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Question for Freda Chorlton
Started by: paddy2t10 (469) Report abuse
Hello Freda,

My 3x great grandparents both died in 1911 in Ince, Celia and Francis Taylor. Celia was buried in Ince Cemetery but i cant find Francis anywhere, tried Wigan Cemetery and still no luck. Celia was buried in a public grave but Francis is nowhere to be seen.

Hope you can help, thanks

Posted by: mygriffiths (1155) Report abuse
There was 1 match for this search!

Burial: 14 Jul 1911 St. David, Haigh, Lancashire, England
Francis Taylor -
Age: 72 years
Abode: 9 Brown St., Ince
Buried by: F. C. Bozman
Register: Burials 1902 - 1915, Page 143, Entry 1144
Source: Original register at Wigan Archives

Posted by: freda (307) Report abuse
I have only just picked up on this, and have checked my Cemetery Records, but like you found nothing.
Is The one found by mygriffiths the correct one ???

Posted by: carol gr (910)  Report abuse
Hi Freda, the trancription work you do has been a massive help with my family tree research. I vaguely remember a comment (I think it may have been from you ages ago) that the cemetery records are for those buried there (including ashes), but not are not cremation records. Is this the case? How would we be able to look at the cremation records, ie are they available to search through. Thanks

Posted by: paddy2t10 (469) Report abuse
Fantastic! thank you mygriffiths, I hadn't thought of searching Lancsopc. I just presumed that they would have atleast been buried in the same cemetery if not same grave. Quite sad really, wonder why that was they both lived at 9 Brown St as well. And as Carol said, thanks Freda for you hard work transcribing the records!

Posted by: paddy2t10 (469) Report abuse
Just found that Francis Taylor's parents Joseph and Jane Taylor were buried in St. Davids 11 years before Francis died. They were 84 and 87. Perhaps Francis was buried with them and then Celia died less than two months later on 7th Sept 1911 but had to be buried in Ince

Posted by: freda (307) Report abuse
Carol gr -- Yes I did say previously that cremated remains are in my burial records provided that they are buried in an existing grave.
Cremation records are not available to search.
You can contact the Cemeteries Office for information, but I think that they make a charge for doing searches of any kind now.
Thanks to everyone for your messages of appreciation, it IS very time consuming - I spend 4 to 5 hours per day.
I decided to do it because it's something that I wished had been in place when I was doing my own research.

Posted by: dave marsh (inactive) Report abuse
Thank's for all your hard work,Freda.It really is appreciated.

Posted by: carol gr (910)  Report abuse
Thanks Freda. I had seen that you can pay for a specific search (I think it's 9 pounds per person), but as it is one other avenue of research to try to tie up some loose ends and I don't really have specific information, I'd probably end up spending a fortune with no garanteed returns.

Posted by: freda (307) Report abuse
I'm just pleased that I got them onto WW before the charging came in early this year. At least lots of people worldwide know that they can do look ups free of charge on here.

Posted by: mygriffiths (1155) Report abuse
So glad the link was correct and useful,Paddy 2t10.My appreciation also to Freda.

Posted by: debsmorris (4) Report abuse
I have been trying to hunt you down Freda :-) to thank you for your work. I live in New Zealand and I use your index's frequently and I often think of how wonderful you are for collecting and compiling this information without expecting anything in return. THANK YOU for all your time and effort!

Posted by: Lilfizz30 (7) Report abuse
Hi freda
Firstly Iíd like to say thank you very much for all your hard work into documenting everyoneís graves. I think I speak for everyone in saying youíve done a fab job.
I also have a question, if you could kindly help me?
Iíve been searching for my great grandad Daniels grave and I canít locate him anywhere, we have everything from his birth, death and marriage certificates we also have the invoice from his funeral but we have no plot....
On the transcript it says Leigh and my nan (his daughter) always said he was buried in leigh but we canít locate it!
Weíve even been into the cemetery but either itís no longer there or it never was!
Is there anyway you would know where we should look next
He is called Daniel Kendrick born 8th Dec 1904 died 4th Nov 1939
His wife was Elizabeth 1910-1963

If you could point me to the right direction that would be great
Thanks xx


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