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Night Club
Started by: plumbob (187) Report abuse
to all the old codgers from the 50s-60s era which was the first night club to open in Wigan ? Golden Clog(king St) Paradise Club (Scholes) or any other suggestions.do not know the answer but it would put my and a few more peoples minds at rest if someone knows the answer

Posted by: thiek c (1093)   Report abuse
i think it was the paradise

Posted by: aitch (5487)   Report abuse
Paradise and King of Clubs, are 2 which spring to my mind.

Posted by: broady (15731)   Report abuse
I used to hear people talking about the Green Curtain ( or something similar) which I think was in Scholes. Was that a nightclub or a pub?

Posted by: plumbob (187) Report abuse
sorry the Green Curtain was just a bar in Millgate although some people said you could get a drink any time of the day whether this was legal or not i don't know

Posted by: jacqueline leyland (3634)  Report abuse
i ll give you owd codgers you cheeky little bugger

Posted by: aitch (5487)   Report abuse
You are right there plumbob, when everywhere else shut, the green curtain opened, and it was in millgate a bit further up on the same side as the yachting club

Posted by: danni (inactive) Report abuse
daft question??? why was there a yachting club on Millgate?

Posted by: andycapp (2535) Report abuse
Thats what they used to call The Ship.

Posted by: nogger (52)  Report abuse
Maybe the first 'Night Club' was the Green Rooster which was in Vauxhall Road, in Seddons Mill, which was known as the 'Old Stocking Factory'

Posted by: plumbob (187) Report abuse
nogger i think the one in Vauxhall Rd was the Paradise club. Jacqueline you could have called me a cheeky young bugger although i am 63 it would have made me feel better

Posted by: nogger (52)  Report abuse
plumbob your right, Green Rooster died and was reborn as the Paradise, as i see your six years my junior! perhaps it was 'before your time'

Posted by: joany (21) Report abuse
I think it was called the Green Cockatoo it did not last long then reopened as the Paradise Club

Posted by: jacqueline leyland (3634)  Report abuse

Posted by: fred rosbottom (1930)   Report abuse
I am sure it was the King of Clubs. and I am older than the lot of you.

Posted by: thiek c (1093)   Report abuse
your right the green curtain was in millgate it was a bit of a dive thae macfalane brothers used to spend time in there

Posted by: caltermark (595)  Report abuse
were was MUNROE'S

Posted by: nogger (52)  Report abuse
Munroe's bar was round the back of Munroe's Of Licence shop, which was across the road from the top of Makinson's arcade.

Posted by: dougie (4272)   Report abuse
Munroe's was across from ship hotel in millgate ( Ring a Bells) what about the Bolshie in,t 50s this was(a day club),

Posted by: thiek c (1093)   Report abuse
the bolshie was organally a la bour club it was either wigan or central labour club apparently it becameassotiated with with communist party hence the name the bolshie ,it opened at 3oclock when the pubs shut and i remember people calling it the loweside

Posted by: dougie (4272)   Report abuse
Keith was it not made into a night club in the 60s, has a young lad I worked in the pit(50s) and had to go on nightshift for a few weeks, and mondays some of the miners would go into Wigan to meet-up they asked me did I wanted togo with them that was my first time in Ship, Bolshie,Munroe's think they called ring a bell

Posted by: thiek c (1093)   Report abuse
i believe your right never went in as a night club was it called blutos

Posted by: ŠartŠ (6154) Report abuse
Bolshie was Wigan Labour Club

Hilton St/Powell St was Wigan Central Labour Club (remember Central Park, to the rear)

Posted by: dougie (4272)   Report abuse
Hi Art was only a young lad of 18 thinking I was a man was Munro's know as Ring A Bell
Keith no idea of name had got married by then and everything had to stop LOL

Posted by: plumbob (187) Report abuse
Wigan Labour Club (Bolsie) did turn into a night club Puffers(later on to be called Pemps) and just round the corner was Sloopies, both owned by Barbara Calderbank and to my knowledge both are still operating as clubs to this day but not as the above names

Posted by: rio caroni (5077)  Report abuse
Pemps closed down about two years ago, it opened as Pemps in the early Seventies.

Posted by: thiek c (1093)   Report abuse
the one on the corner of king st was a lapdancing club(i read it in paper?)
in the 50s it was gees school of dancing

Posted by: tony j (750)  Report abuse
does anybody remeber transport club ? it was down the alley where liquid night club is. i remember going early 60's

Posted by: derek (388)   Report abuse
what about the Room at the Top
I think it was over the top of the first supermarket in Wigan, Whelans near the bus station.
And wigan casino night club

Posted by: ŠartŠ (6154) Report abuse
I think you'll find that Lennons was the first supermarket in Wigan.
The Hippodrome burned down on the 21st April 1956, & Lennons replaced it not long after.
At that time Whelan would have been about 18 years old......how do I know?

We're the same age...

Posted by: sinex (1219)  Report abuse
Used to be a club over wallgate station i forgot what it was called.

Posted by: rio caroni (5077)  Report abuse
The club over Wallgate Station was the old Railwaymens club, steepest steps in Wigan!

Posted by: nogger (52)  Report abuse
woodentop, in the photo Bills cap is showing 1895-6 when he would be aged 25-26.Edwards cap for 1906 would be about right as he would then be about 29. Edwards wife was Charlotte Lee, ring any bells?

Posted by: thiek c (1093)   Report abuse
trust you to notice the steps what was the ale like?if you read this before sunday can you copy what you were telling me about in that rugby paper

Posted by: jeremyb (616) Report abuse
While the subject of clubs is being discussed,does anybody remember a club in Scholes called "Bluesville".
I think it was on the left opposite Wellington St.

Posted by: kenee (2073) Report abuse

Before it was Bluesville (the old cinema) used to be The Mask Club, early sixties. I played there with Oggie, did a PJ Proby, split my pants. Had to go home to change, missed the first half of the second spot.

Remember playing The Paradise Club, there were two GO-GO dancers in cages by the stage. Oggie got off with one - and Jimmy, our manager, got off with the other.

Only went to King of Clubs once, with Bob Dewhurst (S.A.I.). He had installed a new PA system for them, I just happened to be with him when he did a courtesy call to check it out. Bob’s house was fantastic, full of gadgets, I saw the first Disco lights there.

Posted by: owd un (878) Report abuse
Bluesville i remember it well great allnighters


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