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Is it
Started by: britboy (6752) Report abuse

Up north we are having a rapid thaw with temps into the 50'sF yesterday.
We do have brief warming up sessions through the winter but this seems to be extending a bit.
Yahoooooo ... I won't have to climb on the roof to shovel snow but Mother Nature is a bit of a joker and the snow season is never finished until end of April, so the hatches have to stay battened down a bit longer.

The shining life giver is very welcome and gives us a break from the effects of cabin fever

Posted by: berylh (1617) Report abuse
It's been milder this last few days and the sun has been shining, the buds are staring to show on the trees and shrubbery and saw the first early pink blossom today. but as you say winter isn't over yet even though ours are no way as bad as yours. Still spring will come

Posted by: britboy (6752) Report abuse
I planted a load of daffodils last year, I double stacked the holes when planting so as soon as the snow melts they will push through and give a great show.
To see my mature maple trees come into bud is such a good start to spring, never fails to amaze.

Posted by: berylh (1617) Report abuse
I love daffodils at this time of year, these so brighten things up - also if buying them they are cheap enough to keep topped up.
Waiting for the spring shoots to start poking through the soil is lovely with all the promises that spring is on it's way.

Posted by: britboy (6752) Report abuse
The rapid thaw continues, the snowmobilers are getting more distraught as the snow disappears, they are down to bare surfaces in places, not good for their machines, shame
I prefer silent winter sports, skiing and snowshoeing in the beautiful winter wonderland, just don't like shoveling the roof but I guess it won't happen now with the big melt down.
Mother Nature may give us a big slap yet, there's still two months of winter to go

Posted by: britboy (6752) Report abuse
Well Mother Nature came through at 4am this morning and near snowed us to death!
She's a joker alright ! Severe weather until 7pm tonight....

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight,
We're happy tonight
Walking in a winter wonderland

Perhaps if we build enough snowmen, they can shovel the snow away

Posted by: jouell (4406) Report abuse
85F here yesterday, been in the 80s for weeks now.. The trees are flowering and budding.. the Azalias are past their best already, the birds are building their nests..

It's all wrong, not supposed to be like this for another month or so...There has been very little reprieve from the heat, if it's 80s now, I am dreading the summer..

Posted by: britboy (6752) Report abuse
Lol...and I'm dreaming sssssuuuuummmmmeeeerrrrrrr

Posted by: jouell (4406) Report abuse
Your summers I would LOVE, here, I can't explain how much I hate them.. I am just miserable all the time.. the humidity is unbelievable, I am a wet rag the minute I step outside..It's no fun being soaking wet through all day long..Hate it, hate it, hate it......

Posted by: britboy (6752) Report abuse
Today...the temperature change is vast...from 9F up to 41F, 32degree rise!

The winter wonderland is going to feel an instant meltdown
I don't think it will effect the snow depth to much .... 3 feet of packed snow.

What am I saying!!! I hope it ALL melts! (Wishful thinking).

Posted by: jouell (4406) Report abuse
The weather here over the weekend was just perfect.. overnight and early morning 39F and warming to 75F with a nice breeze.. Just like a perfect English Summer day.. If only it could be like this all the time..

At least I got a lot of tidying up done in the garden, so that's good.. a lot more to be done, but I made a good dent in it

Posted by: britboy (6752) Report abuse
That IS great working weather temps for your neck of the woods, I suppose it's make hay while the temps are right.

Posted by: jouell (4406) Report abuse
I have to do what I have to do, depending on weather.. Nothing got done over this past year, because of my situation..... My hubby cuts the grass and that's it.. he is not a outdoor person, and knows diddly squat about plants, trees etc.. So it's all up to me.. it's ok though, working outside is therapy for me, even if it breaks my back I'd rather be outside than in...But it is much better in these temps.... Be your turn soon..

Posted by: britboy (6752) Report abuse
I've double stacked daffodil bulbs in every hole I dug last year, they are still under 3feet of snow yet but I expect an absolute mass of yellow blooms as soon as the snow melts.

The summer is short so it's always a rush growing season, winter changes to spring very fast!

The locals say there's only two seasons here, winter and the 4th of July

Posted by: jouell (4406) Report abuse
They say we have 4 seasons here, but they tell Lies, we have Mostly Summer, ( which I hate ) with a smattering of Spring, Autumn and Winter, about 2 weeks each, the rest is SUMMER..


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