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Tuesday 18th September, 2018

DVLA Personalised Registrations is bringing its live autumn auction featuring 1,250 personalised registrations to the North West in what will be the Agency’s first visit to Wigan.

The three-day event gets underway on Wednesday, September 19, and will be held at the prestigious Kilhey Court Hotel featuring, as always, a broad blend of personalised registrations to suit all tastes and budgets with reserves starting from £250.

Fans of the phenomenally successful Rocky boxing films can pay homage to their hero with the inclusion of RO11 CKY which has been tagged with a £400 reserve. While successful bidders are always celebrated, the registration OUT 81D (reserve £250) will be pertinent to those who are not and is typical of the many fun-related registrations included in the sale. Others include DR18 BLE (£700), OGO 555H (£250) and C444 MEO (£250).

As ever, there’s a whole host of personalised registrations related to popular names including ELL 5A (£350), made popular by the hugely successful Frozen movie, HER 811E (£250), GR11 ANT (£400) and ST17 EVE (£400).

There’s a large breadth of personalised registrations that directly correlate to sports cars including 992 RS (£2,200) which would perfectly sit on a Porsche 992 RS, 488 PET (£1,200) that would be ideal for a Ferrari 488 and LAM 880B (£250) is aimed at Lamborghini owners.

Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Senior Sales Manager, said: “Our auctions always attract customers from all over the UK, as we have rarely visited the North West and never encamped in Wigan before we thought it was long overdue that we did. The Kilhey Court Hotel is prestigious and is perfect for our needs. We have unearthed a varied array of personalised registrations to suit all tastes and, hopefully, budgets that will surely make the three-day event as exciting as ever.”

Just some of the 1,250 personalised registrations included in the forthcoming sale include:
1993 A (reserve £2,500), AAM 12R (£300), ARC 441E (£250), A80 YLE (£250), 9999 BC (£2,000), BEE 805S (£250), BET 805S (£250), BOO 111N (£250), CA17 TER (£400), 11 CEM (£1,200), COO 11K (£300), COS 774A (£250), CU11 RLY (£400), DAR 551E (£250), DEX 11S (£300), DUT 7Y (£350), D111 PSY (£250), EAR 3L (£350), ELL 5A (£350), ERR 11N (£300), FAT 11A (£300), 2 FFS (£1,200), GAB 1G (£500), GR11 ANT (£400), GR15 ACE (£400), G111 BBB (£250), H442 VEY (£250), JA15 SON (£400), JAD 2E (£350), 1988 JC (£1,500), JOV 9N (£350), KAR 7T (£350), KAS 11H (£300), 8000 KS (£2,000), K117 TTY (£250), LAM 880B (£250), LEA 9H (£350), 650 LT (£2,200), MAC 11T (£300), MCL 750S (£250), 1874 MR (£1,500), MY11 CAR (£400), NAT 5Y (£350), NXS 1 (£2,400), 29 O (£2,500), OFF 11T (£300), 111 ORD (£1,200), OTT 115S (£250), OW10 ZAT (£400), PER 551A (£250), POS 71T (£300), RAG 11N (£300), RAJ 10W (£300), 1 RUC (£2,400), SAJ 71A (£300), SCR 14P (£300), 18 SKY (£1,200), ST17 EVE (£400), SUS 511E (£250), 15 TAJ (£1,200), 5000 TH (£2,000), THE 911C (£250), TRA 441N (£250), T993 POR (£250), 13 UDY (£300), 25 US (£2,200), 225 V (£2,500), WA17 TED (£700), W41 FFF (£250), 123 X (£2,500), 8 XAG (£400), YES 114N (£250), YUP 111E (£250), Y35 NOO (£250).

Millions of other personalised registrations can also be viewed at DVLA’s Personalised Registrations Official website, www.dvlaregistrations.direct.gov.uk

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