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Started by: GOLDEN BEAR (3043)  Report abuse

Posted by: jarvo (29089)  Report abuse
He was in his element when Wales beat England...

Tell the treacherous bugger to stay in Cardiff.

Posted by: wigvet (3392) Report abuse
Four hundred grand a year contract awaits at Wasps

Posted by: roylew (3029) Report abuse
Good...bring in Powell...seems to know an attacking game

Posted by: elmos (2749)  Report abuse

what a thing to say about a Wigan legend
the mans free to change his mind if he

Posted by: roylew (3029) Report abuse
That’s the trouble at Wigan..we keep bringing men from the past...we know they are legends...but new faces are needed

Posted by: baker boy (14327) Report abuse
lets start with a few new faces on the park,the coach picks the team. if he has no stars and we dont ,who do we get has our coach who can turn that squad around.whoever has been responsible for recruiting needs the bullet.

Posted by: lectriclegs (3615) Report abuse
That Shaun Wane's a good coach, why do we not try him?

Posted by: peter g (2212)  Report abuse
Ask roylew LL

Posted by: roylew (3029) Report abuse
It’s new players we need but the coach has to stop that only attacking move we have where a big fellow comes inside...so predictable...but so many ordinary players there at the moment with the old men...you can also blame the so called management for having a very limited vision...by tithe way where is Sammut now

Posted by: kathpressey (4872)  Report abuse
i don't understand why Edwards joined in all the publicity and celebration if it wasn't a done deal. is he using Wigan to up his bargaining with other clubs. I'll be disappointed if he doesn't come but then I'd rather he didn't if he's not commited

Posted by: baker boy (14327) Report abuse
kath quite right,but any decent coach watching the last match must be wondering how do you turn them round and do i need the hassle.people keep telling me george williams is a superstar,he isnt as good as the old man at wakefield who plays in the same position.
recruitment since lenighan abandoned/bought wrl club is not far short of abysmal.

Posted by: basil brush (11430) Report abuse

Posted by: retep1949 (478) Report abuse
Just read he is not coming.Never thought he would

Posted by: peawapp (5017)  Report abuse
but I thought that the Eric Pollard lookalike said that He had SIGNED a contract ,am I right in this cos if He did then surely Wigan have some redress

Posted by: smiling assassin (173) Report abuse
Rumours circulating around the DW stadium Tony Smith ex Wire coach will be at Wigan next season if not before

Posted by: baker boy (14327) Report abuse
will edwards be snapped up by england ru.

Posted by: i-spy (14349)  Report abuse
Tony Smith

Posted by: basil brush (11430) Report abuse
Shaun Edwards says he has been conversing with Ian Lenagan and there will be a statement 'in the next few days'. From WT

Posted by: i-spy (14349)  Report abuse
I remember when Wigan were competing for Shaun's signature when he turned pro.
Asked if there had been any developments one Wigan official said " we are waiting for the white smoke to come from Jackie's hat"

Posted by: baker boy (14327) Report abuse
if its not edwards, who do you lot think can turn em around.

Posted by: peter g (2212)  Report abuse
Why bow down to this guy no-one is bigger than the club, Ask him Do you want it or not, if he says cant make my mind up yet, stuff him and look elsewhere

Posted by: cordyline (4890)   Report abuse

Posted by: wigvet (3392) Report abuse
Lenagan admits no contract signed and it’s his fault ! Wales coaching staff shared a million pound bonus for last weeks grand slam - and folk still expect him to come?

Posted by: stevejmac14 (575)  Report abuse
Apparently Edwards told Talksport “it’s like having five Challenge Cup finals on the bounce being in the Six Nations because of the size of the crowds and the interest in the games. I need time to think and evaluate the situation” . In my opinion, even if he comes it would be because he didn’t get a better offer within Union (unlikely). From his Talksport comments it’s pretty obvious where he’d rather be and I can accept that, but why even make a verbal agreement (“cemented by a handshake” - hilarious!) if you’re not 100% committed? Safety net? If I was Pollard I’d be saying “I’ll make the decision for you, sign now or forget it” We do need a solution, Lam doesn’t appear to be it and I’m not sure who’s available but whoever it is needs to be committed to Wigan and not have one eye on summat else. And a chairman who “didn’t realise a contract hadn’t been signed”....quite worrying!

Posted by: kathpressey (4872)  Report abuse
well said stevejmac

Posted by: wigvet (3392) Report abuse
he aint coming - official -

Wigan Warriors can today confirm that Shaun Edwards will not take up the Head Coach position next year.

Edwards, who initially agreed to take on the role in August 2018, confirmed his intentions to Wigan Chairman and Owner, Ian Lenagan on Sunday afternoon.

Shaun Edwards said: ”After much thought and deliberation, I wish to clarify my situation. I will not be taking up the Head Coaching role at Wigan, the reason being my lack of preparation. World Cup preparations have been brought forward a month and, as a result, I will be unable to spend eight weeks in Australia as planned on rugby league. I feel Wigan need a more experienced rugby league Head Coach than myself, to give the club and the people of Wigan the best team possible.

“The Wigan deal I recently received is very favourable to all other offers I have had so far. For me, this is not about money, this is about Wigan Warriors getting the best man for the job which, at the moment, I feel is not me.”

Wigan Warriors Chairman, Ian Lenagan, said: ”I have been conversing with Shaun for a number of weeks since the completion of the Six Nations and, yesterday, Shaun revealed to me that he thought a combination of circumstances meant he would be under-prepared to take on the Wigan Head Coach job in November 2019. He clearly feels that he is not the best man to take the team forward currently and I have to respect and accept this. Like every Wiganer, I wanted Shaun to lead the team and this very honest admission has taken me by surprise.

“I have always admired Shaun and I wish him well with whatever he does next’.

“For us now our next steps are to confirm the coaching structure for 2020 and beyond and draw a line under the last few months and give our loyal fans the clarity they deserve. I’d like to thank our supporters for their patience and understanding in what has proven to be a very difficult situation to navigate and now we can concentrate on building more strong foundations to drive this wonderful club forward. We will announce our plans in due course.”

Posted by: peawapp (5017)  Report abuse
send for Mester Millward ,He's the boy

Posted by: i-spy (14349)  Report abuse
what about Murph

Posted by: broady (14291)   Report abuse
Is Maurice Bamford still on the scene?

Posted by: jarvo (29089)  Report abuse
...What a laugh, eh, Bill?

Laughing at the expense of Wiggin Rugby...

You're a bigger traitor than Edwards...In more ways than one.

Posted by: broady (14291)   Report abuse

Posted by: basil brush (11430) Report abuse
He made a U-turn on his commitment to coach Wigan Warriors and now Shaun Edwards has rejected a contract offer to remain with Wales beyond this year's World Cup.

Posted by: wigvet (3392) Report abuse
Because he's other more lucrative offers on the table - the man is a legend, on and off the field

Posted by: kathpressey (4872)  Report abuse
but when he turned his back on Wigan he said it wasn't about money.I don't know who he thinks he's kidding.

Posted by: PeterP (6929) Report abuse
If you where in his position what would you doGone are the days of loyalty to anything go for the money life is to short Just say Wigan could of paid him £1.5 million and some one else said we will pay you £2million,I know which offer I would take

Posted by: laughing gravy (4413) Report abuse
peter it not always about money i'd rather have an easy life at work for 500 quid a week than work my knackers off and come home tired every day for 650...

Posted by: chatty (6568)  Report abuse

Oh the irony.

Posted by: Tiger cat (186) Report abuse
LG, that must be the funniest post on these boards for years,you talking about work

Posted by: laughing gravy (4413) Report abuse
tiger cat hand on heart i can honestly say i've worked harder in my time than both you and chatty put together..

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (3285) Report abuse
Is Shaun Edwards still with that woman, who's got a foghorn of a voice

Posted by: kathpressey (4872)  Report abuse
Peter P I can understand him going for the money but it's hypocritical not to be up front about it and pretend otherwise.I also think he should keep his mouth shut until he has finally decided where he wants to be.. he's just coming across as a fickle and greedy idiot at the moment.

Posted by: i-spy (14349)  Report abuse
He's good at his job and he's in demand.That's life.


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