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LIZZIEíS ANAGRAMS #35*****************************
Started by: lizziedownunder (6501)  Report abuse
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Good morning dear friends 💜...thought I would start a new thread...thank you so much for all the lovely comments...had a wonderful time ..such amazing countryside...will try and post some pics on WR in Pic Dump ...😊

Ok letís get going with some more interesting words..😊👍

Anagram for today ....... N T I T O T A R I

Good........... 14 Very good......... 17 Excellent......... 20 Genius....... 23

Words of 4 letters minimum.... all words must include....... O
Good luck everyone......☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: raymyjamie (5601) Report abuse
A very good welcome return to everybody.
Hope you are all well.
A lovely bright sunny cloudless day here in Blighty, 21C forecast.
A really busy morning in the garden, Iíve cut some of the hedges, edged my lawns, which I cut yesterday, and done some weeding.
A nice relaxing lunch of oat cakes with Pat Pep (Gentlemanís Relish) and strawberries, while doing the words.
This arvo a walk up Rivvy, if I have the energy!!!!!! LOL
Mo, I bet youíre in seventh heaven with this current weather, anyroad I hope youíre getting some leisure time in the garden.
I suspect Marie is on a jolliday.
Marie, I watched the second half of the Wigan v Warrington match, it was a close fought thing, and Wigan were unlucky to lose.
Hope Vince can pop on, it seems his wi-fi is not perfect.


Loads more for all, good luck.

Lizzie, welcome back, sound like youíve had a super break, well done.
Hope youíre fully refreashed and relaxed.
Looking forward to seeing some of your piccies.
Thanks as ever.

Posted by: bravo (2642) Report abuse
hi all,its good to be back,internet not very good likely to crash at any time,hope you enjoyed you rest lizzie,our weather at the moment 30,but rain could be expected Fridayanother 9 letter if lizzie accepts-titration definition avail if required-ratton-iota-intro-iron-trio-nitro-noir-noria-more fot Maureen and marie-take care all.

Posted by: momac (9686)  Report abuse
Hello everyone..first of all welcome back our Lizzie..we have missed you,
but glad that you've had a lovely break..I'm looking forward to you pics as

Also welcome back Vince,bet you're having a nice break as well.


Yes Ray..I am in seventh heaven with this sunshine,been in Southport
since this morning..it was lovely...just been to The Range for more oil paint.

Hello Marie wherever you are.

Salad tonight for third day running,

Long may this sunshine last.

Thanks our Lizzie,so nice to 'see' you back.xx💜

Posted by: MarieM (5320) Report abuse
It's lovely to have Lizzie and Vince back. Looking forward to seeing the photos.
Well done Ray and Vince with the words. I bet Maureen is still on Lord St.
Best wishes everyone.

Posted by: MarieM (5320) Report abuse
Sorry Maureen. We posted at the same time. Glad you had a good day.

Posted by: momac (9686)  Report abuse
Don't apologise Marie,I've done that scores of times.

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6501)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends...💜..well done with your words....😊👍

Ray, and Vince you got both 9 letter words according to the newspaper this morning ...😊👍

Thank you for your lovely welcome...it sure was a great time away..unfortunately WR will not let me post any pics...tried 3 times last night ..so donít know what is going on there...there is one on my Instagram profile if you want to have a look ...😊

Answers ............ ATTRITION TITRATION
attorn into introit iota iron noir noria* nota notitia* ratio ration riot roan rota roti tanto* taro tarot tori torii* torn tort trio triton troat* tron trona trot

Anagram for today........ E T N T M C E A N

Good......... 10 Very good......... 13 Excellent......... 16 Genius......... 19

Words of 4 letters minimum....... all words must include........... M
Good luck everyone....... ☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (5320) Report abuse
mean, meat, name, mate, mane, mace, came, team, teem, meet,

Thanks Lizzie, Best wishes everyone. Another beautiful day today.

Send a private message to Admin on WR about your photos Lizzie. She has helped me a few times with the help of Maureen.

Ray another lovely day for a walk. I am glad Vince is back
and both he and Lizzie have had a good time.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5601) Report abuse
A very good day to all.
Another lovely bright sunny cloudless day here in Blighty, 16C going to cardiac class this morning, but 19C forecast later.
This arvo a trip to Wigan and a walk round Mesnes Park.

Mo, we missed you on the cryptics last night, I assumed your youngest lad had Ďface timedí you.
Good to see you had a nice day out at Southport.

Vince, what a cracking word you got, Iíve never heard it before.
To ascertain the quality of a given constituent by adding a liquid reagent of known strength and measuring the volume necessary to convert the constituent to another form.


Loads more for Mo and Vince.

Lizzie, Iíll try and see your piccies on Instagran.
I did have a problem last time I tried to use it, anyroad Iíll try my best.
Hope you are getting back into your normal routine.

Posted by: momac (9686)  Report abuse
Hello all,yes it's a lovely morning,it makes so much difference.

I'm sorry I missed the quiz last night Ray..and yes our Lee face-timed at the
same time to tell us..guess what,he has a friend that breeds Chihuahuas,
and there's a little one that's quiter than the rest,and his friend asked did I
want him..I've been going on about having a dog for I don't know how long,
I know you're not too keen on dogs Ray,but I've wanted another for a few
years now,and at last I'm having one..when we went to Daves Tuesday his
gardener was there and she brought her little Griffon with her,he jumped
straight on my knee..so that kicked me off again..so..I'm having one of my
own..chuffed just isn't the word.

Hello Marie,I've sent you an email flower.

Well just a couple left..matt,mete,acme,enema...that's it.

Hello Vince,so glad you're back with us.

Thank you our Lizzie..you're the nicest Aussie I know.xx💜

Posted by: bravo (2642) Report abuse
hi all,iam not a dog lover,cats yes,you have done well with the words marie-enactment-menace-metate-teem-acme-amean-I think that's all the words-good luck with you dog Maureen,dont forget you have to walk them daily,with a cat just open the door,take care all.

Posted by: momac (9686)  Report abuse
Vince,that's what I want..more walking.

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6501)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends..💜☀️..well done with your words...😊👍

Vince you got the 9 letter...👌

Ray, are you clicking the link at the top of the thread ...it should take you straight to my profile and pictures ...no need to join Instagram...but then again it may need you to do that ...so donít worry about it ...😊

Thank you Marie for your help ...hopefully I can get some pics in there...😊

Our Maureen I am so happy for you...💜xx

Answer......... ENACTMENT
acme amen amend came cement enema mace mane mate matte mean meant meat meet menace mete name neem tame team teem

Anagram for today........... Q S R S E U E N E

Good......... 10 Very good......... 12 Excellent......... 14 Genius......... 16

Words of 4 letters minimum.... all words must include......... E
Good luck everyone.......☘️☘️☘️

Success ....got a pic on Pic Dump on WR of the Flinders Ranges...👌

Posted by: MarieM (5320) Report abuse
Ruse, rune, nurse, queen, queer, seer,

Thanks Lizzie. I will look for your photos shortly.

Ray, I thought about you when going through Westhoughton yesterday afternoon on my way to Bolton.

Vince, have you settled back in at home.

Maureen, weather changed today. Raining when I went for the paper. Got an appt at the dentist this morning. I am terrified.

Best wishes everyone.

Posted by: momac (9686)  Report abuse
Be thinking about you Marie.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5601) Report abuse
A very good Friday to all.
A pleasant sunny cloudy day here in Blighty, 15C forecast.
A busy morning doing jobs.
This arvo, our fortnightly trip to Hibbertís butchers in Church St, we walk it there and back weather permitting.

Mo, Iím sooo pleased for you getting a little puppy, I know youíre a big animal lover.
The little mite couldnít have a better owner.
Let us know when you get it.
Marie, if you get off the bus at Dobb Brow, you can walk down our lane and call in for a cuppa.
Good luck with your peggies!!!!!
Vince, are you still at your campsite?


A low word count today, so loads more for Mo and Vince.

Lizzie, I had a peep at your piccie on WR, very dramatic landscape youíve captured, I expect it greens up in the Winter, well done you.
Thanks for our Friday wordage.

Posted by: momac (9686)  Report abuse
Hello all,another beautiful day is upon us..done Asda this a.m. then across to retail park for a collar and lead..Lee texted to say that his friend is giving us a harness..thank you our Lizzie and Ray,just found out he isn't a puppy
as such but 14 months old,so he's house trained and had all his jabs,so I'm
so looking forward to him and taking him for walks.


Well Vince how many more have you got.

Thank you our Lizzie for our puzzles,we really missed them last week,and
I'm going to have a look for your photos now.xx💜

Posted by: bravo (2642) Report abuse
hi all,its still very windy here,leaves flying everywhere,maureen I don't think the dog will be big enough for haress and to walk,mybe not but you will still take him or her,marie we have still got about 6 weeks of our holiday still to come,-queerness-reseen-reuse-unseen-and that's about it thank you lizzie for keeping our brain box ticking over,have a good weekend all,take care.

Posted by: momac (9686)  Report abuse
Vince,the owner is a breeder and uses harnesses for all the little dogs..in the pet shop this morning a man was buying and fitting a harness on his
little pug.

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6501)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends..💜🌤..well done with your words...😊👍

Vince, you got the 9 letter word...👌...and youíre very welcome..😊

Our Maureen, sounds like you have a lovely little doggie...maybe a good subject for a painting,,,😊

Good luck with your dentist Marie...😊
Thank you Ray, will put more up soon....😊

Answer........ QUEERNESS
ensue ensure erne nurse queen queer quern reuse rune ruse seen seer sense sere serene sneer sure user

Anagram for today.......... E R E V L I F X E

Good......... 17 Very good......... 21 Excellent......... 25 Genius......... 29

Words of 4 letters minimum....... all words must include.......... L
Good luck everyone......☘️☘️☘️
Have a lovely weekend...take care, be back at the usual time, love and hugs.....Lizzie 💜xoxoxo

Posted by: MarieM (5320) Report abuse
live, life, reel, vile, file, exile, relive,

Thanks Lizzie and thanks to everyone for your good wishes.
Have a good weekend everyone.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5601) Report abuse
A very good Saturday to all.
A cloudy day here in Blighty and just now trying to rain, 15C forecast.
A lazy morning doing nowt, with no guilt, Iíve had a busy week.
This arvo we may not get a walk in, the sky is looking increasingly ominous.

Mo, Iím sorry youíre not getting a puppy, but as you say, they have taken a lot of the hard work out of owning it, itís house trained and all the injections done, I hope you get lots of pleasure out of owning it

The quiz was disappointingly attended last night, but Corky came on late when he was chucked out of The Boilís Head, and Marie came on early this morning.

Have a great weekend everybody.


A medium word count today, so loads more for Mo and Vince.

Lizzie, it will be lovely to see some more of your Piccies.
Thanks for our week (well nearly) of wordage.
Have a lovely weekend.

Posted by: bravo (2642) Report abuse
hi all very cloudy day chilly is the word-Maureen why are you not having your puppy,just reads rays comment,sorry for you-reflexive-lifer-liver-leer-life-revel-revile-relit-relie-flier-exile-elver-maureen will be along soon to finish the words off.take care all.

Posted by: momac (9686)  Report abuse
Hello all,what a difference in the weather,checked on my friends cat again
this morning, going later on..then tomorrow morning they're back tomorrow.

Vince,I think you read my comment yesterday..what I said was he isn't a
puppy but 14 months old.

Owd Dave brought us the cage he had when he first got his pug pups..it's
like new ( our little one is used to a cage and dogs do like them) can't wait..
probably next weekend.


Marie,hope your dentist visit wasn't as bad as you expected it to be.

Ray,same as you..I havent done much today,in fact I've just had a nod..

Thank you once more our Lizzie..I hope you and everyone else have a very
nice weekend.xx💜

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6501)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends 💜☁️...well done with your words....😊👍

Vince, you got the 9 letter...👌

We have had more rain yesterday(Sunday) and a crack or two of thunder...our back yard and front yard have turned green ...mainly clover but I can cope with that...the grass will eventually start new runners(kikuyu) ...just a matter if being patient....😊

Ok...letís get cracking with a new week of words that will amaze and delight...😊

Answer......... REFLEXIVE
elver evil exile feel feeler file flee flex flier ilex leer levee lever lied life lifer lire live liver reel reflex relief relieve relive revel revile riel rifle rile veil vile viler

Anagram for today.......... Y T I D O T L S I

Good......... 12 Very good......... 15 Excellent......... 18 Genius....... 21

Words of 4 letters minimum...... all words must include........... O
Good luck everyone.....☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (5320) Report abuse
lots, slot, soil, idiot, toil, solid,

Thanks Lizzie. Lovely morning here. There were plenty people in Wigan Park when I came passed yesterday.

Best wishes everyone. Have a good day.

Posted by: raymyjamie (5601) Report abuse
A very good Monday to everybody.
Hope you all had a good weekend.
A pleasant sunny cloudy day here in Blighty, 18C forecast.
A busy morning in the garden, lots to do with it being early in the season.
This arvo, a trip to bents Garden Centre, always a nice afternoon out.

Mo, seems like youíre getting really organised in readiness for your little dog , I bet you canít wait till next weekend.


Well done to Marie for starting us off.
You always come on early, I canít function at that time in a morning.
A lowish word count today, Iím sure Mo and Vince will get loads more.

Lizzie, I like the idea that you are losing the heat of Summer, and things are greening up, I know you enjoy your garden.
Thanks as ever.

Posted by: momac (9686)  Report abuse
Hello all,I've been feeding all the plants in tubs,everywheres flagged so lots of tubs all over the place..glad it's done.

Yes Ray,I'm really looking forward to him..our Lee will be coming down with
the breeder..it would have been yesterday but she's a keep fit freak and
was in the Lake District race yesterday..plus Cliffs sent for a doggie carrier
for when we take him in the car..can't wait..and his name is Gizmo..

Here we go..doily,dotty,otitis,oily,sold,lost,idio,.

Vince will find the rest.

Hello Marie,was that trip to the dentist your last,I was there last week,she
said everything was fine and I didn't need anything done..was that a

Thank you our Lizzie..I bet your garden looks nice greening up..your
mention of clover really took me back some years..I've had so many
animals from being a child,and my little tortoise would go anywhere where
there was any clover..I love tortoises, but they're very expensive now.I do
go on a bit don't I...take care xx💜

Posted by: bravo (2642) Report abuse
hi all very sunny day but we still have this wind to contend with,better than rain,dottily-stolidity-silo-soily-stolid-stylo-idolist-thats it hope you all as had a pleasant weekend,its busy here never seem to have any free time,but will find some somewhere.take all,

Posted by: lizziedownunder (6501)  Report abuse
Good morning dear friends 💜🌤...well done with your words 😊👍

Vince, you got the 9 letter...👍

Even though the sun is out this morning it is quite chilly...we are just 11 days away from winter ...and more rain is predicted for the end of the week ...canít pick my flag flying days now ...so will just have to hoist them indoors...😀

Our Maureen, you can go on as much as you like...💜xx

Answer............. STOLIDITY
diol ditto dolly doit dolt dotty idiot idol lido lost oily olid* otitis silo slot soil solid solidity stolid tody* toil told

Anagram for today........... E T O R D I Y M F

Good........... 23 Very good......... 30 Excellent......... 37 Genius......... 44

Words of 4 letters minimum....... all words must include.......... D
Good luck everyone.........☘️☘️☘️

Posted by: MarieM (5320) Report abuse
dorm, ride, ford, tidy, diet, tide, rode,

Thanks Lizzie. Nice morning weatherwise today.

Ray, if I didn't come on early, I'd have no chance of getting any more.

Maureen, I had two fillings at the dentists. She was lovely.

Vince, hope everything is ok.

Posted by: bravo (2642) Report abuse
hi all,iam fine marie thanks for asking-deformity-deform-


doter-droit-demy-dyer-doer-demo-modify-mode-moted-redo-firmed-fetid-fired-fried-edit-editor-thats it more for Maureen and ray,take care all.

Posted by: momac (9686)  Report abuse
Hello all,a bit cooler this afternoon,still...got the flags dried..ready for ironing

Wonder where Ray is.

Hello Marie Hello Vince


Thanks our Lizzie..11days from Winter..and we're waiting for our Summer..
I just love hearing the variations in our weathers...xx💜


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