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ROLL 55 - 1685, 1686

Box 1.  Roll 55  Michaelmas Leet  Oct 3rd  1685
Alexander Catterall and Ellen Deane for harbouring John
Keirsley and John Spencer foreigners

Myles Mitton, John Lowe, Bernard Johnson, James Barrow,
Francis Battersby for allowing their dogs to go unmuzzled

Charles Holcroft and the wife of John Deane for keeping

James Ascroft a foreigner

Thomas Wood, Margaret Farbrother and Edward Buckley for
allowing their swine to stray.

Robert Battersby for allowing his bitch to go unmuzzled

Grace Almond for harbouring John Staples a foreigner

Bailiff William Wood for not making the fence between his
tenement and John Thornton.

Richard Rauson and Margaret Deane for allowing their bitches
to go unmuzzled

Thomas Burgesse and James Ford tailor for allowing their
swine to stray

James Hollinshead for harbouring Myles Grimshaw and Ellen
his wife foreigners

James Langshaw dyer for allowing his bitch to go unmuzzled

Martha the wife of Joseph Caddy for a litigation on Anne
the wife of Edward Caddy

Christian the wife of John Hodson and Joan the wife of
Ralph Forde - litigation

Stephen Hodson for the like on the said Joan

Jane the wife of John Farclough for abusing Mrs Ellen
Pilkington - To ask forgiveness on her knees in the Mayor's
presence - default

John Uprichard, William Gidlow and Ralph Orrell for
tippling in Thomas Heapey's alehouse in the time of divine

Mr William Pilkington for allowing a hole to lie open at the
end of the butchers shop next his house in Market Street.

Ralph Langshaw for allowing his dung heap to lie in Market

Richard Tootell for allowing heaps of sand and gravell to lie
in Market Street

Robert Marler and Oliver Hilton for a litigation on Nicholas

son of Robert Penington gentleman "being but the Age of
Seven yeares"

Evan Hilton and Robert Penington gentleman - assault

Anne Hilton for a litigation on Mr Robert Penington

William Baldwin gatewaiter of Market Street for not cleaning
his sough

Richard Yonge and Adam Yonge "for playing at Scalebones
dureing the time of Divine Service and Sermon two Sundays"

"Mr Recorder and James Banckes for suffering their doggs
to fight on the Sabboth day"

Robert Higham and Robert Crouchley, and Alice Deane for
keeping hounds.

"And that when James late Duke of Monmoth and other his
Accomplices Landed in the West of England in open Rebellion
against the Kings Majestie that now is King James [the]
Second his Natewall Leige Lord and King and Government of
this Kingdome the said [sic] Jonathon Standish in--- Order
to Exile and stirre upp the Kings Majesties Subjects to an
open Rebellion and to with drawe them from their Naturale
Alegiance and Obedience to his Majestie Did Publish And
openly declare that the said late Duke of Monmoth had one
thousand men a Day went to him more than the King had"  Quitt.

Elizabeth Bolton widow for keeping John Howard her journeyman
a linen weaver and not a freeman being a foreigner

William Moorecroft for making a litigation on Alderman Robert
Baron and Mr William Laithwaite.

Gilbert Hollinshead for assaulting Alice the wife of William

Cecilia the wife of Gilbert Letherbarrow and Ellen Fazakerley
spinster - assault

Gilbert Letherbarrow and Robert Fazakerley and Ellen his
wife - litigation

Grace Belcher widow for a litigation on William Moorecrofte.

John Markland gentleman for abusing Robert Boys.

Anne Houghton, Thomas Bullocke and Stephen Platt for allowing
their swine to stray.

Robert Bibby for neglecting his office, also Richard Smith,
Gilbert Holinshed and Matthew Naylor

Alice Banckes spinster for harbouring Nicholas Fletcher a

Mr Robert Ford for allowing his mastiff to go unmuzzled

Hugh Lowe alias Rothwell for neglecting his office of gatewaiter

Elizabeth the wife of Joseph Caddy for an assault on Martha
the wife of Edward Caddy.

Thomas Ford junior, William Laithwaite, Francis Banckes
widow and Alice Banckes spinster for allowing "The Higher

Scolesfield Gate to Lye Doune"

Robert Ford gentleman, Thomas Ford senior, and Francis
Banckes widow for allowing "the Lower Scoles Field gate to
Lye Doune"

Mr John Markland Serjeant for abusing Ellen the wife of
Robert Boys "in many foule words as a False theife and
that she had stole Tobacco pipes out of his Closset and he
would have her whipped thorrow the Towne" Fined 3s. 4d.

Laurence son of Laurence Taylor for stealing apples off
trees to the value of 2d. - that he was "a Common Drunckard"
- "a Common Swarer" and "for abuseinge his Parentes and
Curseing them" "wee order him to bee whipt from the Moot
hall unto his fathers doore"

Richard Holme for abusing George Adtherton and Oliver

Box 1.  Roll 55  Easter Leet  25 April  1686
Alexander Catterall for harbouring John Keiresley

James Ascroft, William Locker and John Spencer, foreigners

Francis Battersby and Richard Taylor - assault. The said
Francis and John Worthington of Haigh - assault

Francis Battersby, Thomas Scarsbricke and John Worthington -

Adam Battersby for assaulting John Worthington

Thomas Tarleton for assaulting Thomas Morris
Roger Taylor     "     "       Thomas Scarsbricke
William Battersbye    "       John Townley

William Prescott "for writeing and publishing Scandalous
verses against Alice Foster" and James Tattlocke "for
concealeing of the said verses"

Hugh Platt for allowing the hedge to fall between his
tenement and John Thornton's

Christian Carter for allowing her swine to stray

Mr Robert Baron for not cutting his hedge.

James Tattlocke and Robert Barrowe - assault

Alexander Whalley for assaulting Ellen Holme

Mr John Curghey for allowing his swine to stray

Robert Orrell for abusing Mr William Laughton one of the

James Mort for assaulting Robert Forth and abusing Mary
the wife of John Wood

Jonathon Walton for making a footpath over Watholn Close

Mr Laurence Anderton for allowing timber to lie in Market

William Marsh and Gilbert Hollinshead - assault

Oliver Worthington for assaulting John Denton

John Deane, Robert Crouchlow, Charles Houlcroft and Robert
Higham for keeping hounds

Robert Finch for allowing his dog to go unmuzzled

Gilbert Letherbarrow to receive James Letherbarrow his
apprentice and teach him his trade of tailor &c.

John Deane shoemaker to provide a master for Ralph Almond
when he was surety &c.

Edward Smolt for abusing John Keeling one of the bailiffs

Agnes Mitton for stopping a watercourse in Hallgate

Ellen Deane for harbouring John Spencer

John Lowe for allowing his bitch to go unmuzzled

List of those in arrears with their leys

A summons to the Jurymen in a suit between the King and
Jonathon Walton

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