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  Posted by Liz Coucill on 28th February 2016  coucill@hotmail.com 
  Where are you? Brittany, France
  How did you find wiganworld?    google
  Comments I am search for a school friend who lived in Aspull, nr Wigan.

She is called Susan and her last name was Fletcher. Can anybody help please.

  Posted by Douglas Mann on 26th February 2016  douglas.mann2@ntlworld.com 
  Where are you? Shaw Oldham
  How did you find wiganworld?    From friends
  Comments Will you please change my e-mail address to the one above.My e-mail address on the family
tree section is WRONG.

Many thanks

  Posted by kenny on 21st February 2016  
  Where are you? nth lincs
  How did you find wiganworld?    word of mouth
  Comments to golden bear on the forum.

the word eminating from carrington is that mourinho will take over when the current season ends ,he never has taken a job in the football season

  Posted by Philomena on 20th February 2016  
  Where are you? Appley Bridge
  How did you find wiganworld?    Been looking in for ages.
  Comments You're Welcome Fred. Jenny I'm not sure what you mean. I hope the new site will be online soon so I can join in with the discussions on the boards.

  Posted by Jenny on 20th February 2016  
  Where are you? On the border
  How did you find wiganworld?    Member
  Comments Many thanks for that Philomena. Although speaking for myself, I am not European,I am not British, I am proud to be English and will remain so even if we stay in the EU, even though My dogs are called Cariad and Dafydd. In honour of my Welsh heritage, cos I'm half Wigan half Welsh!

Maybe I'm not really English after all when I think about it, but it hurts when I do think.

  Posted by Fred on 20th February 2016  
  Where are you? Wigan
  How did you find wiganworld?    friend
  Comments Philomena. Thanks for that.

  Posted by bobelliott on 18th February 2016  jeanbob61@rogers.com 
  Where are you? Near Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  How did you find wiganworld?    Wiganwold employee e-mail
  Comments Looking for relatives of Mary Jane Appleton, born 1862, married Hugh Robert Griffith in 1899, in Wigan. Had one son, Walter, married in Cardiff in 1926

  Posted by kenny on 18th February 2016  kennye870@gmail.com 
  Where are you? nth lincs
  How did you find wiganworld?    told about it
  Comments i to am wondering when i can join the site .
i read all comments on the threads but cant yet join ..please advise when i can..

  Posted by Philomena on 18th February 2016  
  Where are you? Appley Bridge
  How did you find wiganworld?    Been looking in for ages.
  Comments Fred I think they mean they can't become members. I can post on here but not on the web site boards but can read the Communicates and Forum boards. I am waiting to become a new member but nothing is happening, I believe Brian is a web developer it shouldn't take 3 yrs to sort a new site out, people have been waiting since the announcement of the new site was on it's way. What's the hold up?

  Posted by fred on 18th February 2016  
  Where are you? Wigan
  How did you find wiganworld?    friend
  Comments I cant understand this.People say they can not get on this site.Yet they are on telling us about it.

  Posted by erontquay on 12th February 2016  
  Where are you? here
  How did you find wiganworld?    member
  Comments Hello Linda, please check your emails

  Posted by jodi draper on 11th February 2016  jodilakmedraper@aol.com 
  Where are you? Roda, Spain
  How did you find wiganworld?    from wigan
  Comments Great site, just love the banter, she should change her name to "bizzy"

  Posted by Linda on 9th February 2016  Lindawilliams0001@gmail.com 
  Where are you? Bedford
  How did you find wiganworld?    Through family
  Comments I'm trying to trace any info on William James Davies who married Elizabeth nee Meadows back in 1917. He is shown on marriage certificate as living in Bolton St and as a Driver for Royal Field Artillery. He also worked in the mines. His father was John Davies. Any help would be greatly appreciated. When am I going to beable to join Wigan World?

  Posted by erontquay on 5th February 2016  
  Where are you? here
  How did you find wiganworld?    Member
  Comments Dawn
Membership has been closed for a year or more. We were told 3 months ago that admin is working on a new site, and he has said that once its up and running then new members may be accepted.

  Posted by Brother W.A. Taylor on 4th February 2016  
  Where are you? U.S.A.
  How did you find wiganworld?    Internet
  Comments Billie Joe survived, and he duly moved to the North West of England around late 1968. I will be singing in his honour on Saturday night. The Tallahatchie didn't take him; he made it home. He's been seen in Wigan, about two months ago. He may know that I'm over here for two weeks. He'll find me if he follows the road and stays out of the rain.

  Posted by Dawn Preston on 4th February 2016  dawn1612@hotmail.com 
  Where are you? London
  How did you find wiganworld?    web
  Comments Hi, I have been trying to join this site for at least 2 weeks and keep getting a message something is not working and its being looked at, yet I still cannot join. Could someone contact me about joining please ?

  Posted by Robert on 30th January 2016  robertdickinson79@yahoo.com 
  Where are you? Preston, Lancs
  How did you find wiganworld?    Wikipedia
  Comments I am mostly interested in the Civil War of the 1640's and its effects, I used to belong to Thomas Tyldesley's regiment of foote and have read about the battle of Wigan lane, Wigan had quite an eventful civil war and I would be interested in any views about a Prince Rupert statue for the town as he was made very welcome here I believe.

  Posted by erontquay on 29th January 2016  
  Where are you? here
  How did you find wiganworld?    member
  Comments Hi Colin. Please check your emails. It seems my message to you hasn't been posted

  Posted by colin neale on 27th January 2016  colinneale@hotmail.co.uk 
  Where are you? St Helens
  How did you find wiganworld?    internet
  Comments I am looking for an Irish spiritual medium by the name of Patrick Murtagh who lives in or around the Wigan area.
I can find him on Facebook but I'm unable to make contact (no message or add option) can anybody help me find him as I believe he can help me greatly

  Posted by Carole Winstanley on 26th January 2016  vidlady70@gmail.com 
  Where are you? Melbourne Australia
  How did you find wiganworld?    Used to be a Member
  Comments I joined Wigan World several years ago, and nothing seems to have changed, even the Wigan ex-pat pictures are the same. It is full of information but was wondering if you are updating the site any time soon?

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