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Started by: broady (13675)   Report abuse
I enjoy the banter and the craic as much as anyone but this last few days the site has become a total disgrace. I point the finger at the two main culprits Fireplace and LG. If you cannot post in an adult fashion then " do a runner" to another site where your childish posts may be appreciated.

Posted by: laughing gravy (3844) Report abuse
broady i've tried and tried and tried to be civil only to have it thrown back in my face time after time biggest culprit being chatty blame him not me

Posted by: broady (13675)   Report abuse
You have the solution at your fingertips!!! The Ignore button. I have had three members on ignore for quite a few months and it saves lots of aggro. Sadly two no longer post but one is quite a prolific poster.

Posted by: chatty (6101)  Report abuse

Please sir, tell him sir, it wasn't me sir it was that chatty! What a sniveling little marde arse you are.

broady, I don't think that's a solution in this case, apparently people are already on "ignore" but that doesn't stop him posting thread after thread about his obsession and hasn't stopped any "aggro."
Let's see how long he can go without fanning the flames once again.

Posted by: Anne (3340)  Report abuse
It's the respondents who continually fan the flame, without oxygen a flame will die.

Posted by: chatty (6101)  Report abuse

If he's got people on "ignore" but still blaming them, I don't see how that could be?

Posted by: fireplace6899 (inactive) Report abuse
Got to say that you are 100% correct broady.

Please look through the threads that have been started. I think you you will find that Laughingstock, is spending most of his day trying to provoke people about Man United.

He is just the forum CLOWN.

When he stops his silly postings peace will be declared.

His last 20 posting have been anti United trying to provoke people.

Posted by: whups (3013)  Report abuse
your spot on FP.

Posted by: basil brush (10215) Report abuse
What an hypocrite boredy is

Posted by: basil brush (10215) Report abuse
I can't believe what boredy as said

Posted by: Stardelta (6342) Report abuse
Do you always post in a quote....adult fashion Boardy?

Posted by: Stardelta (6342) Report abuse
What was he saying earlier about people who refused to answer questions Baz?

Eeeeee......some people eh?

Posted by: broady (13675)   Report abuse
Looks as though dumb has been joined by dumber.

Posted by: Stardelta (6342) Report abuse
Shown up again eh Boardy?

Too easy

Posted by: basil brush (10215) Report abuse
What an hypocrite he is, he tells someone to "grow some" bet yet when the "nasty uns" were ruing the site he said bugger all to them.

then " do a runner" to another site

you mean like you did, boredy,when the people, you use to follow around, got fired off.

Posted by: Stardelta (6342) Report abuse
He makes a big fuss about putting people on ignore and then........can't stop talking about them!

If you are going to ignore someone Boardy, ignore them!

Posted by: basil brush (10215) Report abuse
or better still ask admin on WR can you go back on there and stay there instead of coming on here having a go at decent posters

Posted by: mindar (816) Report abuse
I see the sports board has taken on a new sport.


Posted by: Stardelta (6342) Report abuse
Nah.....the game we play is brinkmanship, some try to join in but fail spectacularly though


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