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Wigan Rugby help Leigh Rugby
Started by: Tommy Two Stroke (3163) Report abuse
St Helens and Castleford are also helping them out so I hope peawapp approves


Posted by: broady (14193)   Report abuse
Well done to all concerned but it doesn't auger very well for Leigh's prospects moving forward. Hope I am wrong for the sake of peawapp and his ilk.

Posted by: i-spy (14327)  Report abuse
No sign of anyone willing to invest in the club so far.

Posted by: jarvo (29040)  Report abuse
I'm with Leigh all the way now. Bloody Toronto! Keep the cheatin' buggers out.

It's all a big rotten fix.

Posted by: broady (14193)   Report abuse
I am not pro Toronto but how have they cheated?

Posted by: peawapp (5007)  Report abuse
peawapp approves of course,it's nice to see comradeship from our neighbours and of course St helens and Castleford, Warrington on the other hand. have not done us a favour only on the contrary taken Bryson Goodwin, Bodene Thompson, and Mitch brown from us , and for that reason I was really hoping last evening for a Saints victory, tonight I will be rooting for the Warriors of course, I would also like to thank Jarvo for his newly found support for the Centurions,so in return I will have to show favour to the Wolves, as regards Toronto I think in Leigh a lot of the animosity towards them is because of the way that Mr Morals and some of the Leigh players deserted the Club and decided to take the Canadian Shilling and when they played Leigh in their first match some of the players like Emmitt, Paterson and the relic from the stone age Liam Kay decided to taunt the Crowd ,and also at Blackpool when Ben Reynolds kicked a perfectly good penalty which would have levelled the score but the bent touch judges decided to wave a no goal, I have seen on the TV tries awarded to Toronto which given a video ref would definitely have ruled out, the Referee's have most definitely leant towards Toronto in their matches, maybe this is what Jarvo means by cheating as well as their immense spending on players, surely over the cap, the Toronto experiment is doomed to fail ,

Posted by: peter g (2189)  Report abuse
London fan for the day Sunday then peawapp

Posted by: broady (14193)   Report abuse
So Toronto have been awarded tries that weren’t tries!!! That’s never happened before in the history of RL I presume. As for salary cap that is only supposition. Not seen any proof. As for taunting fans on your return I wish I had a dollar for every time I had seen that. If there is a fault in here it is those running the game that allowed Toronto to even contemplate entering a team. I believe home crowds are much higher than quite a few SL clubs. Once the RL management board sanctioned the system they have done well. As I said I am not pro Toronto. It is four hours plus for me to FLY there. For me to support them is almost as ludicrous as someone from Wigan supporting a midlands football team. Good luck to Wigan tonight.

Posted by: jarvo (29040)  Report abuse
It's an absolute joke and shows rugby up.

Come on, Broncos!


Posted by: broady (14193)   Report abuse
Yesterday they were cheats and it was all a fix. Usual claptrap but no back up to prove either. Today it's a joke. What will tomorrow bring?? I believe Palace and Wolves are on here tomorrow and I may even give it a minute or two of my time. Only snag Burnley, Leicester and Spurs on at the same time followed by United game.

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1485) Report abuse
Why,s it a joke and how does it show rugby up

Posted by: jarvo (29040)  Report abuse
...Cos it's fixed...Just like tonight was.

Cas were on half empty and could and should have cruised it.

The stadium was three quarter empty. How sad.

Posted by: broady (14193)   Report abuse
So you are saying there were only 6250 on the ground??? You really need to lay off the drink. Still no indications of Toronto cheating eh. You really are becoming the site clown.

Posted by: peawapp (5007)  Report abuse
peter g
I will indeed be a London fan on Sunday, just as I will be a Wigan fan next saturday, I was heartened last evening to see Peter Matautia and James clare denied the chance to appear in a grand final, the Toronto experiment is bound to fail, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see toronto unload lot's of their players if they get to super league (although it should be when not if) the bent RFL will see to that ,whet has been happening on Toronto's ground this Season has been beyond belief, come on you Broncos you will be playing against 14 men

Posted by: broady (14193)   Report abuse
Am I mistaken in saying that Leigh bought a ruck of players at one time in preparation for the play offs?? They achieved their aim I think but it is wrong for Toronto to sign players. No way will that team of journeymen be good enough for SL even if this “bent game” goes their way.


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