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  Posted by Alan Tweed on 11th May 2019  alan.tweed&yahoo.com 
  Where are you? Tamworth
  How did you find wiganworld?    Google
  Comments Regarding my last post.
My Mums maiden name is Edith Dale and her sisters name was Olive, Dads name is Henry Eliís Arthur Tweed

  Posted by Alan tweed on 11th May 2019  alan.tweed@yahoo.com 
  Where are you? Tamworth
  How did you find wiganworld?    Google
  Comments Searching for family history,
My grandparents Robert William & Olive dales home was 8 Neville street, I think our home was 3 Syresham street my eldest brothers schoo was St Nathanials, he was born in 1947.
Olive died in 1953 and Robert died in1947.
The Tweed family moved to the midlands around 1955 but I think my brother stayed in Wigan for a few more years

  Posted by Helen of Troy on 9th May 2019  
  Where are you? Norfolk
  How did you find wiganworld?    Ages ago
  Comments I knew you would get some help with your question Alan, WW is the best !

All good wishes in your search.

  Posted by weatherwax on 9th May 2019  
  Where are you? Southport
  How did you find wiganworld?    Member
  Comments Alan. The burial of your Grandparents are recorded on the Hindley Cemetery records on Wigan World. Also there are your Great Grandparents, Florence Amelia Jane Linton and Robert Dale. I have found the Family on Ancestry, with both Daughters, Olive and Edith. So I can possibly answer your questions. Unfortunately I cannot reply to you on your email at the side of your name, as the site wont allow me to.

  Posted by Maureen on 8th May 2019  Cliff560@ gmail.com 
  Where are you? Wigan
  How did you find wiganworld?    Been here a long time
  Comments Alan,if you type their names into the search box at the top of this page you will find some information.

  Posted by Helen of Troy on 8th May 2019  
  Where are you? Norfolk
  How did you find wiganworld?    Ages ago
  Comments Bingo Alan !

Robert William Dale married Olive Morris in 1919 at the Bethel Chapel, Atherton Road, Hindley Green.

  Posted by Helen of Troy on 8th May 2019  
  Where are you? Norfolk
  How did you find wiganworld?    Ages ago
  Comments Alan, I have looked on Lancashire BDMs but can only find a marriage between Robert William Dale & Lily Hammond at Manchester Register Office in 1948.

There are lots of folk at WW that are better than I am at this but there are a few more places I can look. What was your mothers christian name ? I found your birth registration....Hindley & Leigh.

  Posted by Alan Tweed on 5th May 2019  alan.tweed@yahoo.com 
  Where are you? Tamworth
  How did you find wiganworld?    Google search
  Comments Iím trying to find out any information regarding my grandparents Robert William and Olive Dale their home was 8 Neville Street, I was born in 1950 my family moved to the midlands around 1955,

  Posted by Louisa on 5th May 2019  l.bibb32@googlemail.com 
  Where are you? Wigan
  How did you find wiganworld?    A friend
  Comments Does anyone know the mines that George Orwell visited during his stay in Wigan. My grandad worked in the pits around Aspull and Fourgates in Westhoughton, he left school to work in the mines around the time that Orwell was in Wigan. When I first read the road to Wigan pier I realised he was describing my grandad's working conditions. I am just interested to know if they were the mines he might have worked in. I would appreciate any info anyone can provide. Thank you

  Posted by Derek Bannister on 1st May 2019  batedbreath@bigpond.com 
  Where are you? Australia
  How did you find wiganworld?    Online
  Comments Hello all,
Looking for any oldies from the 20s and 70s from primrose lane Standish, to back lane, Appley Bridge, sheving High School and Horwich Loco and all the guys i used to fish matches with< keith parky.
Hope you are all fine, and healthy.

  Posted by Jeff Dowling on 28th April 2019  Dowlingfour@bigpond.com 
  Where are you? Brassall
  How did you find wiganworld?    On line browsing
  Comments I was browsing and I came across the article about Jim Hooper. I worked with Jim on the Wivenhoe Power Station near Brisbane. I'd be grateful if someone could pass my regards onto Jim.
Jeff Dowling

  Posted by Spartacus on 12th April 2019  
  Where are you? Wigan
  How did you find wiganworld?    Interweb
  Comments Found this site browsing about Wigan. Excellent picture history. The chat room let's the site down though

  Posted by Barrie on 8th April 2019  
  Where are you? Wirral
  How did you find wiganworld?    Was a member 10 years ago
  Comments Message for Cindy-re your comment on handbags today- Ribble bus seen in Standish -could be the one that Stagecoach have in Ribble colours. 2 years ago in was on the Wirral on the cross river run.Owned by the Ribble Preservation Group. (see album Work -Ribble #29326 (2017)

  Posted by Martin on 7th April 2019  rmcrompton@optusnet.com.au  http://whatís this??
  Where are you? Perth,Western Australia
  How did you find wiganworld?    Looked up Cocking On
  Comments In Bolton after 1947 I always cocked on. Tried it yesterday and broke my shoulder, How to explain to the locals in Perth W. Australia??? They donít know what it is. Go To wigan....uk Hanks...

  Posted by Alan P on 4th April 2019  tiaroa@shaw.ca 
  Where are you? Vancouver Island
  How did you find wiganworld?    long time surfer
  Comments Bob. Just google "Wigan coat of arms". There are lots of good images there.


  Posted by Bob Wilmore on 3rd April 2019  bob0085@yahoo.com 
  Where are you? San Antonio, Texas
  How did you find wiganworld?    Research for Coat of ARMS
  Comments I am looking for a very detailed picture for the Coat of ARM "ANCIENT and LOYAL". We have friends coming to visit from Wigan, for the fourth year in a row and we want to make this memorable, since a couple are getting married while here. Thank you

  Posted by Valerie Cooper (walls) on 2nd April 2019  valcov47@hotmail.co.uk 
  Where are you? wigan
  How did you find wiganworld?    been on lots of times
  Comments to Frank, Can't thank you enough, I have been looking for a long time for Rita. We were very good friends, she came to our house lots and even came on holiday with us, although it was only caravan,we had great fun. I thought the world of her. Please pass on my love if you can contact her. Again ...thanks.

  Posted by frank on 1st April 2019  
  Where are you? Wigan
  How did you find wiganworld?    long time member
  Comments Val, Rita Butcher now lives in Northampton my brother also lives in Northampton and knows Rita very well he has tried phoning Rita but so far had no luck,but he did say she spends a lot of time in Spain,will keep you informed if he does make contact with Rita

  Posted by Michael on 30th March 2019  
  Where are you? Billinge
  How did you find wiganworld?    Through a friend.
  Comments Hello Anthony not seen you for a while, how is Liz these days? Are you still singing with John Jarvo in the fish lol, I'll have to nip up for a chat one Friday and surprise you.

  Posted by Roy roscoe on 30th March 2019  roskie@blueyonder.co.uk 
  Where are you? Bryn
  How did you find wiganworld?    Old member
  Comments I registered a few years ago and have posted photos and comments still go on to have a look but for the life of me I canít remember my login details for forum can admin help

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