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Started by: brendagrindley (429) Report abuse
I have had cold after cold,still have, got a sore nose, doctor says it,s the weather,anybody else same.sick of it.

Posted by: i-spy (14231)  Report abuse
get well soon Brenda and then get yourself a new doctor

Posted by: dennis dickinson (1131) Report abuse
Brenda get yourself a hot toddy and go to bed, if that doesn't work would you like me to come and rub your chest with some goose grease ?

Posted by: stel48 (2986) Report abuse
I've been the same. Been steaming the menthol crystals, seems to be working too

Posted by: susie q (1676)  Report abuse
All my family have had really bad colds of some description for the last few weeks.Sore throats, coughs,loss of voice constant blocked up noses etc.Loads of it about I'm afraid. Roll on summer I say

Posted by: marsin (176) Report abuse

brenda, here in Sudbury .Ontario. lot/s of people with colds, sore throat, cough, temp. etc. l have all!! had milk pobbies for breakfast, OXO pobbies for my dinner and chicken broth pobbies for my tea. no idea if l spelt pobbies right!.

Posted by: dennis dickinson (1131) Report abuse
With all these ladies having problems, I might have to get a small bucketful of Goose Grease

Posted by: berylh (1717) Report abuse
Ooh Dennis

Posted by: dennis dickinson (1131) Report abuse
Beryl - you might be the first on the list when I fly in from New Zealand, i'll hire a car at Heathrow and drive up the motorway, so Milton Keynes will be my first call

Posted by: ann-spam (3342)  Report abuse
My head changes more than the weather sick of colds brenda old age and dry rot thats me age these days .

Posted by: Anne (3404)  Report abuse
I really can't remember when I last had a cold. One or two have tried to get a grip but failed. I have read somewhere children and teens develop more colds than the elderly because ageing develops more defence.

Posted by: veg grower (inactive) Report abuse
Brends - me and my mum were both the same last week, our noses were sore with keep blowing them, my sense of smell and taste still isn't what it was.

Posted by: baker boy (14072) Report abuse
I get a cold in October and it lasts till april ,its just going has I type.

Posted by: blackrodweaver (531) Report abuse
Brenda have you changed your furniture polish, or anything else in the house, try antihistmine tablets

Posted by: maggiesh (1095)   Report abuse
I'm starting with a cold today, my voice is going, so if anyone phones me, they'll be getting a heavy breather.

Posted by: brendagrindley (429) Report abuse
ann spam it is old age and dry rot, I,m falling to bits.

Posted by: graneyjoseph (4612)   Report abuse
get better soon brenda hot toddy is good advice as to be irish,I used to have mountain dew poteen .

Posted by: trixie (4931)   Report abuse
Are you sure it's not hayfever?
Lots suffering with it at present.

Posted by: momac (9466)  Report abuse
I don't normally suffer with hay fever,but this last couple of days I've been forever blowing my nose and rinsing my eyes with cold water. I could hardly see they were that sore,it can't be anything else but the pollen.

Posted by: mollie m (6241)  Report abuse
Eating onions and garlic can stave off colds because they naturally contain anti-oxidents and other important nutrients. It's been about 7 years since I had a cold and before that it was about 6 years. Check out garlic and onions on the internet if you don't believe me. Most of my cooking, which I do from scratch, contains at least one or both of these ingredients.

Posted by: retep1949 (443) Report abuse

Posted by: momac (9466)  Report abuse
I'm a great believer in garlic and onions and spicy food..I can't remember when I last had a cold.

Posted by: madamehmurray (6144)   Report abuse
I had a cold and sore nose where it is now healing. my allergies are worst than ever this year. Been sneezing bad the last couple days.

Posted by: kayleigh (1161) Report abuse
Brenda I have been down since the 5 of april with it on second lot of antibiotics. every sympton going and a really bad chest infection. had chest xray last week,

Posted by: ann-spam (3342)  Report abuse
I have had a bad throat for nearly a week salt water old remedy but still fell horrible

Posted by: stevejmac14 (559)  Report abuse
Same here, Ann, mine started Thursday and still struggling to shake it off, feels like it's been sandpapered. Also turned into that 'hacking' cough that really hurts! I think I'm fallin't bits as well. It's not man-flu, though, so I should just about live.

Posted by: kayleigh (1161) Report abuse
Over it at last .I hope . just a little throaty now ,Hope your all feeling a lot better.

Posted by: bentlegs (4302) Report abuse
I told the Doctor about my nose always running, he gave me a nasal spray , It cleared up in no time,

Posted by: trixie (4931)   Report abuse
I have been the same never had so many ailments at once!i am usually healthy. My husband said to me the other week it seems like hayfever,i said i have never had that before,but got tablets from the doctor and they seem to be helping.i have been coughing,wheezin, headachy,sweating,sore throat etc.i was getting quite worried,so hopefully mystery solved now.

Posted by: Anne (3404)  Report abuse
Hi Trixie, Hope you will be ready for your cruise.... Enjoy.

Posted by: trixie (4931)   Report abuse
Thanks Anne.yes of on the 17 Sept..

Are you going off again?

Posted by: ann-spam (3342)  Report abuse
Seems to be doing its rounds again time of the year .

Posted by: retep1949 (443) Report abuse
ann-spam,felt fit as fiddle on Monday now full up with a cold

Posted by: berylh (1717) Report abuse
I'm just getting over one - at the cough stage now


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