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A Grand Finale To A Lousy Season...
Started by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse
And so Wiggin got to the final.

Final? Final of what?

They will play Wire (the world's biggest serial losers) on an early October evening at Old Trafford. Wire, with the odds completely stacked against them, may offer early resistance, but will soon succumb to the constant off the ball thumping of the Wiggin musclemen. Wiggin, led by the truculent p--s pot Sam Tomkins, will 'knuckle' under and win the day.

They will win the day...Without Joel...

It will be an ill-fitting end to a lousy season of Super League...

* * * * *

On a 'lighter' note, Toronto will have qualified for next season's campaign by winning a rigged play off game...

You couldn't make it up?

Or could you?

Watch this space.

Posted by: builderboy (2061) Report abuse
Wrong again.

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse
Do you think that Wire can win it?

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1495) Report abuse
You can't wait really ,can you jarvo go on admit it

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse
Wait? Wait for what?

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1495) Report abuse
Go on admit it

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse
...Admit what?

Posted by: kathpressey (4878)  Report abuse
Well you were wrong about Toronto ween't you jarvo?
Warrington could well win on Saturday, they will be up for it after losing out on the Challenge cup. Wigan could well win it. Wane wants to go on a high and so to Tomkins, Bateman and Sutton. Who knows? There weren't many tickets left yesterday so it will be a great atmosphere. Fingers crossed for Wigan.

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse
A day out on the ale...

Be careful and don't over do it.

Posted by: baker boy (14339) Report abuse
bateman will be back smartly like the rest of wigans exports, too small for the constant aussie rough and tumble.

Posted by: peawapp (5017)  Report abuse
I would imagine that the Pie men will be favourites ,and personally I hope they win ,I think it will be a fitting finale for Wane ,The Warrington coach will be stalking the sidelines coaching his team, his face looking more Puffin like as the game proceeds ,

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1495) Report abuse
Who you shouting for Jarvo ,could be the only chance of a wolves team winning out in the foreseeable future

Posted by: broady (14315)   Report abuse
There's a picture on album of the 1958 cup winning team and I see the Poet has said " what a great team" By my reckoning he would have been 4 or 5 at the time. He is full of the brown stuff.

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse
Billy, you're pretty accurate there. However, this team had it all, didn't it? It was a time when the game was played by skilled tacticians and men of iron.

I have seen boundless footage of these days and would have been proud to go and watch them...

But only two years later, a team led by Billy Slater captured my heart...

I have them for life.

Posted by: broady (14315)   Report abuse
I watched my first game at eight so it was probably a few months after that photograph. I recognized most because they went through the next few seasons when I went to every game I could. Yes they were skilful and more so than today but I find it difficult to compare eras. Today’s players are more toned and athletic. I watched lots of 0layers during the 80’s and 90’s that I found equally as entertains. Perhaps not so much now. Mind you I can say that about football also even though others may disagree.

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse
The other night, I watched Leeds Utd versus Barcelona in the 1975 European Cup semi-final first leg. The game was more physical than I can remember it being at the time, but the skill factor was just as good as today.

'Sniffer' Clarke scored the winner.

Great encounter.

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse
Leeds v Barcelona...

Posted by: broady (14315)   Report abuse
Every time I watch an old clip the tackles are what I notice first. When they say the “owd uns” wouldn’t cope today I think the opposite way around. A lot of the prima donna’s today wouldn’t last a game with defenders and rules as they were in the 60’s and 70’s. Best scored some goals and the defenders would have broke his leg if some of the attempted tackles had caught him.

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse
...And to think that Norman 'break yer legs' Hunter was on the bench.

Posted by: broady (14315)   Report abuse
Did Giles play?? He was a little rough barsteward.

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse


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