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Wigan St Pat's - Simply the best ?
Started by: i-spy (14698)  Report abuse
Sam Tomkins and Shaun Briscoe are the latest internationals off the production line.
Does anybody know how many internationals the club has produced over the years.
And can any other local club top their record.

Posted by: marieg69 (3359) Report abuse
Curly probably will.

Posted by: cherryandwhite (548) Report abuse
I remember playing against St Pats in the Ken Gee at Coronation Park late sixties and in my opinion every one of their pack could have played for Wigan. I remember being tackled by a red headed "lad" called Sharples and I can still feel the collision to this day. Hard but fair, which is the way it should be.

Posted by: i-spy (14698)  Report abuse
where is curly when you need him

Posted by: curly (1064) Report abuse
I am here i-spy sorry dont go on this section much but I remember the lad cherry and white is on about. His name was John Sharples he played with my brother Vinnie you will see John at the cenotaph on Sunday rememberance day. He never misses he was 1 of the best amateur loose forwards ever to play rugby. He signed for Huddersfield and Blackpool gave them the money back said they weren't as good as ST. Pats.Thats John for you.

Posted by: curly (1064) Report abuse
I very much doubt it i-spy but here are a few the 3 you have mentioned and then there is our oldest pats lad the legendary Joe Egan, add to this Shaun Wane, Sean Edwards, Joe Lydon, Mike and Andy Gregory,Andy Platt, Martin Dermott, Phil clarke and thats only mentioning a few off the top of my head. They have produced over 250 professionals to the game of rugby league not bad for an amateur club. but thats why its probably famous the world over.

Posted by: i-spy (14698)  Report abuse
glad you found wigan world curly. it'd be great if someone could come up with a list of names.

Posted by: curly (1064) Report abuse
Will ask about in the club over the weekend as its our centenary next year 2010 not bad eh producing players for 100 years.

Posted by: paul (3014)  Report abuse
Hello Curly, John Sharples is my cousin and as I will be in the UK next week I will tell him about your the St Pats anniversary and your kind words regarding his rugby playing days. All the best. p.s. do you also know Billy Telford, if so give him my regards! Paul

Posted by: wigvet (3416) Report abuse
Paul - Billy Telford? Look no furthr than the 'Balc'!

Posted by: paul (3014)  Report abuse
Sorry wigver whats a "Balc"?

Posted by: wigvet (3416) Report abuse
you've been out of Wigan to long Paul - 'The Earl of Balcarres' pub in Scholes - Billy's haunt!

Posted by: paul (3014)  Report abuse

Posted by: curly (1064) Report abuse
Hi Paul, I know billy very well and as wigvet stated he does go in The Earl of Balcarres now and again.

Posted by: i-spy (14698)  Report abuse
curly - mate of mine from St Helens reckons Blackbrook have produced more players than St Pat's and they've got two in the England team as well - Graham and Roby.What do you reckon.

Posted by: curly (1064) Report abuse
If he is a gambler tell him i will put the house against his on it. Blackbrook have been going nowhere near as long as the Pats. Or better still i-spy ask him to name them. He is probably 1 of these supporters that is only going back a few years and he would still lose that one.

Posted by: i-spy (14698)  Report abuse
I'll call his bluff and see what he comes up with,.

Posted by: snowman (830) Report abuse
St Pats had some matches in the past that would put the "super" league to shame!

Posted by: i-spy (14698)  Report abuse
curly thought you'd like to know - that Blackbrook mate of mine is waving the white flag and admitting he's wrong.

Posted by: curly (1064) Report abuse
told you i-spy all the same plenty to say but no cash to back it.

Posted by: paul (3014)  Report abuse
Curly will be coming over to England on Saturday if your in St Pats Sunday afternoon I will buy you a pint (or two)! Paul

Posted by: kittgreener (74)  Report abuse
Agree that Pats have supplied a massive number of professionals over the years, but so have other clubs. Orrell St James gave us Andrew Farrell, Terry Newton, Chris Joynt, Chris Ashton, Jonny Lomax and is still producing. The sons of Jason Robinson and Andy Platt are on scholarships at Wigan, as is the great grandson of the great Ken Gee. If you are interested, one to watch is a young lad called Oliver Davies. I tip him to go all the way. Sadly, he is a Saints fan and on their books!

Posted by: curly (1064) Report abuse
Sorry kittgreener but Chris Joynt is a true ST. Patser.Yes your correct and it is great to see that other clubs are producing players to the Professional code but they have a long way to go to beat the Pat's record. Last Seasons Grand Final had 6 Pat's players in it plus the Coach Shaun Wane and owner Ian Lenegan ST. Patsers.

Posted by: mickmanu (71) Report abuse

Posted by: kopitesere (inactive) Report abuse
Some class players have come from there thats for sure

Posted by: curly (1064) Report abuse
And many more still to come watch out for Liam Farrell, Jack Hughes, only to mention 2 off the latest pruduction line. How you keeping Mickmanu ok I hope your old pal J.C.

Posted by: kopitesere (inactive) Report abuse
Any relation to Andy Farrell ??

Posted by: curly (1064) Report abuse
yes Liam's dad Kevin and Andy's dad Peter are cousins.

Posted by: i-spy (14698)  Report abuse
2 more Pats old boys in Wigan team today (march 13 v Hull). Stefan Marsh and Josh Charnley who got two tries.

Posted by: paul (3014)  Report abuse
Does anyone know when this photo was taken and where? it looks like and old St Pat's photo but cannot be 100% sure!


Posted by: jo anne (32701)   Report abuse
Paul's link and the photo:


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