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ex battery hens
Started by: lucky hens (201)   Report abuse
i rescue battery hens from slaughter for a free range future as pets. if you are interested or require more info please feel free to contact me. Alison :)

Posted by: kenny (inactive) Report abuse
Well done Alison,take a bow

Posted by: mojim (1679) Report abuse
Alison you are an angel,I wish there was a lot more like you.

Posted by: douglas (inactive) Report abuse
Hi Alison, how long do they live and are they still laying

Posted by: jo anne (32691)   Report abuse
Hello and welcome to Wiganworld, Alison.

Posted by: micky east (inactive) Report abuse
do they still lay a few eggs are they suitable for a 15 ydx 8 yd garden

Posted by: ayrefield (4465) Report abuse
The British Hen Welfare Trust rescues thousands of ex-battery hens to re-home them up and down the country, the nearest re-homing centre to Wigan is Haslingden, this trust does not make any profit from re-homing their rescued hens and all donations does go back into the running of the trust and for the rescue and re-homing to a better life of even more of these ex-battery hens.

Good luck with your girls Alison, and welcome to wiganworld

Posted by: lucky hens (201)   Report abuse
mojim, ive found it
Hi everyone sorry its taken me so long to get back but i didnt know & still not sure what to do lol.
kenny thanks
Douglas yes they will start to lay again when theyve well earned rest
Joanne hello
micky east yes & yes they will think theyve died & gone to heaven
ayrefield hi yes i contacted bhwt but to far to travel so i thought ummm im going to start my own rescue so ive had advice from bhwt & happy chicks & here i am in Wigan doing the same

Posted by: mojim (1679) Report abuse
Good luck to you lucky hens..and they are.

Posted by: maddy (1697)   Report abuse
i would love to get some rescue hens but with having 3 terrier dogs that wont go down too well cos they would be barking all day long

Posted by: lucky hens (201)   Report abuse
Hi Maddy no i dont think they would lol but you can keep them in a run with a coop inside the run? you do find that other animals do adapt with them but it can be risky. i have ferral cats adopted from cats protection so i was concerned one day when a chicken escaped but guess what? the chicken chased the cats hehe it very amusing

if you could spread the word that i am rescuing hens that would be great as the bhwt is so far away for us wiganers to travel. the nearest bhwt is haslingden thats why i decided i was going to try to rescue round this way.there are so many people with allotments nowadays were these girls could have a fab home

Posted by: millykate (63)  Report abuse
Good luck to you `lucky hens'. Last year a friend of my daughters got 3 hens from haslingden, but after a couple of weeks a neighbours 2 dogs got in & killed them all. Anyway, my daughter had her name down for some and managed to get 6 shortly after. She kept 3 and let her friend have 3. Strange thing is her friends 3 laid but my daughters 3 never did.

Posted by: lucky hens (201)   Report abuse
Hi millykate.That is strange,they do go off lay for a while but normally start to lay again not as many as they have been forced to lay but like a normal hen should lay. How long as she had them?

Posted by: millykate (63)  Report abuse
hi lucky hens. She got them last December. Never laid a single egg! (Actually two of them have died recently). She's got another two now, and they do lay. The one that's left out of the original three is the boss! She definitely rules the roost!

Posted by: lucky hens (201)   Report abuse
Maybe they where older birds bless em! at least they had some life. The ones ive just rescued are approx 15/16 mnths so they are still young.I think this battery farmer has some compassion letting us buy them off him so young. I hope i get plenty homes for the next 100. im frantickly putting posters all over the place, even my little girls school has kindly put them up & the local vets. I have even emailed the leigh journal editor so hopefully he will do a story for me. We were in the Observer in March & Eve Post a cpl of wks ago which got a few homes Ive got to keep trying dont i

Posted by: bluechieftain2 (inactive) Report abuse
Yes please. Let me have as many as you can.

My boa constrictor will only eat whole chickens - but they have to be alive. Frozen ones from Asda, even when defrosted, just will not do.

Don't know if yours are organic or not: the snake doesn't care, anyway. At least I hope not.

I should think they taste the same to a snake, though you never know.

Anyway, how many can you send me, and how soon? The poor creature is ravenous at the moment!

Posted by: owd dave (4318)   Report abuse
theres always a sicko jumps on

Posted by: lucky hens (201)   Report abuse
My God owd Dave your right.What is this persons mind like?

I wonder if this person realises that if its that hungry it may eat him!!

Posted by: mojim (1679) Report abuse
It might just spit him out when it gets a taste eh!!!!

Posted by: lucky hens (201)   Report abuse
haha yes lol

Posted by: lucky hens (201)   Report abuse
owd Dave i have recieved your very kind donation in the post this morning. that is so kind of you.Thank you so much. You have contributed to the little 100 lives we are saving tomorrow x

Posted by: owd dave (4318)   Report abuse
shoooo dont tell everyone or they will all say they have an old hen at home, your very welcome.

Posted by: millykate (63)  Report abuse
Aw bless you, lucky hens! hope you get homes for them all soon! You're doing a fine job and I admire you. Will try to spread the word around for you. It's amazing these days how many folks are keeping them. Would have been unheard of a while ago keeping them in just a little back garden.

& bless you too, owd dave! for helping her. what a lovely gesture!

Posted by: lucky hens (201)   Report abuse
Aww thanks. There are 30+ already ordered,its amaising how many people have found out about me now. im made up.i said to my hubby who has to put up with me why dont we get some coops made & supply feed etc as i dont think there is anything around me at Hindley/ Ince as we dont make any profit with the rescues so it would be nice to make some money for all our hard work

Posted by: bluechieftain2 (inactive) Report abuse
Have you ever thought of extending your charitable largesse to boa constrictors, who constitute one of the most threatened and most cruelly-treated species known to Man?

Boa constrictors love to eat live chickens, by the way. Perhaps, if you end up with any unwanted ones for whom good homes cannot be found, this might be a way for them to fulfil their ultimate destiny.

The plight of butterflies, domestic cats, dogs, budgerigars, little old ladies and every other sort of sentient creature who suffer as an inescapable result of the human condition, also springs to mind.

Why stop at battery hens?

Most crucially, what about unborn human babies, thousands of whom are legally slaughtered every year in this country, and millions worldwide?

A little moral equivalence is called for here, it seems to me.

In short, misplaced sentimentality for one species over another will simply not do.

I'm sure your "hubby", as you describe him, would feel privileged to help in this endeavour, particularly if there's some money in it, as you also mention.

Posted by: lucky hens (201)   Report abuse
Bluecheif why have you repeated yourself??????????????? as i have alredy stated on my other link on General.whilst making not nice comments you could have gone instead gone for a nice brisk walk then when you returned you would have a nice calm inner feeling as the serotonin is released from your brain.

Posted by: mojim (1679) Report abuse
Hi lucky hens,I hope inane replies don't put you off posting on here...I would love to know how your little 'uns are going on...and I'm sure others would too.

Posted by: lucky hens (201)   Report abuse
Thanks mojim i wont let any one put me off at all. Ive got to many little hens to save. We have rescued another 100 today 5 have a home already tonight snuggled in their new coop.douglas is travelling many miles tomorrow to adopt a couple & i have another 25 spoken for already for collection this next week. Im made up.im hoping that the leigh journal will publish a story also as it worked in the eve post two weeks ago

Posted by: bluechieftain2 (inactive) Report abuse
She is definitely madamehmurray. It's all too good to be true!

Posted by: bluechieftain2 (inactive) Report abuse
...or too bad, now I come to think of it. This Pharisaical trumpeting of one's own virtue is more than I can bear.

"Little hens to save", indeed. What about little unborn babies, slaughtered by the million in the "enlightened" West?

In any case, good is best done by stealth. Matthew 6:3.

Posted by: mollie m (6312)  Report abuse
Lucky Hens is NOT Erin! For goodness sake. Please take note that Bluechieftan originally joined this site in 2007 and has barely 200 postings to his/her name in 3 years.

Whilst I do agree that human life is important, I honestly do not believe that it is not more important than any animal life. Every form of life on this planet has a right to be here, no matter what that form may take, and they all have to be treated with the ultimate respect!

Go on Bluechieftan. I'm with you on this, but we'll get railroaded because of it.

Posted by: lucky hens (201)   Report abuse
Do not think for one minute i dont think human life isnt important. if i could id start to rehome unwanted kids.
i have a family of my own to take care of ,nourish ,watch them grow,try to point them in the right direction,teach them right from wrong.
I know all about it. Im not an exentric who just rescues hens,cats etc, i also have compassion for the human race. i know what goes on in certain families.i know how hard work it is for social workers who are involved with child protection issues. The worlds gone bloody mad.
im just trying to do my little bit for what i can in society

Posted by: bluechieftain2 (inactive) Report abuse
Thanks for saying that, luckyhens, and I apologise for doubting your good intentions and for mocking the good work you do. I'm afraid I let my tongue run away with me at times.

Posted by: lucky hens (201)   Report abuse
appology acceptedas i said on the other post you can visit the farm anytime just dont bring your snake.Alison

Posted by: lucky hens (201)   Report abuse
Like my new logo? Spud 1 has designed it for me. Thanks spud 1 x

Posted by: lucky hens (201)   Report abuse
we are rescuing the remaining 65 hens on death row this saturday, i cant bare the thought of not trying to rehome them.if you know any one you think may rehome a hen could you please pass on my details,Thanks

Posted by: john.l (1) Report abuse
is there any chance we may have any , we already have 10 and realy like the idea of saving their lives we have space for more as we hhave 10 acres. how much do you charge and do you have any availible
thanks john.L

Posted by: trixie (5006)   Report abuse
send a message to Brian@wiganworld.co.uk
ask him to pass your e mail address to lucky hens.

Posted by: reddi8 (1107) Report abuse
we have another 16 hens after the fox got the last ones. They wander round and come into the house they are lovely creatures but there are signs that the fox has made irs way into the paddock at night they are securely locked but the fox is desperate and appeared in the daytime.

Posted by: lucky hens (201)   Report abuse
john 1 ,Hi yes you can have as many as you like. Click on my name & my contact details are on the photo of the banner to have a chat.
I would strongly advice to put some poultry fencing around to protect them from roaming too far & to protect them from predators. we use a poultry fence purchased from farm care connected to the mains or you can use a car battery. its worked so far as we have foxes

Posted by: tonker (21249)   Report abuse


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