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Started by: kathpressey (4840)  Report abuse
Did anybody watch Louis Theroux documentary on Scientology?These people are seriously intimidating! worth finding on catch up if you missed it

Posted by: Anne (3444)  Report abuse
I don't know much about this 'religion' but had a relative of a relative living on the south coast a member. She developed cancer and locked herself in her bedroom resisting all efforts to treat her. Of course the inevitable happened, how she and her family coped I have no idea, must have been awful.
Could have been Christian Scientists.

Posted by: priscus (7193) Report abuse
Had a friend who got involved. She was then only willing to see the world filtered through the rather ridiculous constructs of L Ron Hubbard. She too, died of cancer a few years back.

In 1960's, I had a friend who was an extraordinary talented lady. She went from being skint, to being a multi-millionaire in a period of about six months.

She gave away her entire fortune (at the time, over 6 Million) to a religious cult in India. I do not recall their name, though their members identified themselves as 'taking orange'. She adopted a name consistent with the cult, and went to live in India, so I lost touch with her.

Posted by: berylh (1737) Report abuse
A think this is more of a cult than a religion. Having seen a number of documentaries recently they are really very disturbing aren't they

Posted by: Verlaine (18) Report abuse
I watched it kathpressey on catchup, really disturbing people.

Posted by: kathpressey (4840)  Report abuse
what I found disturbing was the focus on destrying people who leave. I wonder how Tom Cruise' ex manages. And does he have a relationship with his daughter? there's a good series on Netflix about people who have left cults who talk about the brainwashing

Posted by: Verlaine (18) Report abuse
will have to look for it. there are some old Louis Theroux documentaries on Netflix which are good.

Posted by: Verlaine (18) Report abuse
will have to look for it. there are some old Louis Theroux documentaries on Netflix which are good.

Posted by: upthetims (6505) Report abuse


Posted by: jouell (4564) Report abuse
For a few years I lived in Clearwater Fl , the Headquarters of Scientology.. It was so creepy seeing them all walking around, looking like robots... it was very unsettling to see..


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