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Joyce Out?
Started by: wigvet (3282) Report abuse
there seems little or no confidence in the 'new chap'

'worst display of the season'.... 'not got a decent striker'... 'clueless' ...and they were just comments in the Anvil - unrest amongst the masses?

how long will he be given?

Posted by: watchalot (933) Report abuse
it's not the manager it's the overpaid posers that's to blame they are crap no comment from we are the people thought not both his teams didn't win

Posted by: i-spy (13469)  Report abuse
Latics fans have learned to be patient over the years. What's the point of sacking the manager. If he doesn't save them from the drop he'll bring em back next year

Posted by: fedup (132) Report abuse
Latics have gone from being an awful short passing team to an awful long ball team in a matter of weeks!
Two forward players were played today v Notts Forest but they hardly got a decent pass. None of the midfield players ever took up a decent wide position from which to attack, leaving the defenders no option but to punt a long ball forward in hope! Why did the management not see this and rearrange the team? Then to compound the failures Obertan is brought on- I remember him as a wide and speedy forward- and where does he take up a position? In the middle of the field-I couldn't believe it!
When Latics go down playing appalling football the majority of blame will be the tactics- ie the management! No idea!

Posted by: baker boy (13752) Report abuse
kids today are taught on thing and one thing only, keep the ball,the passing game, bring it out of defence ,predictable and boring.
i'm not sure who exactly assessed the candidates for the tics manager,but at this rate we will be back down,unless a more fluid approach is forthcoming.
there's nothing wrong with a long ball or the passing game it just needs to be mixed up.

Posted by: wigvet (3282) Report abuse
''Warren Joyce admitted he was ‘disappointed’ in the boos that followed his decision to substitute striker Omar Bogle in the closing stages of Wigan Athletic’s 0-0 draw against Nottingham Forest. The lively frontman had been his side’s biggest attacking threat for the majority of a dour encounter at the DW Stadium, but made way for Will Grigg with six minutes remaining of a game Latics desperately needed to win.While Grigg’s presence at pitchside brought initial cheers of approval, it was quickly followed by jeers when the identity of the man to make way was announced. Joyce, though, says he was saving the recent arrival from Grimsby from the risk of a fatigue-related injury''

Posted by: roylew (2628) Report abuse
Perhaps jay1 can tell us what's needed...he's the expert

Posted by: Believer (109) Report abuse
As much as I hate to say it I really feel that its time for Joyce to go, I know that you can't really keeping changing Managers as its no good for the clubs stability, but it has just not worked out with Joyce, When you think about it even the few wins we have managed to get with him have been "only just" eg Huddersfield (A) 2-1 Brentford (H) 2-1 Wolves (A) 1-0 in 88th min from corner with the Burton away game the exception 2-0 I know the players have to take some responsibility, but its really down to how the Manager coaches the team as to how they play. I think we need to change now if we are to have any chance of staying up, we simply can't afford to drop down to League One again !!

Posted by: roylew (2628) Report abuse
Only one thing for it...stop the warriors playing at the DWP and you will see latics fly up the league 😜

Posted by: Wigan Rover (569) Report abuse
Can't disagree with any of the comments on this thread . Joyce came with the reputation of bringing through dozens of stars in United's Development/Reserve , Youth Teams etc., but those type of quality youngsters are not at Wigan Athletic , nor never will be . United will have some of the best Development Facilities , Coaches and pay fantastic salaries .... such youngsters will not be coming to Wigan to play on our awful pitch . And so to the here and now , I can't remember watching such awful home performances , with such little excitement in well over fifty years of supporting the club . The team are way too slow at getting forward and are too wasteful when the odd chance does come our way .... cannot blame the supporters that stayed behind to boo them off at Full Time yesterday following such a lacklustre display !

Posted by: roylew (2628) Report abuse
One of the players said in last weeks paper that they are too good a team to go down...then bloody prove it

Posted by: Wigan Rover (569) Report abuse
Roylew , was listening to Wish FM on way to game yesterday and they played an Interview with a Latics player and he said they believe that the team had too much quality and fighting spirit to go down !
None of this was in evidence to me yesterday against a struggling Forest side !

Posted by: lisalee (11936)   Report abuse
My other half has been saying from the moment of his appointment that he was the wrong choice. He's a United fan who has been to watch the u23's play at Leigh Sports Village a few times and came away saying that the performances there were underrated. He even watched Marcus Rashford play for Joyce and didn't rate him at the time. Look at the lad now.

I think he was appointed on a Utd reputation having produced players like Pogba and Rashford, even Powell who I don't rate but the truth of the matter is that these players had a level of star quality before Joyce even got his hands on them.

I think the appointment was a Whelen appointment not a Sharpe appointment because let's face it, he's never let go of the club.

The fans Q and A session on Wednesday night could get interesting...... that's if it happens.

Posted by: roylew (2628) Report abuse
Go for claudio

Posted by: i-spy (13469)  Report abuse
Latics fans can put their questions to the manager on tomorrow's (Monday) football show on Radio Manchester at 6pm.

Posted by: Wigan Rover (569) Report abuse
Thanks for that I-spy , re Radio Manchester , will probably put a couple of questions to him . Joyce talks a good talk to the media , but nothing is being carried through where it matters on the pitch !

Posted by: i-spy (13469)  Report abuse
Should be interesting listening. Phone in number is 0161 228 2255. They ring you back

Posted by: tony j (651)  Report abuse
i was at the game yesterday and i couldn't believe what i saw. notts forest are the worst side to come here in my opinion, yet their keeper didn't have to make one save. i am not blaming the players , but our tactics. we play two strikers which we have been asking for, but what is the point ? the service to them is atrocious. we are now playing with no width. the balls played to our front two are launched diagonally to them, it's meat and drink to defenders.we had two wide men on the bench, he brings obertan on, who is a wide player, takes a striker off and proceeds to play obertan down the middle, what was all that about ??? another thing that bugs me also is when the other team get a corner every player is back defending. a couple of times yesterday our keeper caught the ball off a corner, couldn't release it quick cos no bugger was up the field. there are twelve games to go , and in my opinion we are going down, this manager does not instill any confidence in me at all. i cannot see where our next win is going to come from, he is so negative with his team selection and tactics. i feel sorry for the players, they give their all, but it's round pegs in square holes, they can only play to the managers insructions, and for me there is only one conclusion.

Posted by: lectriclegs (2984) Report abuse
Maybe they could get some tips off this lot

Posted by: Wigan Rover (569) Report abuse

Posted by: Believer (109) Report abuse
That video is so funny

Posted by: roylew (2628) Report abuse
Any bets that he will go by the end of the week...someone has to come and motivate the players and play wide men...but who is out there for that type of job...and wage

Posted by: fossil (6606) Report abuse
Now we need wide men after he has put up the two strikers everybody wanted!
Problem not solved yet then.
Tony J,I trust your judgement,Joyce seems to make strange decisions,but the lack of a creative midfielder has been killing us all season imo.

Posted by: roylew (2628) Report abuse
Watch how my beloved Huddersfield play....they may not go up...but my god they are good to watch....to be honest going up would only be short term probably...and costly in the long term

Posted by: jarvo (27969)  Report abuse
Give them a chance. It's a very poor league this year. We hammered a very physical Brum side and still lost.

The difference between a team like Leeds to Wigan is marginal.

Get behind um!

Posted by: aussie94 (1636) Report abuse
Well I hope it turns AROUND FOR THR lATICS

Posted by: jarvo (27969)  Report abuse
Anyone can beat anyone. Newcastle are currently running at the top, but they are an average side with little flair and they may yet falter at the final hurdle.

Watch for a dark horse side coming up at the end.

Watch Preston, they are a capable unit.

Posted by: jarvo (27969)  Report abuse
...And in Tom Clarke, they have a future PL defender.

Posted by: peawapp (4896)  Report abuse
everyone can beat Wolves

Posted by: i-spy (13469)  Report abuse
No-show by the boss on radio Manchester and he's pulled out of fans forum on Wednesday 'for medical reasons '.

Posted by: Wigan Rover (569) Report abuse
Few home truths spoken on Radio Manchester tonight . Very disappointing that Mr Joyce was not there to face the fans frustrations ,or at the forthcoming Fans Forum on Wednesday , although to be fair ,it has been re scheduled in March , if he is still with us of course !

Posted by: trevwafc (1481)  Report abuse
Come on don't speculate if the guy his ill wish him well, don't like his tactics Or playing players out of position but his welfare is more important get well soon

Posted by: i-spy (13469)  Report abuse
I hope he gets well soon. The same goes for the supporters who have been feeling under the weather too.
The boss needs to be fighting fit for the Blackburn game.

Posted by: Believer (109) Report abuse
Of course if is a genuine reason we all wish him well, but I personally believe that this was an excuse, after the way that we performed on Saturday he knew that he would not get the best of receptions by the fans either on the Radio or at the Forum on Wednesday, so they have rescheduled both events for the end of march in the hope that our results will have improved

Posted by: Wigan Rover (569) Report abuse
Just to clarify , I wrote , " if he is still with us " under the context of him still being Latics Manager , come the end of March . If Mr Joyce is ill , we of course wish him a full and speedy recovery .

Posted by: aussie94 (1636) Report abuse
Oh dear ,Oh dear , Oh dear

Posted by: basil brush (9360) Report abuse
we deserve to get relegated, no fight in the the dog. no commitment.

I see "Mr popular" aka, I will support latics no matter where they end up, Jay, hasn't had much to say, pathetic individual.

Posted by: jay_1 (14715)  Report abuse
Walshy's replacement is in today. More multi posting...

Posted by: basil brush (9360) Report abuse
still nothing to say about the mighty tics.

Posted by: watchalot (933) Report abuse
he didn't have time to say anything about the mighty tics he has been busy at pancake parties they needed a proper tosser

Posted by: basil brush (9360) Report abuse

Posted by: basil brush (9360) Report abuse
I should imagine he's a good tosser

Posted by: wigvet (3282) Report abuse
I wish him a full recovery

Statement reads: “Warren underwent surgery on Tuesday for a minor procedure which needed immediate attention.At this stage, uncless he chooses to talk about it we feel it’s right to keep the details confidential. He is recovering well and won’t be taking training today. At the moment, the plan is for him to come to the game tomorrow but we don’t know yet what exactly his involvement will be - that depends upon him.

Posted by: jay_1 (14715)  Report abuse
Nice to hear from a decent poster, wigvet. Watchalot and Walsh are on their final warnings again.

Posted by: basil brush (9360) Report abuse
out to say about the tics, "Mr popular"

Posted by: baker boy (13752) Report abuse
walshy gives another opinion on another subject he his ignorant about,never been out the bar o the norley when it was open.

Posted by: i-spy (13469)  Report abuse
Glad to hear the manager is back on his feet. Hopefully he will only come back when he's good and ready.

Posted by: baker boy (13752) Report abuse
perhaps the stress of managing a proper league side is too much for him.
i personally was very surprised by his appointment.dont wait till where down to make changes sharpy.

Posted by: tom cros (103)  Report abuse
Get a grip. 3 managers in one season is ridiculous. Give the bloke a chance. Perhaps the problem lies elsewhere ?

Posted by: fossil (6606) Report abuse
I agree with tom cros.,give him time.
A new manager is brought in ,and it should have been with his own crew,
It probably should be Barrow and some of the backroom boys that should go,and let Joyce do it totally his way!
The current back room boys have been there since the prem days,and I think it is time for new faces with new ideas.

Posted by: roylew (2628) Report abuse
That was a real 6 pointer against Blackburn....nilled again...it was a massive risk with Joyce under the circumstances of no first team management....totally different than nurching young players

Posted by: fordie (663) Report abuse
Joyce player manager at Hull city, and 2 years at Royal Antwerp.

Posted by: roylew (2628) Report abuse
Interesting...thanks fordie

Posted by: wigvet (3282) Report abuse
the lads in the anvil were right then....hes gone

''Results and performances have simply not been up to standard often enough in recent matches''

Posted by: fossil (6606) Report abuse
I still haven't changed my opinion,Joyce should have brought his own team in!
Barrow has been with Coyle,Rosler,Caldwell and Joyce,and I know he is a tic through and through,but so are the supporters and they don't get paid either!
The common denominator of all the regimes has been Barrow,I wish him luck but he should have gone before Joyce came.
And the scouting team should be criticised as well,some of the recent signings seem to be here for an easy ride.

Posted by: broady (13045)   Report abuse
Barrow reminds me of Clemence in the England set up. Manages to see off lots of managers but hangs on.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
Has WIGAN ATHLETIC got money to burn? They sign this Joyce guy for 3 and a half year contract, =42 months sack him after 6 months are left paying him 36 months for nowt! Now will someone tell me is that how to run a business?
Just look at who they might have bought?

Posted by: chatty (5810)  Report abuse
The guy "running the business" struggled to run a chip shop, maybe more to do with it than who gets appointed manager?

Posted by: basil brush (9360) Report abuse
still no comment off "Mr popular"


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