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rugby 's popularity
Started by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse

Posted by: roylew (2683) Report abuse
Money is the reason GB....I went to Wembley yesterday on the coach...with my son's partner Lisa..my grandson son Ben...and Lisa's mother and the cost of tickets and coach came to 430 ....then you could add around 15% for food and drink etc and your close to 500....I know we had 70 tickets but it's just got out of hand....rugby league is a more family oriented game and families will go....the FA cup final is more a direct spectator sport on the day where to don't get the likes of families going.....so the cost per household is considerably less....by the way has Shaun Wane reflected on our kicking game in his after game comments...has he hellers like....a disgracerfor a club of our standing...he should now do the honourable thing and retire....have a good day GB

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse

Posted by: roylew (2683) Report abuse
Ellery Hanley was a great player obviously but he was the type to take his bat and wickets home if he didn't get his own way...what was he on about?

Posted by: jarvo (28125)  Report abuse
Nothing new here. I have reiterated my opinions on the decline of RL for the past couple of years. But here I go again, and this is what needs to be done:

The rules need changing: bring back contested scrums and make it more skilful. It's sterile and flat as it stands.

Extend SL, or create SL2. This is a major concern. At the moment the season hardly begins until late summer. Make the Championship worth winning; with an extended league, the league title winners will be crowned in late September, but the early wins are priceless.

Transfer the RLCC to Old Trafford as the end of season showpiece; the Grand Final will be the Challenge Cup final. That would be some event. And let's face it, the game belongs in the north.

And lastly, and as an incentive to becoming league champions, introduce bonus points for any score over forty points.

Posted by: broady (13170)   Report abuse
Has someone hijacked Jarvo's keyboard?? The reason I ask is that there is a modicum of common sense in the above post regarding Rugby League. Rather than the normal "rugby is dying etc." rhetoric there are some well thought out constructive suggestions. Whoever has his keyboard please keep hold of it.

Posted by: PeterP (6355) Report abuse
It proves how many supporters have lost faith in the Wigan team when maybe a few thousand turn up for the home coming when in the past they would be lined up from the M6 slip road win or loseI said last season after watching Wigan I would not pay them with washers, This season only been to a couple of matches prefer to keep my 50 in my pocket.

Posted by: gideonfel (271) Report abuse
Actually, some reasonable comments from Jarvo. I totally agree with contested scrums, although they'd need to do a lot of tidying up. I remember some mangled messes back in the day!

I was at Wembley and the whole experience still has the ability to excite like no other ground. Yes, it's a rip-off, but then it was always a rip-off. It isn't cheap at Old Trafford, is it? I'm a traditionalist, and I think it would be a sad day if we sacked Wembley, although something needs to be done to halt the decline in attendances. Imagine what the attendance would have been if Salford had won the semi-final!

As far as the play-offs are concerned, it's unfortunate that the league leaders aren't acknowledged as champions [although in this year's case I don't mind one bit, despising Castleford as I do: I was there in 1970 to witness the worst foul in the history of the final!]

I do think now is the time for our coach to walk the long walk. On Saturday we were devoid of ideas, with none of the creativity that Castleford [ugh!] have shown this season. This team is boring.

Posted by: roylew (2683) Report abuse
For Gideon fel...just heard that tony pennnington passed away in 2013...rip my old buddy

Posted by: grimshaw (979)  Report abuse
Spot on jarvo .

I dont know much about r l but even i can see the merit in your post.

Posted by: stars (378)  Report abuse
Very good post jarvo

Posted by: farrie50 (1678)  Report abuse
unfortunately times have changed people have other things to do and other places to go .years ago my local used to have a Wembley weekend,granted it was just a lads boozing trip ,but I don't know of any pub that still do it.as an aside what a shambles the so called entertainment pre match was.booming music and the PA sytem nearly took your ears off!!oh for the days of the guy in the white suit

Posted by: farrie50 (1678)  Report abuse
sorry just seen previous posts re-pre match oops

Posted by: builderboy (1923) Report abuse
Jarvo/ Bill,

Knocking around with intelligent people is beginning to have an affect.............but bear in mind that it has taken almost 50 years to do so

Posted by: gideonfel (271) Report abuse
That's dreadful news, Roylew. Tony was one of the good ones - a good friend back when we were at school. Rest in peace, pal.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse

Posted by: broady (13170)   Report abuse
Keep up the good work Phil. It must be akin to doing missionary work in deepest Africa.


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