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Saints alive
Started by: roylew (2738) Report abuse
And kicking...which way will it go....I go saints by 12

Posted by: grimshaw (1019)  Report abuse
Well you never know roy, it could be a case of beware the wounded tiger and wigan bounce back.

Posted by: gideonfel (276) Report abuse
"Kicking" is the operative word! We haven't got a kicker we can rely on. Imagine if we'd had Pat Richards or Frano Botica on the pitch last Saturday? My guess is that we'll lose for two reasons [not counting the kicking!]: one, if they can't get motivated and prepared for a Wembley final then how the hell will they prepare for this one [the argument that "It's Saints!" is nullified by the cry from over Billinge way: "It's Wigan!"]. Two, Saints are playing good, in-form rugby, whereas our '5 drives and a kick'
bulldozers aren't. I sincerely hope they prove me wrong!

Posted by: kathpressey (4470)  Report abuse
I'm with grimshaw!

Posted by: roylew (2738) Report abuse
More like survival of the fittest...hope I'm wrong but I can't see our forwards outdoing Saints...and our halfbacks will be dominated

Posted by: tonker (19298)   Report abuse
It's going to be a game of two halves, only one side will win and there's no prizes for second place in this game. All respect to the lads as they'll be playing at 110% for the full eighty minutes!!

Posted by: grimshaw (1019)  Report abuse
Well i for one would take a 5 start wigan to decent poke.

Perhaps the books will oblige when i look tomorrow.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
I think our season ENDS tonight would like to think i'm wrong but my head say's no chance!

have a nice day.

Posted by: grimshaw (1019)  Report abuse
Wigan get 6 start at levels you devils with hills.

i have had an interest.

Come on wigan.

Posted by: broady (13249)   Report abuse
Grimshaw, Good job you have more faith than the locals. Well done. Meanwhile in sunny Malta the cream of English soccer only score one goal in the first 85 minutes. I bet they could have got a team made up of British tourists on the island to score more.

Posted by: grimshaw (1019)  Report abuse
Thanks broady.

I obliged hills giving 6 to decent poke.

Just celebrating with a tot of glenmorangie..or two..

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
Well i guess it's Humble pie time, my forecast for last night's match were off course and i have to admit that was a different Wigan last night. They thoroughly deserved the win also a win over the old enemy always taste's very good.

SO i maybe have to revise my prediction for finishing in the top 4 ,and who know's we might be talking about a OLD Trafford trip? So congratulations to the team well played.

Posted by: jarvo (28215)  Report abuse
'...One goal in 85 minutes...'

And three in the last five...

Posted by: kathpressey (4470)  Report abuse
Cracking game! Barba coudln't catch Gildhart could he? And his try was not a try my a mile! Great entertainment and 2 good points.

Posted by: peawapp (4921)  Report abuse
well done Wigan cracking win, if Barba's effort was a try then so was McCillorum's at Wembley ,although to be fair probably balanced out by Gildart's first being a forward pass from Tomkins, not good refereeing last Night but it's becoming the norm now.

Posted by: whups (2801)  Report abuse
excellent performance by the lads. top draw. hope they can repeat it next week against hull.

Posted by: farrie50 (1678)  Report abuse
well done to the lads for proving all the doubters wrong .a great display of guts and determination and some good attacking rugby.i truly believe sean o'loughlin is on his way to a place in wigan folklore

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
A lovely day today why couldn't Wigan Athletic played their match,i'm sure they did not have that many on W.CUP duty.
Or am i wrong ?

Posted by: broady (13249)   Report abuse
Just watched the game. The best I have seen them play for quite a while. Great team effort.

Posted by: roylew (2738) Report abuse
A good game of rugby...well done and more of the same next week...cas will be shaking a little...why oh why can't we be more consistent

Posted by: peter g (1885)  Report abuse
We don't play Cas next Roy we play Hull away.

Posted by: roylew (2738) Report abuse
I know but cas will be looking over their shoulder to see who comes 4th

Posted by: peter g (1885)  Report abuse
I Cant see Cas being scared of anyone playing the semi final at home.

Posted by: farrie50 (1678)  Report abuse
it was a change from the last time after a Wembley final against hull we went to knowsley road and witnessed one of the most disgraceful performances from a wigan team I have seen .

Posted by: broady (13249)   Report abuse
On the following Tuesday I think. Only change from Wembley was Juliff for Ferguson.

Posted by: farrie50 (1678)  Report abuse
and I think Gill played em on his own that particular game has always soured my opinion of Brett Kenny who may as well been on the plane home!

Posted by: roylew (2738) Report abuse
Have you been this season farrie50 ?

Posted by: farrie50 (1678)  Report abuse
no I'm an armchair warrior these days many years ago I was a home n away supporter but since the move away from Central Park I was going less each year .I have been once this year but that was against the aussies

Posted by: roylew (2738) Report abuse
Well there has been some dire performances...I can't understand the inconsistency...everybody is due an off day...but far too many


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