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Prediction time
Started by: roylew (3026) Report abuse
Challenge cup v Warrington.....hometeam by 6....purely based on home advantage

Posted by: cordyline (4852)   Report abuse
Wigan to win

Ö..purely based on me being a Wiganer

and eternal optimist

Posted by: roylew (3026) Report abuse
Good on ya cordyline.....but Hindley under 12ís are more organised and skillful than this lot....our halfbacks are useless...all I can say is that other teams must be bad if we are second in league...címon Kath you have to say we are useless with the ball...

Posted by: roylew (3026) Report abuse
Oh dear no response...lost to bottom club last week...I didnít think they would win today...but they were crap

Posted by: elmos (2743)  Report abuse

they were crap,to many players had poor games
worse game for sam all season.

Posted by: cordyline (4852)   Report abuse

Posted by: gideonfel (300) Report abuse
Something dreadfully wrong in the club. Has anyone seen the video clip going round about the Tomkins brothers abusing bar staff? It's disgusting.

Posted by: kathpressey (4840)  Report abuse
yes they were pretty bad yesterday. myes the behaviour of the Tomkins brother is appalling and stupid but as the landlord says it's a daily occurrence in the bar trade. Why continue to serve them when they are pie eyed? It amazes me how anyone finds pleasure in getting drunk .Thinks are bound to be unsettled when coach is leaving. Top players are leaving and others still fighting for contracts. Wane's given them months to find a good replacement so be grateful for that. If he'd kept quiet till the end of the season then people would have moaned about that too.

Posted by: roylew (3026) Report abuse
I think he should have kept quiet...he should resign now....Sutton has no chance in Australia..unless he bulks up with muscle....how on earth did willie isa gent another contract...

Posted by: kathpressey (4840)  Report abuse
so if Wane goes now who replaces him? I agree that Sutton will find it tough in Australia but he's a young lad and sees the opportunity too good to miss. Like Charnley said yesterday when asked why he went to Ru - it was a challenge and he had to give it a go. I you don't then you'd always be wondering what might have been. It applies to any job.

Posted by: roylew (3026) Report abuse
It doesnít apply to every job...horses for courses...he ainít ready yet....Iím sure oíloughlin could take over for the rest of this season...we desperately need a better kicking game...Williams is very poor at it considering his position he plays....saints would have got 60 against us yesterday....

Posted by: peter g (2189)  Report abuse
Can anyone remember the last time we got nilled in the Challenge Cup I can't.

Posted by: kathpressey (4840)  Report abuse
i mean looking for a new challenge and taking a gamble in life applies to any job. Or you can play safe ans stay in your little rut and wonder what might have been. Lockers has no coaching experience. Look at Cunningham. Top nplayer for Sts and local legend with a statue to boot but could he coach? Maybe he could have a go at Wigan. At least it would upset the Sts supporters!

Posted by: baker boy (14258) Report abuse
kath please, no saints at wigan thank you.

Posted by: peter g (2189)  Report abuse
No way, remember Millward.

Posted by: wigvet (3384) Report abuse
and Ashton, Hughes and Murphy!

Posted by: broady (14193)   Report abuse
And Coslett and Karalius.

Posted by: fossil (6652) Report abuse
And Joe Coan,I think it's time for another Aussie!

Posted by: roylew (3026) Report abuse
Watching this lot against Wakefield is embarrassing..they are knackered and totally void of any ideas...isa is totally hopeless and gets another contract

Posted by: ahcawntspeyk (5806) Report abuse
So what's your solution then? Who do they get shut of and who do they sign? Come on.. Stop moaning!

Posted by: roylew (3026) Report abuse
Sounds as though you are happy watching them...itís not moaning itís critising..thereís a difference....they bring in a coach who brings discipline to the boys club for a start and turns that into performance on the field...not easy but we have to change...Iíve been critising for a couple of years that discipline and performance has dwindled and now itís hitting the pits


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