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Started by: scoop (3285)   Report abuse
Does anyone else feel that it sad to empty tubs and pots at this time. My plants are still really looking good, my dahlias especially. I don't have a greenhouse and I need to lift them before the frost hurts them. I lift them and when dry,cleaned I put them in newspaper in a dark place until next time i need to start them again.

Posted by: momac (8768)  Report abuse
Yes scoop,it is sad ,I don't like seeing empty
tubs,the hanging baskets are struggling to flower
but I'm loathe to empty them yet..I try and save
seeds for next year,I have a small greenhouse and
I've tried putting geraniums in to overwinter,but
the frost has still got to them,so you're not
missing much there scoop..and tried leaving them in the shed..but the same thing happens..its a
pity we can't all have a heated greenhouse isn't it.

Posted by: Jazzy (8509)   Report abuse
Our garden was very cleverly planted, not by us I hasten to add, but from the people we bought it from, and has colour all year.

Our next door neighbour reckons the previous owner was a lazy so and so, and planted it to give as little work as possible.

It works for us

Posted by: momac (8768)  Report abuse
Jazzy..I saw your garden on another thread..I only
wish our was as big as that,and your wendy house
well..I can only dream of one of those.

Posted by: Jazzy (8509)   Report abuse
Momac, the pic with the Wendy house on was taken from halfway down the garden. It's about 130 feet long. So we are glad the planting is mostly easy.

The original greenhouse was where the wendy house is now.This house is very small, 2 bed, soon (if the blooming builder ever arrives) to be 4 bed, which will be much better!

The Wendy house was built especially for guests, but it doubles up as my craft room. It's a very useful space

Here's a couple of pics of the inside. The door at the end is to the shower room.

Posted by: momac (8768)  Report abuse
Jazzy..that's just beautiful.

Posted by: Jazzy (8509)   Report abuse
Momac, if your ever in my neck of the woods, come and stay over with us. The views from the Wendy house are beautiful!

Not before Easter though, got to get the extension built before we are fit for company!

Posted by: momac (8768)  Report abuse
I only wish I could Jazzy..thank you anyway.
that's very kind of you.

Posted by: Jazzy (8509)   Report abuse
You'd be welcome momac. It's a bit hair raising in the main house at times, so it's good to have somewhere for visitors, so they can get away from it all.

I'm coming up to Wigan in the spring, maybe we could have lunch, or coffee or something?

Posted by: Anne (3263)  Report abuse
Jazzy.....What a very good space to have, you could offer holiday accommodation
Plenty of light for your bead work. Are you doing any at the moment?

Posted by: Jazzy (8509)   Report abuse
Hi Anne, it's a great working space, and I can leave everything out and not worry about it until next time.

I'm still making my poinsettias for the Christmas tree. I only do beading in the mornings, because of the light. 2mm beads are tricky to see sometimes.

I can't do any beading this week, the Govenor is in Wigan, sorting out his fathers house, so only me here to look after my daughter, apart from her career, but that's just four hours in the afternoons, 3 days a week.

I wouldn't want to do holiday accommodation, cos it needs to be someone who understands that sometimes things are difficult here.

Anne, the same applies to you as momac, come and stay if your down this way, and hopefully we might be able to meet up when I get to Wigan

Maybe all the Virgos could get together, I'm an honorary one

Posted by: Anne (3263)  Report abuse
Thanks Jazzy. When are you in Wigan?

Posted by: Jazzy (8509)   Report abuse
Anne, I want to come up after our extension is built, should have started 2 weeks ago, but you know what builders are like.

It will take about 20 weeks, depending on the weather of course. Not the best time in the year to have building work done.

So, all things being equal I want to come up in March.

I hope I can still find my way around, I haven't been home for 10 years!

Posted by: baker boy (13848) Report abuse
I have taken my hanging baskets of geraniums and left them wrapped in plastic bags for the last 3 years in my garage with a small amount of water every month or so.i put them back up in early april after a change of compost and a good feed they come back to life about the first week in may.my dahlias, I leave going as long as they can manage.
wrap them up in paper and hey pesto I have had them on the go about 5 or 6 years splitting the tubers up into two provides my daughters with free tubers every spring.

Posted by: baker boy (13848) Report abuse
great tip from a friend of mine for roses,dig in your banana skins next to the rose bush.
my roses are still exploding into flower as I post.

Posted by: momac (8768)  Report abuse
BB..I'll do that with my geraniums and see what

Posted by: baker boy (13848) Report abuse
momac just be aware when you put them back out they could /will look like something the cat dragged in,but it as saved me considerably on buying ready made hanging baskets.

Posted by: momac (8768)  Report abuse
I've got loads of patience BB..I'll try it with
my begonias as well..I've lost nothing if it
doesn't work have I.

Posted by: scoop (3285)   Report abuse

Thanks b.b will try it out.

Posted by: PeterP (6402) Report abuse
Last week I went into Aldi and picked 11 packets of seeds up for next year(sell by date 2018) reduced in price from 39p a packet to 19p a packet Should keep missus happy potting up in the greenhouse

Posted by: Anne (3263)  Report abuse
Last year I left my geraniums (pelargoniums) in the window boxes over winter, because I didn't have time to do anything else. This last summer they did well. Done the same this time, if we have a severe winter maybe not so lucky. They are well protected where they are.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
Hello Jazzy just reading your post's very interesting if you don't mind me asking Jazzy where do live?i will understand if you don't want to print anyway all the best with your building work ,I had some major work a while back and I agree mine used to say see ya tomorrow but usually that ment the following day after that,trouble was when one is say in the middle of work they can normally do as they want don't you find? anyway best of luck hope it gets done ok for you.


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