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ROLL 63 - 1689

Box 1.   Roll 63  Michaelmas Leet 5th October  1689

Mayor                  John Baldwin

Benchers               Robert Barron
                       Christopher Sumpner

Recorder               Mr Entwistle

Town Clerk             Alderman Banckes

Bailiffs               John Markland
                       Gilbert son of Thomas Ford

Attornies              Richard Blackborne
                       William Browne

Serjeants              William Finch
                       Hugh Langshaw brazier

Market Street          John Dicconson
                       Thomas Houghton

Wallgate               Lionel Ormishaw
                       Roger Leigh

Hallgate               Thomas Battersby
                       Thomas Wood

Scoles                 Thomas Sumner
                       Thomas Langshaw

Standishgate           Richard Prescott
                       Peter Whaley

Millgate               James Edge
                       William Ashton

Woodhouses             Samuel Tyrer
                       James Letherbarrow

Surveyors of             John Jolly
Bread and Beer         William Scott

Surveyors of             John Ensworth
Fish and Flesh         William Leland

Treasurers             Ralph Lee
                       Richard Urmston

Church Clerk           Gerard Bancks

Searchers and Sealers  James Baldwin
of Leather             William Boyes

Bellman                John Laithwaite

Box 1.  Roll 63   Michaelmas Leet October 5th  1689
Alexander Leigh and Thomas Wood for allowing their swine to

William Baldwin shoemaker for harbouring John Worsley a

Mrs Ellen Pilkington for allowing a well in the Little Shambles
to lie open.

Robert Crouchlow, Charles Holecroft and Gilbert Wood for allowing
their hounds to go unmuzzled

Mr John Baldwin for allowing his swine to stray

Thomas Worthington junior gentleman for harbouring Mrs Warner a

Mary the wife of John Wood coverlet weaver and Mary the wife of
John Hollinshead - abuse.

Bertie Entwistle Esq for allowing his "greate dogg" to go un-

Edward Herle Esq for turning the watercourse near Collins Field
out of its course.

Thomas Worthington for allowing his "greate dogg" to go unmuzzled

John Thornton and Richard Mortt for allowing their swine to stray.

William Greene for not cutting his hedge &c. between the High
Lane at the lower end of Wallgate and his close called the Tenter

Edward Bayley for harbouring Thomas Taylor and Peter -- foreigners.

Henry Tong and John Rothwell foreigners

Alice Glover, John Deane, Richard Rylands, William Astley and

John Bibby for harbouring William Dawson, Elizabeth Foster,
William Astley, the son of John Bookes and Katherine
Darbyshire, foreigners.

Elizabeth Bibby for abusing James Bate

Robert Orrell pewterer for harbouring John Rothwell

Henry Tongue for trading in the town, not being a freeman.

Stephen Platt and John Clare for allowing their swine to

Mrs Lydia Bancks for harbouring Charles Yate and his wife,

James Kenyon for harbouring John Wales a foreigner

John Laithwaite bellman and Adam Rigby - assault

Ralph Baldwine for not making the fence between his house
and Ellen Leigh's.

Alexander Leigh for allowing his swine to stray.

Ellen Leigh for harbouring Margaret Browne a foreigner

Richard Ince for abusing Grace Langshaw.

Gilbert Houghton for assault with the drawing of blood on
Ellen the wife of John Whalley

John Knowled of Wverhilton for assault with the drawing of
blood of Christopher Rawstone at St Luke's Fair -

Thomas Battersby for abusing Elizabeth Topping spinster

William Laithwaite and Thomas Hibbard - assault

James Green of Millgate and Robert Boyes junior of Standish-
gate for harbouring foreigners

William Hodgkinson a foreigner for trading in the town

Widdow Orrell for refusing to let the Supervisors taste
her ale - fined 1s.

The Serjeants ordered to clean Market Street and the Meal

38. 1s. 6d. due to the late bailiffs

Ralph Leigh late bailiff fined 5 for neglect of his office.

Every person keeping a hound without a licence to be fined 20s.

James Ford and Richard Blackborne elected overseers of the
Town Mill

Laurence Anderton fined 10 for neglect of his office as
overseer of the said mill.

James Harvy, Ralph Langshaw, Johnathon Walton, Mr Robert

Ford, fined 6s. each for keeping hound also Hugh Jolly,
Mr Ditchfield, Mr Scot, Robert Baldwin, and James Molineux

The Overseers of the highways being out of pocket were to
be reinbursed.

Box 1.   Roll 63   Michaelmas 1689
Petitions &c.
Complaint of Ralph Layland, Thomas Leyland, Andrew Barron and
Peter Turit alias Bavington who had been waits for many years,
that John Holecroft tailor "a disorderly and ungovernable
Fellow. the last winter tooke upon himselfe of his owne
accord to goe in the night Season therron part of this Towne
as waites and greatly disturbed the Inhabitants thereof"
Asked that Holecroft might be suppressed. "We the Jury do
Quash this Petition" [that they might continue as waits]

Petition of John Rothwell husbandman to be made a freeman

Petition of William Dawson glover to be made a freeman-

Petition of Elizabeth Foster widow to be allowed to live in
the town - allowed

Petition of William Smith innkeeper to be made a burgess

Petition of Henry Bullocke the son of a burgess, to be made a
freeman - allowed

Petition of Henry Partington of Blackerode naylor to be made
a freeman

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