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Tropical fish keeping
Started by: i-spy (14290)  Report abuse
I can't make up my mind whether it would be a lot of hassle - or really rewarding
Any experts out there

Posted by: i-spy (14290)  Report abuse
No bites
I'll have to flit

Posted by: momac (9619)  Report abuse
I-spy,I had a couple of goldfish for a while..one died,the remains one lived
for a few years..there was no filtration aerators etc..couple of years later I got tropical fish..got all the extras,you name it,they were short of nothing.
They started dying one by one..read all the books,went for advice
everywhere..still they all died,I'll not be trying again..just don't like seeing
little things dying...but I also know some people who've had them a long
time..so hopefully they'll see your thread and give better advice than I can.

Posted by: i-spy (14290)  Report abuse

Posted by: priscus (7146) Report abuse
They might die of fright if they see you are also building a smoke-house and kipper drying frame!

Posted by: i-spy (14290)  Report abuse
I was thinking of getting some clownfish to name after some wiganworlders

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6482)  Report abuse
Had a 4ft tank for quite a while ...it is a lot easier to keep them these days...the technology is far more advanced to keep the water crystal clear and the fish happy ...if you are serious about it all a good book that tells you all about it or an expert in an aquarium shop that just wants to tell you all he/she knows...either way Ispy the rewards are great ...I could watch them for hours...the housework often came of second best...😀😀

Posted by: i-spy (14290)  Report abuse
Thanks for the advice Lizzie. Mention of that 4ft tank reminded me of the old tin bath in the backyard I used to keep my perch and roach in when I was a nipper.
Cat got them in the end

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6482)  Report abuse
It is often the case ...over here back yard ponds have to be covered against herons, ibis and kookaburras ....and of course the odd duck that flies in...😀😀


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