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Started by: britboy (6767) Report abuse
The vernal equinox has arrived, first day of spring is upon us, watching maples for signs of awakening out of winter slumber, the Sun crosses the celestial equator on its way north along the ecliptic.
Looking forward to enjoying the increasing sunlight hours, with earlier dawns and later sunsets.

Life is good

Posted by: britboy (6767) Report abuse
Well! That was a laugh! Title britboy lolol.

I can't beleive I typed that in the title box

I guess it's in the right section, the sad, bad and ugly

Posted by: britboy (6767) Report abuse
It must be time for more meaningful pursuits

Posted by: momac (9315)  Report abuse
You're having a nice little conversation with
yourself aren't you britboy.😁☺

Posted by: graneyjoseph (4612)   Report abuse
blame it on the vernal equinox,

Posted by: momac (9315)  Report abuse

Posted by: britboy (6767) Report abuse
I've just got to stop dancing nude in the woods!

Posted by: jo anne (31868)   Report abuse
Definitely a case of spring fever!

Posted by: britboy (6767) Report abuse
This week is the only time when there is a 4 hours time difference between USA and UK instead of 5 ...the clocks are put forward a week early in the USA.
It created a problem when we flew over the pond to Manchester airport in 2007 during this time period. We landed a hour early at Manchester and there was no staff to get us off the plane, we had to wait a hour on the plane before they arrived for work! What fun
It was a Sunday morning so hopefully they caught on to the idea for the rest of the week.
We have avoided this time period ever since!

Posted by: broady (13884)   Report abuse
I thought we were the same as the US but ours went forward on the 13th March.

Posted by: britboy (6767) Report abuse
You're right broady, it was the 13th for the USA but the UK go forward on the 27th of March. 4 hour time difference for 2 weeks, used to be only one week, someone moved the goalposts again, planet Washington DC I assume

Posted by: britboy (6767) Report abuse
Of course with being retired I never know what day it is, now it extending to I don't know what week it is

Posted by: graneyjoseph (4612)   Report abuse
I have forgotte what I have forgotten.

Posted by: britboy (6767) Report abuse
Joe...I bet you can still remember everything about the NCB though

Posted by: graneyjoseph (4612)   Report abuse
britboy you are right have a great weekend,

Posted by: billy (26035)  Report abuse
hey britlad....next time yis is in the woods, try hugging a tree....send out strong thoughts regarding ya health, and yal get a refreshed body from the tree"s energy.....this will cause the lefties a peach of a time ridiculing this post, but try it a few times b-lad....I am 87 and still fit for my years, all down to hugging the mighty oaks, but any strong tree will suffice.it aint gonna cost ya nowt.


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