terrace47Old RoadAshton in Makerfield
Stone's Yard9Bolton StreetWigan Borough
Stopford Street - H Ince130Manchester RoadInce
Stopforth Street54Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
Stratford Street134Park RoadWigan Borough
Stuart Street39Wellington StreetWigan Borough
Summer RowX 50 Ladies LaneHindley
Summersale373Billinge RoadPemberton
Sumner's Yard14Gerard StreetAshton in Makerfield
Sunnyside VillasX 37Chapel StreetPemberton
Sutherland Street34Liverpool RoadHindley
Sutton Mill Commonend of Coppull LaneWigan Borough
Swan Lane735Atherton RoadHindley
Swan Meadow RoadPottery RoadWigan Borough
Swan Terrace112ScholesWigan Borough
Swann Street60York StreetWigan Borough
Swift Street54Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Swift's Square6Schofield LaneWigan Borough
Swift's Yard4Adelaide StreetWigan Borough
Swinley Lane34Swinley RoadWigan Borough
Swinley Road108Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Swinley Street34Swinley LaneWigan Borough
Sydney Street433Warrington RoadPemberton
Syresham Street617Liverpool RoadHindley
Taberner Street661Liverpool RoadHindley
Tan PitsX 2Clapgate LanePemberton
Tank Street - H Ince235Belle Green LaneInce
Taylor Street46York StreetWigan Borough
Taylors Lane - L Ince420Warrington RoadInce
Teck Street37Cambridge StreetWigan Borough
Thicknesse AvenueEastwell StreetWigan Borough
Third Avenue84Springfield RoadWigan Borough
Thomas Street28Leigh RoadHindley
Thomas's Yard29High StreetWigan Borough
Thompson Street72WhelleyWigan Borough
Thompson Street111Poolstock LanePemberton
Thorburn's Lane493Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Three Crowns YardHope Street / StandishgateWigan Borough
Throstle Nest Avenue208Gidlow LaneWigan Borough
Tichborne Street19Vaughan StreetWigan Borough
Tickle Street214WallgateWigan Borough
Tipping Street19Brook StreetWigan Borough
Tithebarn Road180Liverpool RoadAshton in Makerfield
Tolketh Street - H InceBelle Green LaneInce
Tolver Street206Wigan RoadAshton in Makerfield
Trafalgar RoadWrightington StreetWigan Borough
Trafford Street119Wigan RoadHindley
Tram Street - P Bridge58Warrington RoadInce
Trentham Street10Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Tunstall LaneBelle Vue StreetPemberton
Turner Street53Greenough StreetWigan Borough
Turner Street128Ladies LaneHindley
Turner's Yard - L Ince8Warrington RoadInce
Union Bridge224Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Union Street77ScholesWigan Borough
Unsworth Street2Aughton StreetHindley
Unsworth's Terrace51Wigan RoadHindley
Upper Dicconson Street29Dicconson StreetWigan Borough
Upper Morris Street100ScholesWigan Borough
Upper St. Stephen Street47Frog LaneWigan Borough
Vaughan Street41Greenough StreetWigan Borough
Vauxhall Road137ScholesWigan Borough
Vere Street59York StreetWigan Borough
Victoria Avenue86Park RoadWigan Borough
Victoria Road14Station RoadAshton in Makerfield
Victoria Street111aWallgateWigan Borough
Victoria StreetQueen's Arms, Warrington Rd.Pemberton
Victoria Street - H Ince48Manchester RoadInce
Victoria Street - P Bridge7aFoggs LaneInce
Vine Grove18Chapel StreetWigan Borough
Vine Street16WhelleyWigan Borough
Vine Street35Ladies LaneHindley
Violet Street13Warrington RoadAshton in Makerfield
Von Blucher Square193WhelleyWigan Borough
Waddington's Buildings10Clayton StreetWigan Borough
Waddington's YardBishopgateWigan Borough
Waddington's Yard47Great George StreetWigan Borough
Walkden Avenue66Kenyon RoadWigan Borough
Walker's Yard11Lyon StreetWigan Borough
Wall Street123Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
Wallace Lane112WhelleyWigan Borough
WallgateLibrary StreetWigan Borough
Wall's Yard2Lea StreetWigan Borough
Walmer Street78Corporation StreetWigan Borough
Walmesley Avenue24PoolstockWigan Borough
Walmesley Street52Warrington LaneWigan Borough
Walmsley Street - L Ince313Warrington RoadInce
Walsh's Yard33School StreetWigan Borough
Walthew LaneWarrington RoadHindley
Walthew's Yard39MillgateWigan Borough
Ward Street162Ladies LaneHindley
Wardley Street784Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Wareing Cottages - H IncePetticoat LaneInce
Warnford Street16Heaton StreetWigan Borough
Warrington Lane33ScholesWigan Borough
Warrington Roadcont. of Walthew LaneHindley
Warrington Road54Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Warrington RoadGerard StreetAshton in Makerfield
Warrington Road - L InceInce
Warrington Terrace2Warrington LaneWigan Borough
Water Heyes Road101Greenough StreetWigan Borough
Water Heyes Terrace7Water Heyes RoadWigan Borough
Water Street13Marsh LaneWigan Borough
Waterloo Street110Woodhouse LaneWigan Borough
WatersideDouglas Bridge , Powell StreetWigan Borough
Webb StreetX 223Atherton RoadHindley
Webster Street153Walthew LaneHindley
Well Street69Lorne StreetWigan Borough
Wellington Street89ScholesWigan Borough
Wenlock StreetX 138Atherton RoadHindley
Wenlock Street18aSoho StreetPemberton
Wesley Street177Enfield StreetPemberton
West StreetX688Atherton RoadHindley
West Street - H Ince101Belle Green LaneInce
Western Place30StandishgateWigan Borough
Westminster Street9Portland StreetWigan Borough
Westminster Street164Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Westmorland Street41WhelleyWigan Borough
Weston Street1River StreetWigan Borough
Westwood Lane - L InceWarrington RoadInce
Westwood Road152Chapel LaneWigan Borough
Westwood Terr. - L InceX 214Warrington RoadInce
Whalley Street17Macclesfield StreetHindley
Wharncliffe Street11Lord StreetHindley
Whelley279ScholesWigan Borough
Whistley Street593Liverpool RoadHindley
White Street830Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Whiteside Avenue22Mort StreetWigan Borough
Whitledge Greencont of Old RoadAshton in Makerfield
Whittaker's Yard107Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Wiend9Market PlaceWigan Borough
Wigan Lanecont. of StandishgateWigan Borough
Wigan RoadHindley
Wigan RoadGerard StreetAshton in Makerfield
Wignall Street54Corporation StreetWigan Borough
Wilcock Street244WallgateWigan Borough
Wilde's HousesFoundry LanePemberton
Wilding Street - L Ince247Warrington RoadInce
William Street63Platt LaneWigan Borough
William Street22Wood StreetWigan Borough
William Street - L Ince108Warrington RoadInce
Willow StreetX 467Warrington RoadPemberton
Wilshaw Street45Soho StreetPemberton
Wilton Street28Sovereign RoadWigan Borough
Windermere Street5WhelleyWigan Borough
Windleshaw Street - L Ince213Warrington RoadInce
Windmill Street5Mount StreetWigan Borough
Windsor Road56Heath RoadAshton in Makerfield
Windsor Street1Arundel StreetWigan Borough
Winifred Street - L Ince85Manley StreetInce
Winstanley Street112Warrington RoadPemberton
Withnall Street46School LaneWigan Borough
Wolfendale's Yard43School LaneWigan Borough
Wood Street104Chapel LaneWigan Borough
Wood StreetX 709Atherton RoadHindley
Wood Street37Scot LanePemberton
Woodcock Street37Market StreetWigan Borough
Woodford Street28Castle Hill RoadHindley
Woodford Street800Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Woodhouse LaneFrog LaneWigan Borough
Woods Grove2Chapel StreetWigan Borough
Wood's Lane295Bolton RoadAshton in Makerfield
Woods Street29Driving LaneWigan Borough
Wood's Yard16Duke StreetWigan Borough
Wood's Yard59Great George StreetWigan Borough
Wood's Yard2James StreetWigan Borough
Wood's Yard5Wood StreetWigan Borough
Woolden Street15Mitchell StreetPemberton
Worsley Street738Ormskirk RoadPemberton
Worsley TerraceStandishgateWigan Borough
Worsley's Yard2Rupert StreetWigan Borough
Worsley's Yard63School StreetWigan Borough
Worthington FoldX 2Clapgate LanePemberton
Worthington StreetX 62Market StreetHindley
Wray Street - H Ince5Manchester RoadInce
Wright Street1Eckersley StreetWigan Borough
Wright Street28Moss LaneHindley
Wrightington StreetBridgeman TerraceWigan Borough
Wright's Yard130Wigan LaneWigan Borough
Yarrow Street233Liverpool RoadHindley
Yates Street53Miry LaneWigan Borough
Yates Yard13Wallace LaneWigan Borough
York Road Princess RoadAshton in Makerfield
York Road South117Heath RoadAshton in Makerfield
York Street156Great George StreetWigan Borough
York Street East21Appleton StreetWigan Borough
Zulu Street40Silver StreetWigan Borough


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