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Started by: billy (26047)  Report abuse
its a little known fact, that scotland has more ufo sightings than anywhere else on this planet.
now thats a first, but acknowledged as a fact.

Posted by: marieg (345) Report abuse
And they also make good whisky

Posted by: rio caroni (5077)  Report abuse
Believe it or not the favourite tipple in Scotland is Vodka

Posted by: irene (2895)  Report abuse
My daughter has just moved to Lewis. There is only one street lamp where she lives and she says the night sky is fantastic; the stars are so numerous and seem so near you feel you could reach out and touch them.

Posted by: billy (26047)  Report abuse
she"s right irene. spent some time in that part of the world, oban/loch boisdale/tobermory ect ect. great fer the night sky scanners.

Posted by: irene (2895)  Report abuse
Billy, when I was a little girl in Ince, the "gas-lamps" as we called them were much shorter than they are now. A man used to come round on a bike and light them with a long pole, and somehow the stars DID seem much nearer. As we progressed to taller lamp-posts and more modern and brighter methods of lighting,the stars seemed to go further away. A shame really, those old lamps were softer and created shadows and a cosy homeliness. We progressed in technology but we lost something along the way.

Posted by: the_gwim_weaper (inactive) Report abuse
Seeemd to be buckfast when I was there.

Posted by: grandmas (594) Report abuse
Your daughter is a lucky girl Irene. We have family up on Lewis and it really is 'another world'.

Posted by: douglas (inactive) Report abuse
I wonder if there is any link between 'units of alcohol consumed' and 'seeing strange things'

Posted by: billy (26047)  Report abuse
that could account fer a lot dougie, butttt,whats yer take on a cold stone sober reliable witness to these sightings.especialy someone with a lot to lose via ridicule????

Posted by: douglas (inactive) Report abuse
Billy, do you mean 'stone cold sober' or have you been on the Bushmills
I have no doubt that some people are convinced that they have seen ufo's
As I wasn't with any of these people at the time and haven't seen any myself I can't really comment one way or the other.

Posted by: billy (26047)  Report abuse
in our daily lives we believe in all manner of things. but we aint seen /heard/experienced, but non the less we believe.
i reckon its the survival instinct clicking in, ya know, grabbing at a straw just before drowning?
what about all them thar anglers at arnside dougie???they keep the faith, they believe they are going home wit a bag full o flounder.
merry xmas to you and yours lad. remember, if ya drink, dont drive. hic..hic..hic.

Posted by: douglas (inactive) Report abuse
Billy, I actually believe there are many other planets out in the vastness of space that have life. It could be that some forms of life have developed along similar lines to humans and mastered space travel. I just haven't seen anything that convices me yet that this is the case.
I shall keep looking though.
As fer Arnside, let me know if you're ever up here and I'll buy you a drink er two in the Albion (I can always walk home)


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