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The outside lavatory.......
Started by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
..anybody miss theirs

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
it wasn't always easy seeing in the dark

Posted by: momac (10743)  Report abuse
No,I don't miss it,I always seemed to walk into a cobweb when it was dark..

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
thank god for good old jerry

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
is it true that some Wigan streets only had one between 'em.

Posted by: mache (inactive) Report abuse
"thank god for good old jerry" jarvo?

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
apparently they're making a comeback. But I don't think one would fit under my bed.

Posted by: PeterP (7637) Report abuse
Used to use the outside loo when doing gardening saved taking mucky boots off to use indoor one

Posted by: retep1949 (595) Report abuse
The jerry was called a po in our house.Outside lavvies were creepy full of spiders and wood lice My dad used to put a paraffin lamp in winter to stop the pipes freezing.Used to go to my aunties in Bickershaw Lane and they did not even flush it just went into the ashes.,

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
One of our neighbours called theirs Charlie. I thought they had a son I'd never seen.

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
there's a good selection at Bygone Times.

Posted by: irene (2900)  Report abuse
I can remember newspaper squares hung behind the lavvy door, and juicy stories from The News of The World, much too old for my young eyes, and so frustrating trying to find the next bit of the story from amongst the cut-up squares!

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
I've found a build-your-own outside bog website. Anybody interested - there'll be a big saving if we can come up with 10 orders.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3068)  Report abuse
Our outside loo was in a block of about 7/8 and the back wall of them ran up an entry at side of THE RAVEN CLUB just off tunstall lane we lived on Ormskirk road to my your question my answer is definitely do not miss them!!!!like some one said we used to cut the news of the world into squares hung on a bit of string also which was a pain the loos were often used by men coming out of the RAVIN so if your door lock did not work you had to sit on the loo with one leg up against the door !! SO MY VOTE IS NOOOOOWAY!

Posted by: Anne (3773)  Report abuse
Our outside lav was big enough to store my bike. Must have been eleven/ twelve feet long.

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
I hope you didn't sit there ringing the bell anne

Posted by: Anne (3773)  Report abuse
Neither did I sit there pulling the chain.

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
When did the lavatory turn into the loo

Posted by: mache (inactive) Report abuse
I missed the outside lavatory often, shivering caused it

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
there was a lot more whistling back then.

Posted by: PeterP (7637) Report abuse
Anne I knocked the back wall out of the toilet block then bricked up the side wall where the dustbin went. Then removed the toilet and blocked the drain off. Fitted a tap onto water supply, fitted padlock onto the door and then stored garden tools at the back end and kids bikes at the front Best garden shed we ever had

Posted by: Anne (3773)  Report abuse
Think our dustbin area had already been knocked out and the lav moved backwards giving the long walk before relief.

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
the petty -that always had a nice ring to it. anybody know its origins

Posted by: mache (inactive) Report abuse
Petty:- small, insignificant

Did you pee on your shoes?

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
I did have rusty clogs

Posted by: elizabeth (5439)  Report abuse
reading these stories reminded me of a Gentl;eman who had died doing something with some one and he died , a friend came and between them they re dressed him and took him home and sat him on the outside toilet where he ws found the foll mornin g with his trousers down sat on the toiletenough said !!
This did happen truly maNY YEARS AGO

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
I'm shocked

Posted by: momac (10743)  Report abuse
Many moons ago, you got salt or pepper in little cone
shaped pieces of paper from the grocers,which she or he would
then screw the bottom of it and put your salt or pepper in..
well my grandma hung it in the outside loo when it was empty
on the the usual nail..my grandad came indoors after going there..he was scratching away and when my grandma asked him
what the matter was..he said"me a**e is on fire..guess which piece of paper must have still had pepper on it.

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse

Posted by: bassman (3591) Report abuse
At the side of the wc was a space for coal....someone was pinchin it so I put a thread across connected to a pile of milk bottles...one night I heard them fall and ran out to see someone climbing over the back gate, but he/she wasn't fast enough and got a .177 slug up their arris....That was way back in the mid 60's...

Posted by: brendagrindley (431) Report abuse
i hated it not missed it.

Posted by: PeterP (7637) Report abuse
Has retep1949 said the very first loo I remember was a board with the hole over a large round tin. Once you had used the loo you then sprinkles some ashes down the hole to cover everything up. I think later this was changed to a round tin with water and disinfectant in it. I was about 8yr old before we moved into a house with a flush toilet(indoors ) oh the lap of luxury

Posted by: veteran (1602)  Report abuse

We still had the lavvy with a tin tub underneath a board with a round hole in it till the 50s my mother used to scrub the wood everyday plus cutting the newspaper in squares those were the good old days so people keep saying

Posted by: spud1 (inactive) Report abuse
The 1st house we had after getting married had the outside petty with a hole cut in the wood,and a bucket under it,this was in 1960,and it was there until about 1964,that was on Wigan Rd Bryn,very close to Bryn station,also there was no dustbin,instead there was a midden,which was emptied maybe once a fortnight.

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
You can't beat the good old days can you

Posted by: norman prior (817)   Report abuse
You can't beat progress

Posted by: scoop (3285)   Report abuse
When we lived in Briar road the toilet was outside but the coal was in a cubby hole off the kitchen. This i could never understand.

Posted by: aussie94 (2346) Report abuse
Not at all . backside stuck to the seat in Winter and wiped with with torn strips of the Wigan Observer/

Posted by: Joseph77 (inactive) Report abuse
My Granddad used to say about indoor toilets and BBQ's "I remember when folk used to sh*t outside and eat inside, progress?"

Posted by: MarieM (5563) Report abuse
We had an outside toilet when I was little and lived in Wallgate. My granddad kept chickens in the back yard and they were really nowty. When we went to the lav we used to have to take a brush to keep them off. Memories.

Posted by: lapis lazuli (inactive) Report abuse
Beware the wrath of Britboy, you damn ressurectionists!

Posted by: copperhead (1415)  Report abuse
A German Doctor invented the lavatory seat.

An English Engineer put a hole in it.

Posted by: spud1 (inactive) Report abuse
The lead water pipe kept the plumber busy,lots of bursts in Winter,even with a candle left burning,I wonder if a modern plumber could repair a lead pipe the same way as was done years ago.

Posted by: fletcher (689)  Report abuse
We had a paraffin lamp in ours in the winter ti stop the pipes from freezing

Posted by: PeterP (7637) Report abuse
On a night like this with minus temperatures you would need a halogen heater in the outside loo if you still had one

Posted by: aussie94 (2346) Report abuse
I can remember as a kidit was so cold in winter that the board stuck to your arse.

Posted by: i-spy (14699)  Report abuse
Now we know why you headed to Oz

Posted by: bryn156 (193) Report abuse
Just spotted this thread. Like Spud1, I too lived on Wigan Rd Bryn, but in the 1940s,The toilet had a metal container which was emptied weekly and new container was covered with pink antiseptic powder.The seat a wooden plank with a hole cut into it,also the traditional newspaper squares on a string. The adjoining middin or ashpit was emptied weekly by a dustman who jumped inside and shovelled all the ash & rubbish out on to the back street where his mate then shovelled it back up into the dustcart. Happy days, but not as Health & Safety conscious as today.

Posted by: aussie94 (2346) Report abuse
i-spy When i first arrived in Oz there where still a lot of houses with outside toilets . Dunnies they we re called, , what a challenge that was dodging the snakes ane red back spiders . Not sure which was worse a frosty arse or a bite on the bum


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