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  Posted by Joseph on 1st May 2018  
  Where are you? Wigan
  How did you find wiganworld?    looking.
  Comments Apologies to Elizabeth for the way your post about the airman has gone. I do hope the moderators will remove the disrespectful posts that have nothing to do with this young man. I know this was a very delicate part of your life, Elizabeth, and I'm so sorry the way your post has gone. Best wishes Joseph.

  Posted by Cas on 28th April 2018  
  Where are you? Haydock
  How did you find wiganworld?    Google
  Comments Lovely photos..reminderof visits to Wigan as a child. Lovely memories

  Posted by Deen Salleyman on 24th April 2018  deensalleyman@sky.com 
  Where are you? prescot
  How did you find wiganworld?    internet
  Comments every time i try to register it say there has been an error

  Posted by arron mcincane on 16th April 2018  
  Where are you? not sure
  How did you find wiganworld?    A friend of min erin
  Comments just thought I should check this out.

  Posted by BAZVAD on 14th April 2018  
  Where are you? CHORLEY
  How did you find wiganworld?    Through a friend
  Comments Information for chimpbal 24. Pictures and many comments about the farm on Old pictures of Ashton.

  Posted by Julian on 10th April 2018  
  Where are you? Nice, France
  How did you find wiganworld?    From Melanie
  Comments Great site....a nice reminder and connection to home!

  Posted by Joseph on 2nd April 2018  
  Where are you? Wigan
  How did you find wiganworld?    Ex member
  Comments Josephine Morris-Turner, according to the Ince Directory of 1925/6 on this site on the "stuff" section there was a Morris Thomas F., police constable living at 25 Hemfield Road. Hope this is of some help.

  Posted by Josephine Morris-Turner on 1st April 2018  chebba@mac.com 
  Where are you? Grantham, Lincolnshire
  How did you find wiganworld?    Internet
  Comments What a good site to stumble on - there's nothing like local knowledge from people who have lived in a place for a long time, even for generations.

I found my late father's birth family last year, they were from Ruabon, N Wales. Mining was an occupation for most of the men in the large family and I have a record of one great-uncle living in Hemfield Road, Higher Ince in October 1926.

I have seen pictures of Hemfield House on this website, and followed a short conversation about it and the general history of Hemfield Road in this forum too. Looking at the satellite images and reading on this site about someone whose SatNav took him down Hemfield but it was like a tank trap, I gather that the houses have now been demolished. There doesn't appear to be anything there on the satellite images.

I do not know which of my great-uncles lived in Hemfield, it could have been John, Thomas or Norman Morris. The reproduction of the record on Ancestry is fuzzy but it looks as if he lived at No 26. If anyone can assist me in finding out which of my ancestors lived there, whether or not there may even have been a wife and children, I would be soooooo grateful.

My late father was adopted and raised in the rabbit warren of streets in industrial Pendleton, Salford, but although I have never lived in your area of the country, there is no question that part of my soul is drawn to it. It must be a DNA thing! And there is nothing as pleasing as seeing the interest, love and pride people have in their towns and villages, no matter where they are. Congratulations, this comes across loud and clear in your site. Thank you again. I do hope someone can assist me.

  Posted by ronald valentine - audrey valentine nee monks on 31st March 2018  woodstacieann@outlook.com 
  Where are you? wigan
  How did you find wiganworld?    google
  Comments Looking through here for my grandma and Grandad named above, grandma lived in queen street and went to st Catherine's then all saints and Grandad in west street ince went to rose bridge would love to know what they was like when younger. There both really well and in great health

  Posted by Deen Salleyman on 26th March 2018  deensalleyman@sky.com 
  Where are you? prescot
  How did you find wiganworld?    internet
  Comments Hi Grace
Thanks for the information ,is there anyway i
can contact any of them .did they actually live on spring gardens any help would be greatly appreciated.
my email is deensalleyman@sky.com

  Posted by john on 25th March 2018  
  Where are you? wigan
  How did you find wiganworld?    internet
  Comments Hi. what a brilliant site overflowing with all kinds of usefull information and photographs etc. whilst im on can anyone tell me how old the houses are in spring gardens as my gt/gt/gt/ aunt used to live at no 53 about 1850 and is no 53 still there. also do any old photoes exist of the 3 mesnes pits which were located what is now the cricket ground just off bull hey.Thankyou.

  Posted by Admin on 25th March 2018  
  Where are you? Wigan
  How did you find wiganworld?    ADMIN
  Comments Shirley send me an email ron@wiganworld.co.uk

  Posted by Pamela on 21st March 2018  pamsmanu@yahoo.com 
  Where are you? Canada
  How did you find wiganworld?    Www
  Comments My father was in a Wigan orphanage in 1924 for approx 1 year, his surname was Hollis,... was adopted,! Any info would be much appreciated

  Posted by Shirley on 13th March 2018  
  Where are you? UNITED STATES
  How did you find wiganworld?    my mother is from wigan. I stumbled upon your site.
  Comments I thought I was a member of your site but when I tried logging in it said my email address is not recognized. I'd like to post some comments and questions.

  Posted by Grace-Ann Davies on 6th March 2018  Graceann.davies@yahoo.com 
  Where are you? Wigan
  How did you find wiganworld?    Local
  Comments To Dean Sallyman,there was a Mrs Rigby lived in the Speing Gardens area in the 1945/50's she had a son Tommy cannot remember his wife's name,they had children Pauline and Graham and lived on Gidlow
Lane,they belonged to WIgan Parish Church.

  Posted by thomas ludlow on 3rd March 2018  thomasludlow1988@hotmail.com 
  Where are you? Garswoos
  How did you find wiganworld?    Google
  Comments Hi. I am looking for my wifeís grandads put number her family canít find it anywhere and he recently passed away it means a lot to my wife and if anyone could help me with this please could you contact me please
Thank you for you time

  Posted by john on 24th February 2018  jhoughton1954@yahoo.co.uk 
  Where are you? wigan
  How did you find wiganworld?    internet
  Comments Hi Just thought i would share this link with anyone who would like to trace where any old buildings mines/ roads etc used to stand. compared against the map of today.you can superimpose todays map over the old o/survey map to find locations from the past. handy if you are tracing family history. thanks.Http://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side

  Posted by Deen Salleyman on 21st February 2018  deensalleyman@sky.com 
  Where are you? prescot
  How did you find wiganworld?    internet
  Comments Other information i have found is
my grandfather`s brother Jack had 2 sons one called Stanley and one called John ,John married and had a daughter called Jennifer.
grandfathers sister Helen was married twice once to Samuel Lloyd and once to someone called Tinsley .
Amelia did marry and had four children i do not know who they are
thanks Deen

  Posted by Deen Salleyman on 21st February 2018  deensalleyman@sky.com 
  Where are you? prescot
  How did you find wiganworld?    internet
  Comments Hello
I am trying to find out about my grandfather David rigby he was registered as living at 22 spring gardens wigan when he was born in 1897.His father`s name was Thomas Rigby ,his mother`s name was Mary Jane Rigby (formerly Lester) Thomas Rigby lived at this address when David was born.
My mum told me that David had 2 brothers and 2 sisters named Albert, Amelia,Helen and Jack ,i have not been able to find any info about any of them .
I do know my grandfather David was living in 27 Broom road Southport when he was 13
with someone called Richard Rigby ,other than that i have no other information about him any help would be greatly appreciated
Thanks Deen

  Posted by Roy on 13th February 2018  
  Where are you? Teesside
  How did you find wiganworld?    Internet
  Comments Used to live there, like to reminisce with the photo of the day

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