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Women refs
Started by: i-spy (14443)  Report abuse
I see that Australia's NRL has its first female ref. Maybe that's what we need over here

Posted by: Bradshaws Girl (78) Report abuse
BARLA have had female refs for quite a while.

Posted by: i-spy (14443)  Report abuse
Its a pity they don't get to graduate to Super League. There's no reason they can't do the job as well as a man.

Posted by: aussie94 (2313) Report abuse
agree i'spy belinda went well

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3049)  Report abuse
Well here goes, I absolutely abhor women refs ,women are into everything on tv sky sports every sport .media news why cn't they just stick to thier own section ie ref and talk on womens sports i do not wish to hear or seem them in our sport .....there you hav it !

Posted by: TerryW (3110) Report abuse
I think they would command more respect from the players and not be as familiar with them unlike the wet lettuce male refs now who want to be bessy mates with every player.I see no reason why they shouldn't ref SL games.

Posted by: baker boy (15249) Report abuse
having watched the saints game with the ref giving saints any number of penalties for nowt and nothing for wire when saints did the same thing .i dont care who the ref is provided their fair to both sides.

Posted by: kathpressey (5056)  Report abuse
Gobsmacked at Golden Bears comments about women in sport So women can't enjoy or have knowledge on a sport but men can, unless it's netball? Yes, totally gobsmacked by that comment.

Posted by: builderboy (2162) Report abuse
For me it is a simple matter of biology.

As long as we continue to ignore the Australian system of utilising 2 referees it will be of paramount importance that the referee is able to keep up with the run of play.

Whilst I have no doubts that female referees can learn and interpret the rules equally as well as males the truth is that they generally cannot run as fast.

Ideally we need referees who are as good an athlete as the players but I recognise that that is highly unlikely. Using female referees is only going to make matters worse as they are even more unlikely to keep up with play.

And no, I am not a misogynist.

Posted by: kathpressey (5056)  Report abuse
good point builderboy!

Posted by: i-spy (14443)  Report abuse
Anybody who has raced in the annual school sports will know that women always leave the men - including me - trailing. Women generally are fitter than men.
builderboy and kathpressey should have a race

Posted by: kathpressey (5056)  Report abuse
i-spy, I count myself lucky if I can walk without creaking so I'll give racing a miss!

Posted by: TerryW (3110) Report abuse
Having witnessed some female rugby players including the Wigan Warrior women's team I would suggest that if any did take up reffing they would be more than capable of keeping up with the play, I would also say many of them could leave their male counterparts standing.

Posted by: TerryW (3110) Report abuse
Oh aye and most would deffo leave Owdmon O'Loughlin standing now.

Posted by: baker boy (15249) Report abuse
woman reffin a game oh no,more bent male ego's.nowt to stop women ref's, just be fair and consistent.

Posted by: basil brush (13080) Report abuse
As an avid sports fan i don't agree with women getting involved in some sports.

Posted by: basil brush (13080) Report abuse
There everywhere

Posted by: baker boy (15249) Report abuse
i think that many new faces presenting and commentating on various sports are women who do not seem to have the necessary experience . a pretty face is not a replacement for expertise.


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