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Super 8s scrapped!!
Started by: wigvet (3383) Report abuse
New Super League Chief Executive Robert Elstone has announced that the controversial Super 8s format will end this season and that the sport will go back to one up, one down in 2019.

Why not go back to crowning those who finish top as Champions?

Posted by: peter g (2188)  Report abuse
Back to the yo yo teams then that is progress

Posted by: baker boy (14255) Report abuse
every rl club with ambition must be given its chance ,personally i would like to see two up two down.

Posted by: lectriclegs (3604) Report abuse
Here you go,BB

Posted by: kathpressey (4840)  Report abuse
Wigvet--If you give the championship to the league leader then we'd have no grandfinal. And if a team [possibly Saints] have a good lead with no change of being overtaken then they'd be crowned champion weeks before the end of season. So what would be the point of carrying on?

Posted by: jarvo (29040)  Report abuse
...Is there really any point in carrying on anyway?

Posted by: peawapp (5006)  Report abuse
So in the championship if one team is way ahead 8 games from the end of the season, like Leigh have been three times, featherstone have been three times and like the Bratpack are this season, the rest of the games are dead matches, rubbish idea, it should be two up two down, send Elstone back to the stupid puffball game now, well said Gary Hetherington

Posted by: peter g (2188)  Report abuse
Kath that's what it should be how can a team finishing 4th be champions the Grand Final should be another competition. whoever finishes top are champions as in football. If Saints are so far ahead they deserve it. At present a top four or even top eight is ok but its not fair

Posted by: jarvo (29040)  Report abuse
The problem with rugby league is that it cannot sustain the interest right up to the final week. Reason? Look at the way the game is played...

Bring back contested scums for a start. Slow the game down ever so slightly; this will eliminate these ridiculous 45-38 games. The fans are bored to death with it.

In the golden era of RL, it was common to see games finishing with very low scores with the players showing all their skills instead of this pumped up muscle bound sprint that we get today.

Remember the Wigan v Manley game of 30 odd years ago?

Just a thought.

Posted by: whups (3186)  Report abuse
is'nt it funny that the only team against it are leeds .lets not forget that mcdermot kept players out & played a 2nd rate team against i think wakefield & got hammered then a couple of weeks later turned a fully fit team out & went on from 5th to win the play-offs ? .

Posted by: broady (14192)   Report abuse
The RFL have now stated that no decisions have been made. Looks as though the SL clubs and the RFL are at loggerheads. Just what the game needs. An internal squabble.

Posted by: retep1949 (466) Report abuse

I do agree with jarvo on this.The game has got boring to watch.I have watch Wigan from 1960's to the modern game,Things have to change.Lets get back to basics.

Posted by: broady (14192)   Report abuse
"The problem with rugby league is that it cannot sustain the interest right up to the final week"

Unlike the Premier League that was almost done and dusted just after Christmas. The problem in both games is there are haves and have nots. The next RL world cup and the 2026 football world cup are to be centred around North America. Does that tell us anything??

Posted by: peawapp (5006)  Report abuse
The championsip clubs are up in arms about this ,Batley Chairman, Featherstone chairman ,backed up by Hetherington have a lot to say about it all, Hetherington says it's all about three men at the top table trying to take over the sport, I assume two of them are Macmanus ,and the Eric Pollard lookalike Lenegan, any way it now seems it's a load of bull. I see that Radlinski has dismissed a warning from the Batley chairman that this could result in war ,saying I dont think the word war is helpful, ha ha Radlinski the Rugby union renegade ,you just couldn't make it up ,what a bloody shambles

Posted by: roylew (3024) Report abuse
Bring back the game to September to May....why worry about the Aussie game....14 clubs in div1 and 2 up 2 down

Posted by: peawapp (5006)  Report abuse
extremeley sensible suggestion roylew lets make it happen

Posted by: broady (14192)   Report abuse
Did I read your esteemed Chairman had been fined by the RL? Roylew it is a fact that unless SKY agree Summer rugby will stay. He who pays the fiddler etc.

Posted by: roylew (3024) Report abuse
I know broady....we are a second class sport....I bet lenegan would rather us being a rugby union side

Posted by: peawapp (5006)  Report abuse
Yes broady Deggsy has been fined yet again by the Autocratic R.F.L. after a silly Female Toronto Bratpack fan (ex Leigh fan and then ex Huddersfield fan )tagged the R.F.L. in a lighthearted response to a facebook post about Derek changing the kick off time of a match to enable him to watch a Manchester United game ,the R.F.L and this silly Female have no sense of humour at all, and so Mr Beaumont has been fined the sum of £7,500 ,Deggsy isn't bothered of course as He is like Harry Enfield used to say considerably richer than us .

Posted by: baker boy (14255) Report abuse
all rl clubs must be treated fairly,fans expectations and chairmans ambitions from lower league rugby must never be stifled.
if they want to retain the grand final so be it,but give everyone a fighting chance to join sl.two up two down ,when do we want it, asap.

Posted by: broady (14192)   Report abuse
I understand what you say Baker Boy but the two promoted teams start off behind the eight ball. By October all the clubs in SL will have finalized their squads for the following season. By the time the promoted clubs are known there are only the average or past their sell by date Aussies available. They canít sign before they are promoted because of finances.


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