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  Posted by christopher cordwell on 29th August 2017  cwcordwell@gmail.com 
  Where are you? Isle of Man
  How did you find wiganworld?    luck
  Comments Researching family I am looking for relatives or family of William Baker flemming pawnbroker, and has any body found a Bensley family in the wigan area about 1917? might have a gerald for son
Thanks for your time

  Posted by Catherine on 26th August 2017  
  Where are you? United Kingdom
  How did you find wiganworld?    Internet
  Comments James says he has a photo of Edward and Jane Eaves - from 1909 please can he let me know if he will share it .

  Posted by Kathy Parkes on 25th August 2017  kathycat_kato@hotmail.co.uk 
  Where are you? United Kingdom
  How did you find wiganworld?    Research
  Comments Unable to sign up to WW and keep getting an error message, so frustrating. trying to answer Karl Roberts post who is looking for a Turton family, I was a Turton and have been tracing my ancestry, we may or may not have a line somewhere but happy to converses when i can get onto the site properly!

  Posted by Kathy Parkes on 25th August 2017  kathycat_kato@hotmail.co.uk 
  Where are you? Kitt Green
  How did you find wiganworld?    researching family history
  Comments Love the site, got lots of family photos to share

  Posted by Lectriclegs on 23rd August 2017  
  Where are you? Here
  How did you find wiganworld?    member
  Comments Nice to see more new posters joining WW.

  Posted by Karl Roberts on 21st August 2017  baboon281@virginmedia.com 
  Where are you? United Kingdom
  How did you find wiganworld?    Searching the internet
  Comments I am trying to trace my family history in relation to the Turton family and came across an article written by various members of the forum including a John Moses, who emigrated to Canada and who I remember as a cousin of mine. I have attempted to join the forum but keep getting an error message every time I try to join. I would love to get in contact with John MOSES but am unable to do so. Can anyone help please

  Posted by SHEILA MAYS on 9th August 2017  porkym@bigpond.com 
  Where are you? Australia
  How did you find wiganworld?    by accident and trying to find any old employee of Reed Corrugated Cases in Wigan
  Comments I would love to contact anyone at all that may have known me. I was born in 1941 in UpHolland and worked at Reed Corrugated Cases in Wigan until 1965 when I migrated to Australia. My then name was Sheila Farrall

  Posted by Brenda Dean (nee Wood on 1st August 2017  brenda@quilters.net 
  Where are you? Australia
  How did you find wiganworld?    Google search
  Comments Born in Wigan during WW2. Had a friend when I was five called Renee Anglsea who live id Kirkless street. She will have her 77th birthday today, August 1st. Happy Birthday Reneee if you are stil around.

  Posted by Sal on 13th July 2017  
  Where are you? London
  How did you find wiganworld?    google
  Comments For Paul and FERT on about Sunderland. Theres been one march theyre having another. justiceforchelsey.com

  Posted by Barry jepson on 5th July 2017  bazjeps@hotmail.co.uk 
  Where are you? For john Lyons wants to get in touch please
  How did you find wiganworld?    Pemberton wn59tqlv6
  Comments Very good look at it often. On pad

  Posted by bill winrow on 5th July 2017  bill.winrow@ntlworld.com 
  Where are you? westhoughton
  How did you find wiganworld?    john barlow my nephew told me about it
  Comments how do I put a school photo on the site I have emailed you without a reply tried to register but it has an error.
the site is the best on the internet for local people and people who have left wigan
it has brought so many memories from school days with a class photo from 64 years ago that I have never seen I remembered nearly everyone . Thanks keep it up

  Posted by Terry on 29th June 2017  
  Where are you? very close
  How did you find wiganworld?    often
  Comments How did Minder manage to register

How did Minder manage to register?
All I get is WHOOPS.


  Posted by Allen jones on 25th June 2017  
  Where are you? Chesterfield
  How did you find wiganworld?    Facebook
  Comments Some great pics ,and great reminders of my life in pit ,1957---1987,,,30 years.

  Posted by carole brady on 25th June 2017  Lukebrady@aol.com 
  Where are you? standish
  How did you find wiganworld?    search engine
  Comments love this site

  Posted by Pauline on 24th June 2017  
  Where are you? local
  How did you find wiganworld?    tiresome
  Comments you missed the skit!!!!!!

  Posted by Lectriclegs on 23rd June 2017  
  Where are you? Here
  How did you find wiganworld?    member
  Comments Pauline, accidently...........REALLY!!!!!!!!!

  Posted by Pauline on 23rd June 2017  
  Where are you? Local
  How did you find wiganworld?    accidentaly
  Comments Jarvo it is wolves not wolfs and Badil it should have been 'their' and not 'there'. All my spelling is how I intended it to be. Some of us were better educated on WR it seems. Yes this is pathetic and childish, but hey when in Rome as the saying goes.

  Posted by Jarvo on 18th June 2017  
  Where are you? Pemberton
  How did you find wiganworld?    Member
  Comments Hello Lectriclegs. Do I know you? Triangle Valve maybe. Or round Howards Garage with the girls.

  Posted by Lectriclegs on 16th June 2017  
  Where are you? Here
  How did you find wiganworld?    member
  Comments There is someone, called spike, who joined a couple of days ago, so they must be taking new members.

  Posted by Kerry on 13th June 2017  
  Where are you? Eccleston
  How did you find wiganworld?    Friends
  Comments I would like to get in touch with my grandad Patrick Cummings am Anthony cummings daughter my Nana is Maureen Cartwright.

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