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Miry Lane pubs
Started by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
Anybody know how many there used to be.

Posted by: momac (10744)  Report abuse
I-spy..according to a very reliable source there were three..Golden Lion,
Uncle Toms cabin,and The Crown Inn..also if it counts,The New Star which
wa on the corner of MiryLane and Wallgate.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3068)  Report abuse

Posted by: xenon (103) Report abuse
Wasn't there also The Platelayers pub on the Corner of Wilcock Street And Miry Lane?

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
Platelayers was the one I'm interested it. Just couldn't recall the name.
Was there a rugby pitch within walking distance of it ?
Thanks everybody. I'll have a look in stuff.

Posted by: momac (10744)  Report abuse
Hello Golden Bear..I think those pubs you mentioned are all on Wallgate..
but the Platelayers were definitely in Miry Lane..the person I asked lived
in Miry Lane.there is a list of them and their location on Album.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3068)  Report abuse
I will have a look for you momac!

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3068)  Report abuse
I-spy/Momac: if you look on( home page ,click search bar put in platelayers pub, this will take you into archives on left you see photo-a-day you want march 2010 photo shows Miry lane bridge, look thro you see a 4x4 that is where pub used to be , finally the ground you could walk to would be under bridge towards us which was PRESCOTT STREET RUGBY GROUND hope this is understandable.

Posted by: momac (10744)  Report abuse
Golden Bear..just behind where the white van is was our first little house after we got married...I was very young then and didn't take notice of any
pubs...I still don't know any pubs.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3068)  Report abuse
MOMAC: I don't know the era you are on about but i do certainly remember from the other r/way bridge all the way down Prescott street to the bend then under the bridge you are referring to then more house's either side the time would have been 1960 onward's. How do i know coming from up Worsley Mesnes, well my very first job was a butcher's assistant our shop was on FROG LANE 136 J.MORRIS & SONS.
On Tuesday's Friday's & Saturday we had mobile butcher's van's, our first call was on left side under the first r/way bridge, then either end all way down ,then round the corner where uu lived then up to all the houses round YORK ST. As for the Platelayer's that would have been roughly opposite yors. Every time i come down or go up Prescott st,the wonderful memories i have will never fade, as for the folk back then for me they were gradely decent people,Momac did you ever know of the butcher's at top of frog lane?????

Posted by: momac (10744)  Report abuse
Golden Bear,it would be the late sixties when we lived there..I do remember
the pub facing us..
I don't remember a butchers at the top of Frog Lane..my Aunty and Uncle
lived in Prescott Street Mary and Billy Rowe..I used to go there but never had a need to go further up that street..I originated from Great George
Street so tended to go that way towards Wallgate.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3068)  Report abuse
Hello Momac: As for the buthchers can you imagine top of Prescott st, do you recall the cattle market? if so turn left at the to 75 yards the pub which is still there today its called the GUARDIANS it was on left keeping on left past the pub 30 yards were several shops in the middle of those shops was J.MORRIS& SONS butchers ,a few more yards along is FIELD st next was the huge factory WALMSLEY'S OR WALKER'S WHICH CARRIED ON LEFT ALL WAY DOWN TO OPPOSITE THE OLD WORK HOUSE WHICH IS JUST BEFORE THE BOSTON HEALTH CLINIC, I DO HOPE YOU CAN RECALL THESE. I WAS A RUGULAR DOWN THAT PART OF THE WORLD UNTIL VERY LATE 60sinto 70s. Glad to reminise have a nice day Momac.

Posted by: momac (10744)  Report abuse
Yes Golden Bear I know now exactly where you mean..I live in Beech Hill
so we drive past there often,plus my GPs at Boston House and my Mam
used to work at Walkers..I used to work at Whelley Hispital and one of our
patients came from the old workhouse originally.....lovely to talk to you.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3068)  Report abuse
Momac: Ditto to you too, i am not used or should i admit at not being able to put photo's on here, if i could i some which would help a lot ,anyway it has been great talking with you.Last thing what i recall about Whelley HS,was my dad did a short spell in there may have been 1970/2/3 ish he came home for a couple of year's then died with 100% pit mons dust, why on god's earth did they close WHELLEY?

Posted by: momac (10744)  Report abuse
I don't know why they closed it GB..another of Wigans cock ups they pulled
the older building down with the 'Florence Nightingale'wards then rebuilt it
into sections,which meant that staff couldn't keep their eye on the patients..
then they pulled that down..and got told that there's still nothing built there
but I don't really know on that score..I was there 1975-1985 but had to
leave because of back problems..Doctors orders..I loved working there.

Posted by: macwil48 (333) Report abuse
My great-aunt Alice Wilson and her first husband William Bentham had the Platelayer's Arms c1937-1945 when William died. Alice was still there when she re-married in 1947 to Ellis Green who died in 1955 in Bury. I don't know when they left.

EDIT: My aunt was still there in Sept. '48 when her father died.
The pub was no. 41.

Posted by: xenon (103) Report abuse
I remember the butchers on Frog Lane very well Golden Bear. I was born and lived in Prescott Street until I was Nineteen.Morris' butchers or "Colins" as we called it was one of our favorite shops when we were kids. Colin always had a joke for us and used to take us to the what we called "the back building" to get bones for the dog.If I remember rightly there was a post office next door and a couple of houses before Field Street,there was also a corner shop on the corner of Lower St Steven Street that we knew as Sids and went there just for bread - can't remember why!


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