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Hardaker off to a flyer
Started by: peter g (2216)  Report abuse
Arrested for drink driving already what are we in for with this guy next year.

Posted by: i-spy (14351)  Report abuse
What a plonker. Get rid .

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse
Another nail in the coffin.

Jesus, he's a non-starter already.

Posted by: broady (14315)   Report abuse
Just remind us what Bobby Thompson said in his book about one of your hero’s, Derek Dougan, causing a crash that killed someone. People in glass houses etc. Not for one minute do I condone Hardaker actions but you are always quick to jump in on rugby related incidents.

Posted by: baker boy (14339) Report abuse
hardaker has baggage ,it was always going to be risky signing someone who has a great deal of talent ,but is brain dead when it comes to keeping his nose clean

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse
He's got to go, like the older Tomkin did.

I blame the coach.

Who is the coach?

Posted by: tonker (19831)   Report abuse
What does it matter, as long as he can play rugby?

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse
But he can't now, can he?

Drink driving is a sackable offence.

Zak has to go...

Posted by: i-spy (14351)  Report abuse
His drug ban doesn't run out until november.

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse
Get shut!

Posted by: wigvet (3394) Report abuse
No MOT - No insurance - he knew he was breaking the law before he stepped in the car! Word on the street is that Jarvo has offered to be his chauffeur- for a fee of course!

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1495) Report abuse
Must pay better than brush pushin

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse
...Yeah, and tek 'im back to t' Jungle where the bugger belongs.

Posted by: i-spy (14351)  Report abuse
He's not too popular in Cas

Posted by: wigvet (3394) Report abuse
Agree with you both jarvo & ispy

Joel Tomkins was moved on for less....welcome to Toronto Zac

Posted by: kathpressey (4878)  Report abuse
Zac is on self destruct. sad to see such a talent wasted.

Posted by: roylew (3030) Report abuse
When was drink driving a sackable offence...in any industry

Posted by: broady (14315)   Report abuse
He should just get the same solicitor as that other sporting icon, Goldenballs, and the charge will disappear. Problem solved.

Posted by: wigvet (3394) Report abuse
your right roylew any wagon driver or pilot should be allowed to continue in their chosen 'industry' if found pissed

Posted by: PeterP (6938) Report abuse
Wigvet there is a difference in getting pissed and getting pissed and then getting behind the wheelHardaker got done for D/D but it does not stop him playing Rugby. It just means he will have to use public transport or get a lift/walk to work.He will not be the 1st idiot who has been done for D/D and he will not be the last Let us hope he is not a loose cannon and knuckles down to playing rugby and stays clear of trouble on/off the pitch or Wigan will soon deal with him

Posted by: peawapp (5017)  Report abuse
what I find sad is how the posters on Rugby league related sites are enjoying the Lads latest fall from grace, He obviously has a problem and needs help from somewhere ,I for one wish him all the very best in the future, because when he plays as he can He's a very exciting player to watch

Posted by: wigvet (3394) Report abuse
Come off it he's been given help after help. I’m waiting for the “depression” get out of jail card to be played which really undermines people who really suffer from depression but don’t act like idiots.

Every time he does this, there's a swarm of people talking about his 'demons' and how he 'needs help' but I think having that as a get out of jail free card isn't helping him sort out his problems. There are plenty of people with 'demons' that don't act like idiots. I think there gets a point where people need to realise that maybe certain people are just, you know, idiots. Irrespective of anything he's gone through he's perfectly capable of making decisions. Lad's obviously a stupid kid who never grew up. Sooner people stop putting his idiotic behaviour down to 'troubles' and 'demons' the sooner he might start taking some responsibility himself.

What did Lenegan say on signing him…“Crucially, we also saw someone who recognises that this is the final opportunity to focus on delivering the achievements his talent should generate’

Anyone with half a brain cell would have gotten their heads down after being given a golden opportunity at a great club like Wigan to start a fresh and what does he do? He gets lashed up and puts others lives in danger by getting in his car. You just can't help some people.

Posted by: jarvo (29092)  Report abuse
Well said, Wigvet.

Wiggin should get shut. Rugby League has enough problems without a------s like that mon stalling the game.

Posted by: PeterP (6938) Report abuse
Jarvo how many footballers have been done for D/D,Rooney to name but one

Posted by: broady (14315)   Report abuse
Wigvet, Get off your high horse. Do you even go to watch them? I worked with lots of guys with no licences but it didn’t stop them doing their job. Again I say I don’t condone his actions but I for one could have been over the limit many mornings.

Posted by: kathpressey (4878)  Report abuse
whether you go to the matches or not has nothing to do with this broady. For various reasons a lot of us can't go. Sports people are in the public eye and their bad behaviour reflects badly bon the team, the club and the town. Professionals are role models. it comes with the job and it doesn't matter if you are a Hardaker or a Rooney or a Beckham

Posted by: baker boy (14339) Report abuse
drink driving isnt sackable unless your working for a haulage company.beckham got off with a late arrival of his summons .zac has four to come no tax,insurance,mot and over the limit,even golden balls brief cant get zac of the hook

Posted by: broady (14315)   Report abuse
It has if you live in Wigan!!! There are plenty of sportsmen that commit misdemeanours and carry on competing. If he gets a hat trick first game all the negativity will disappear.

Posted by: kathpressey (4878)  Report abuse
I don't think he's going to get the chance to get a hat trick now.

Posted by: broady (14315)   Report abuse
I didn’t know the case had been to court yet.

Posted by: PeterP (6938) Report abuse
Which team disciplines him Cas or Wigan

Posted by: i-spy (14351)  Report abuse
Australia capt Greg Inglis been banned for two games after his arrest for drink driving.
Wonder if Zak will get similar punishment from Wigan

Posted by: wigvet (3394) Report abuse
Inglis has been playing for 13 years and has never had a criminal charge laid against him before

Posted by: wigvet (3394) Report abuse
England and Wigan Warriors rugby league player Zak Hardaker has pleaded guilty to drink-driving.

The 26-year-old full-back was arrested on 25 September in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, and was charged a day later.

Leeds Magistrates' Court heard he attempted to avoid police officers by taking his car down a cul-de-sac and running away on foot.

Hardaker, of Pontefract, was given a 20-month ban from driving and received a £1,810 fine.

The player is nearing the end of a 14-month ban from rugby for cocaine use and joined Wigan in May.

The court heard officers later visited his home, with Hardaker claiming not to have been the driver or the owner of the Ford Fiesta.

Posted by: peawapp (5017)  Report abuse
when anyone get's gaught like this the Authorities normally impound their Car and crush it, not seen where they have done that though in this case

Posted by: aussie94 (1789) Report abuse
Can't put brains in statues.

Posted by: broady (14315)   Report abuse
Tell Greg Inglis get knob head.


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