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ROLL 26 - 1667

Box 1   Roll 26  Michaelmas Leet October 6th  1667

Mayor               Robert Langshaw

Benchers            Robert Baron
                    Ralph Markland

Town Clerk          John Anderton

Bailiffs            Gilbert Barron
                    Gerard Ford

Attornies           Edward Baron
                    Parson Bancks

Swordbearer         William Foster

Serjeants           James Rigby
                    Thomas Scott

Market Street       Gilbert Orrell
                    Thomas Catterall

Standishgate        William Holme
                    Roger Catterall

Wallgate            John Houghton
                    Thomas Seddon

Millgate            Peter Whittle
                    John Naylor

Scoles              Gilbert Harvie
                    Henry Burgesse

Hallgate            Gregory Foster
                    Barnaby Wood

Woodhouses          Samuel Marsh
                    Thomas Prescott

Treasurers          Thomas Ford
                    Ralph Armeston

Surveyors of        Robert Leigh
Flesh and Fish      James Banckes

Surveyors of        Henry Lithgoe
Bread and Beer      Hugh Wood

Searchers and       Peter Masson
Sealers of Leather  James Baldwin

Church Clerk        James Banckes

Bellman             Myles Mitton

Box 1.   Roll 26   Michaelmas Leet October 5th  1667
Edward Gregson for a litigation on Anne Lithgoe spinster

Hugh Penington and Francis Haymore - assault

Richard Lowe carpenter "did divert the water into the
foundacions of the Newe buildinge thereby Indavouringe to
over throwe the same" - fined 10

Alice the wife of the said Richard Lowe "did Likwise make
a damm and divert the watter as abovesaid"

Margaret the wife of William Laithwaite and Mary the wife of
William Pilkington gentleman - litigation

Katherine Finch widow and Robert Markland tailor for letting
their swine stray

Gilbert Houlcroft labourer for assaulting Oliver Baron

Thomas Scott and William Bamber for letting their swine stray

Elizabeth the wife of Samuel Marsh for abusing Thomas
Bavington upon the Lord's day.

Robert Markland mercer for receiving Laurence Haslam a foreigner

William Houghton, James Harvey and Cicely Daniell for
allowing their swine to stray

William Forth "pauncaster" for abusing the Jury at the
last Leet

John Wetherby labourer for abusing and assaulting Ralph Armston
and for being drunk

John Wetherby and Humphrey his son pretended to have a warrant
and thereby broke down William Bamber's door and "dispossessed
him of his howse" fined 5. each.

Gilbert Deane for encouraging and employing the said Wetherby
"in his wrong doeinge" fined 10

John Deane butcher "for Emptyeing a Cowe belly in the street"

Katherine Wood widow for not muzzling her cur

Roger Baron for allowing a dunghill to lie in the street.

Mr Feilden for receiving Peter Sumner a foreigner

"George Shawe did Advise Richard Lowe to make a hole to Lett
the watter in to the foundacion of the Newe building and to
Make Contempt to the Lord Bishopp of Chester"

Edward Holinhead for assaulting Gilbert Greene.

Thomas Worthington Junior and James Scott brazier - assault

James Harvy the younger blacksmith for an assault with "bloodwipe"
upon Thomas Leyland

James Baldwin for abusing Bailiff Armston

Thomas Worthington the elder for assaulting Anne Hill

Richard Lowe and Alice his wife bound over

Elizabeth Hodson widow for still diverting the water to the
annoyance of Thomas Ireland and Alice Naylor widow.

John Naylor, John Houghton and Edward Litherland - assault in
fair time

James Taylor and Robert Bamber - assault

Every person bring cloth to the fair should in future pay 12d
a pack

Katherine the wife of William Orrell for abusing Peter Marsh
gentleman. to wear the bridle&c.

Roger Bibbie and Robert Bibbie for using the gate at the end
of Gilbert Leigh's house contrary to an order of the Court

Seth Foster for assaulting Laurence Taylor and John Mathews

Jane the wife of William Bamber declared upon her oaths that
on the 1st of May last Gilbert Deane came to her house and
asked her to move and if she did not do so before night he
could bring a warrant, and she also swore "that she did not
owe him a penney of Rent, which was falce and untrue and
that she did therein Comitt wilfull perjury" - Guilty

Charles Bamber miller, Thomas Mort the younger and James
Ashton "for digging and deweing" in Robert Ford's close
called "The Eyes"

The security given for the removal of John Lee, Roger Wood,
Edmund Smoult, and William Whitfield be put in execution
if they did not fulfill the conditions

Thomas Tottie for "merchandising"

Laurence Haslomw, Peter Whitle and Samuel Marsh for following
their trades.

Peter Sumpner for following the trade of a tailor and
retailing ale and beer

John Naylor, William Sale and Richard White for exercising
their trade.

The Bailiffs ordered to levy as much money as should make up
the deficiencies of the former bailiffs

The 15 remaining in the foreman's hands to be given to
Alderman Turner "towardes the perfectinge of the new Buildinge"

Thomas Forde late bailiff presented for neglect of duty.
fined 20

The profits of the town mill to be kept by Alderman Turner

Robert Murry, Robert Sucksmith, Edward Laithwait and Richard
Rilance for not attending the Jury

Margaret wife of William Laithwaite saddler bound over

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