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Jackie Platt
Started by: fredna (140)  Report abuse
For all ex Parksiders I've just had word from Sid Hichisson that Jackie Platt has died. Jackie was a real character. \i don't know any more details as yet

Posted by: phred (334)   Report abuse
I worked with Jackie for along time,rest in peace mate.

Posted by: doodle (59) Report abuse
Sorry to hear about Jackie R.I.P.,he always had a laugh along witg terry croooks,jack daniels ,dickie pilk,billy thorpe and the rest of their gang.Didn't he always wear a green pit helmet Jack?

Posted by: aqui aqui (439) Report abuse
Had many a good laugh with Jacky, R.I.P. mate.

Posted by: fredna (140)  Report abuse
Jackie wore a green helmet because he was in the Mines Rescue Brigade, along with Keith Wilkinson. They attended at Golborne after the explosion. Dickie Pilk and Bill Thorpe both died earlier this year. Terry crook lives in Blackpool now and would like to keep in touch with any Parksiders who are on email. His address is terencejcrook@hotmail.co.uk

Posted by: tonker (19651)   Report abuse
Do you remember John Walsh, ventilation mon?

Posted by: fredna (140)  Report abuse
I remember John very well, he was always pushing me to order stuff for his ventilation dept.I used to tell him to go and ask Frank Reid!! Another bit about Jackie, we were on the Saturday afternoon shift and he was short of coal at home.He got his men to fill sand bags full of coal and to take them out for him.When he stacked them in the car,the front end nearly left the road, talk about light steering!!

Posted by: tonker (19651)   Report abuse
Do you remember 'ME', Fred??????

Posted by: fredna (140)  Report abuse
Gimme a clue!!

Posted by: GrahamK (444) Report abuse
Is Sid still living in Pemberton?

Posted by: fredna (140)  Report abuse
Yes, Sid is alive and well. He lets me know when anyone has passed on so that I can relay the message. He isn't computer literate as yet!!

Posted by: fredna (140)  Report abuse
tonker, Sid says if you give me your pay number he will identify you"!!

Posted by: GrahamK (444) Report abuse
Tonker you can be sure Sid will have caught you trying to get up the pit early! That will be how he knows your tally number

Posted by: ŠartŠ (6154) Report abuse
I know Sid from when he first started in the pit, in the early '50's....Johnpit/Standish Hall Drift

Posted by: spud1 (1732) Report abuse
I think Sid was there when I started in 1961,Horace Smith was my boss and he came from Johm Pit,Pey Dooley was the best character at Parkside,I could write a book about him.

Posted by: GrahamK (444) Report abuse
Sid has a twin brother who is the spit of him. I would imagine has had a few punches which were meant for Sid!He also worked down the pit.

Posted by: fredna (140)  Report abuse
If you want to read about Pee Dooley, have a look at my notes on Parkside They are under "Stuff" The dialect that I have put on is directly linked to the notes on Stones pit, which are also on Stuff. We worked pillar and stall there as well as longwall

Posted by: tonker (19651)   Report abuse
I'm sure I've told this tale before, but it's funny, so i'll tell it again!

One afternoon, we were at Notre Dame Mining College, Crab Street, St.Helens, having Mr.Dooley for Mining Science.
We were all waiting in the corridor outside the classroom door when he arrived (as nowt as nast, as always) and someone had decided to knock a matchstick into the door lock for a laugh (I think it was Johnny Baldwin, from Pemberton).

When Dooley tried to get the key into the lock and discovered the knocked in matchstick, he threw an almighty wobbler!
Everybody was sniggering, which made him go bright purple. He shouted, "Next F***** mon 'as laughs at me 'll think F***** slopstone's geet up an' smacked thee int' F***** gob"! Then he just smashed his way through the door, shoulder first, without unlocking it!

You can imagine, everyone went quiet and there wasn't a murmer throughout the lesson.
Those of you who know him won't be at all surprised!

Posted by: darren (inactive) Report abuse
Sounds like all ex Parkside are dropping off recently...

I'm spent many a time in the canteen waiting for my uncle to collect his wages... Always had a mug of tea and Pie....lol

Know many ex parksiders


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