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Great Grandads first name... help !!!!
Started by: blackrodweaver (500) Report abuse
My Great Grandad seems to have had about 4 different Christian names in a few census but I can't pin it down to a correct one. can anyone help me please heres the info I have.
surname Hilton

.I used the name "Dinah"as I found a christening for 2/3/1845 with this name and parents Joseph and Betty Hilton( my great great grandparents )The censuses give the transcription​s as follows:1861-Jina,1871-Hino,1881-John and 1891- Ino,but they all appear to be the same person.I have also found Ina and Hins on other web sites! Who is my real Great Grandfather

Posted by: i-spy (13502)  Report abuse
He was obviously a bit of a lad

Posted by: pieman (30) Report abuse
Hi blackrodweaver
don't know if this helps but I found this baptism record

Baptism: 2 Mar 1845 St Luke, Heywood, Lancashire, England
Hinah Hilton - [Child] of Joseph Hilton & Betty
Born: 28 Feb 1845
Abode: Heywood
Occupation: Weaver
Baptised by: R. Kinder
Register: Baptisms 1844 - 1858, Page 13, Entry 101
Source: Original Register

Posted by: winnie (1110)   Report abuse
Jona ???

Posted by: winnie (1110)   Report abuse
is this him Name Ino Hilton
Birth Date abt 1845
Date of Registration Dec 1920
Age at Death 75
Registration district Wigan
Inferred County Lancashires

Posted by: mygriffiths (1082) Report abuse
On the 1911 census someone has written 'this name is Ino and not John'.
The marriage entry at St.David's Haigh has Ino but he only made his mark on the register so probably did not spell his name out himself.
The orginal baptism record does read Hinah
What does this name sound like especially with dropped aitches?

Posted by: winnie (1110)   Report abuse
Marriage: 28 Sep 1873 St David, Haigh, Lancashire, England
Jno. Hilton - (X), 28, Collier, Bachelor, Aspull
Margaret Rothwell - (X), 25, Spinster, Aspull
Groom's Father: Joseph Hilton, Deceased
Bride's Father: William Rothwell, Fireman
Witness: Ralph Bamber; Rachel Taylor, (X)

Posted by: winnie (1110)   Report abuse
Baptism: 16 Nov 1897 Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Aspull, Lancashire, England
Benjamin Hilton - filius Ino Hilton & Margarita (formerly Rothwell)
Born: 24 Mar 1879

Posted by: winnie (1110)   Report abuse
Marriage: 1 Jan 1904 St Elizabeth of Hungary, Aspull, Lancashire, England
Benjamin Hilton - 18, Collier, Bachelor, Aspull
Margaret Bond - 18, Spinster, Aspull
Groom's Father: Ino Hilton, Dataler
Bride's Father: John Bond, Collier
Witness: James Bond; Alice Alker

Posted by: winnie (1110)   Report abuse
Baptism: 7 Apr 1879 St David, Haigh, Lancashire, England
Sarah Ann Hilton - [Child] of Ino Hilton & Margaret Ann
Abode: Aspull
Occupation: Collier
Notes: P. B. May 11
Baptised by: J. E. Orlebar Asst. Curate
Register: Baptisms 1866 - 1887, Page 229, Entry 1830
Source: Original register at Wigan Archives
Baptism: 16 Nov 1897 Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Aspull, Lancashire, England
Sarah Ann Hilton - filia Ino Hilton & Margarita (formerly Rothwell)
Born: 31 Mar 1879
Notes: Sub Cond Ad Fid. Convers.
Baptised by: J.J. Welch
Source: Original register at LRO

Posted by: winnie (1110)   Report abuse
Baptism: 30 Jul 1877 St David, Haigh, Lancashire, England
Joseph Hilton - [Child] of Ino Hilton & Margaret
Abode: Aspull
Occupation: Collier

Posted by: blackrodweaver (500) Report abuse
Many thanks every one for taking the time to look for me, you can see what I mean about his name,

but Hinah looks to be his real name
.. sound like Ino, Dinah etc

Posted by: LEP1950 (721) Report abuse
I've been away and have only just looked at this query. At first I thought his name may have been Jonathan as my great-great grandfather's name was Jonathan and this appears on a few records as Jno. . But it seems that all the records have Hinah, Hino or Ino. Ino was probably his nickname. I wondered whether "Hinah", which appears on the scan of the parish registers, was somehow connected with his mother's maiden name as I have often come across the mother's maiden name being used as a first name, but it seems that his mother's maiden name was Broadley. I found a baptism of Betty Broadley at St Leonard's, Middleton, Lancashire - the church that Hinah's parents married at - on July 6th 1823. She was the daughter of a single woman, and guess what her name was: Hannah!! It's my guess that "Hinah" was an attempt to produce a male version of her name, a nod to the mother who probably had a hard time raising Betty. I have searched the internet and "Hinah" is not a biblical name, nor is it known as a male name anywhere, although there is a female version Hina. "Hinah" seems to have been Joseph and Betty's first child as they married in 1844. Anyway that's my theory to explain this very unusual name: He was named Hinah after his grandmother Hannah and this became the nickname (H)Ino, which he seemed to have preferred to use.


Posted by: LEP1950 (721) Report abuse
It looks like Joseph was married before, probably to Mary Partington. It's a bit dificult as two Joseph Hiltons, both married to Marys, are having children in the same area. But the names on the 1851 census, when compared to the birth records, suggest the name Partington to me:

Marriage: 4 Oct 1829 St Leonard, Middleton, Lancashire, England
Joseph Hilton - Weaver, this Parish
Mary Partington - Spinster, this Parish
Witness: Edmund Collinge; Richd. Kenyon
Married by Banns with consent of parents by: Jacob Picton Curate
Register: Marriages 1825 - 1830, Page 250, Entry 748
Source: LDS Film 1545701

Mary seems to have died in 1840 aged 30. Joseph is alone in the 1841 census with children Abel (Abram in baptism records and probably really Abraham), b. 1830, Rachael, b. 1834, Thomas, b. 1836 and Ann, b. 1839. There were also children who died. Rach(a)el pops up again in the 1851 census with Joseph and Betty. The marriage entry in the parish registers shows that Joseph was a widower when he married Betty Broadley on May 6th 1844. His father was a farmer named Abraham Hilton.

It would seem that Betty also had a child before she married Joseph. A Charles Wright Broadley was born in 1842 in Chadderton and a Charles Bradley in 1843. One of these must be the Charles living with the Hiltons in the 1851 census and listed as "son".

Hinah/(H)Ino seems to be listed as John in the 1851 census. Does my theory need rethinking? My nephew's name is Jonathan and he is never called anything but "Jono". There were quite a few Jonathan Hiltons around that time in that area. Mmhh.


Posted by: blackrodweaver (500) Report abuse
Linda thanks for that great info. can't fault you logic at all. Only been looking at my family tree since Feb so new to all the ins and outs of our ancestors

cheers Allan

Posted by: kathpressey (4469)  Report abuse
census transcripts can often get it wrong and it pays to look at the original document. I wasted time looking for a family Ross when the original clearly said Rose. yesterday I was looking for my grandad's war record and they had his adress as "Camberton, Borgan"! you you and me that's pemberton Wigan!


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