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old wallgaters
Started by: MarieM (5194) Report abuse
Bernard and Marg and Tom and Pat. How are you. The weather here is horrendous. raining every day.

Posted by: b.toohey (186) Report abuse
Hi Marie.
Good to hear from you again and sorry to hear your weather is so bad.We have very nice weather at the moment but it has been a little hot and stormy the past weeks.
Meeting up with Pat and Tom for lunch today as usual.

Posted by: pberry (409) Report abuse
Hi Marie and old friends
Been too long since we chatted. Hope you are all well. I did post on 24 Dec wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a great New Year. We meet Margaret and Bernard once a week for lunch and chat on the phone if there is something exciting we want to pass on. We have had very hot and humid weather but it has settled down and is beautiful again. Sorry you didn't have much summer but apparently you had a mild winter.
Take care all of you, hope you read this message. Love P xx

Posted by: momac (9400)  Report abuse
Hello Pat and Bernard..this Winter has been rain
rain and more rain Pat and bitterly cold..but
alongside the poor folk who've had their homes
flooded for the umpteenth time we not doing too
bad..and the trouble is they can't afford the
insurance it is so high..I can honestly say that
you made the right over when you went over there,
and that includes Vince Lannon..if I had my time
over I would definitely not be here.
Anyway on a brighter note isn't it nice that
you've all kept in touch,I think it's lovely.
Vince is coming over the beginning of March so
we will have the day together..Marie and myself
send you hugs,and take care of yourselves.x

Posted by: b.toohey (186) Report abuse
Hi Mo.
I know about your weather since I have it on my comp.and hoping your spring time is a nice sunny and dry one.
We are in our 34th.year here in Oz.and coming here was the best move we ever made.The gold coast is a beautiful place with lots of attractions to keep you entertained.
Best wishes to everyone and stay well

Posted by: MarieM (5194) Report abuse
I missed that message from Pat on Christmas Eve because we were away Christmas and New Year.

Posted by: pberry (409) Report abuse
That's ok Marie, I thought about you all anyway. Good to see you and Maureen are well, albeit the rotten weather. We are having hot, humid weather at present, but it is the middle of summer. Still miss Dave, God love him. Harry has forgotten us too, but if you read this Harry, would love to hear from you. Meeting Bernard and Margaret tomorrow, have lots of laughs as you can imagine.
We are well and truly settled on our new Over 50's resort-style home, a really good move for us.
Take care, lovely to catch up. P xx

Posted by: MarieM (5194) Report abuse
Pat, it sounds idyllic. It has been hailstoning today. Roll on Spring. Our garden is a disgrace. Give Bernard and Marg our love. Marg used to live opposite me on Montrose Ave in Worsley Hall and I remember Bernard, from St Joseph's known as the blond bombshell by all the girls.

Posted by: pberry (409) Report abuse
It is lovely Marie, feel very blessed. Good to hear from you and Maureen and you both sound so well. Always have a laugh with Bernard when you call him the blonde bombshell, it brings back memories, standing on the corner, watching all the girls go by.
Be nice to catch up with Vince, give him our best wishes when you see him Maureen.
We are still having such hot weather, too hot to even walk out in it, they keep saying it's going to cool down, but no sign of that at all.
Take care all, hoping your weather is warming up.
Love P xx

Posted by: momac (9400)  Report abuse
Pat,if you haven't already seen it..Anne Melling your cousin
has put a photo on ALBUM,and says that your grandad is on it..it's taken in Chapel Lane.

Posted by: bravo (2557) Report abuse
hi all-is this a new tread for wallgaters-as you know iam in England nearly freezing to death.it would be nice to meet with some of my school mates.i do wonder what they are doing.we are not getting any younger.bernard hope you are keeping well,and your family also.so much looking to see Maureen again,catch up on the news.take care all

Posted by: MarieM (5194) Report abuse
vince You are a Wallgater. How can you be bothered by the freezing weather. Do you remember when the bedroom windows used to be frozen on the inside. Have a good time and as my owd grandma in Victoria St used to say, get wrapped up.,

Posted by: b.toohey (186) Report abuse
Good to hear from you again Vince and we are all going o.k.here in Oz.At the moment we are sweltering with temps around the 30c and high humidity so envying you in the cold.
This is the last day of our summer and can,t wait to get in to autumn.
Stay well everyone.

Posted by: bravo (2557) Report abuse
marie iam getting soft in my old age,been to long in the sun.

Posted by: pberry (409) Report abuse
Hello All
Getting some good rains as I write this and cooling things down, thank goodness. Good you are all keeping well. At least Vince, you know you can get back to some sunshine so enjoy your visit to your old home. Thanks for the info Maureen, those old photos are very precious as there were so few of them. Take care Marie and all of you keep wrapped up. Seeing Bernard and Margaret for lunch tomorrow.
Love to you all.

Posted by: cliffsis (4)  Report abuse
Hi Pat, there are more photos to follow will post them when I can Love Anne x

Posted by: MarieM (5194) Report abuse
p/berry. Pat there are sure a lot of photos on album of your extended family and lovely they are too. Did you go to St Thomas' or St Josephs.

Posted by: pberry (409) Report abuse
Hi Marie, went to St Thomas's then onto All Saints. Love P xx

Posted by: momac (9400)  Report abuse
Hello Pat..did you have any relatives(Rimmer's)
that lived in Ashton.

Posted by: MarieM (5194) Report abuse
p/berry, Pat have you seen your photos on Album.

Posted by: momac (9400)  Report abuse
Marie..Pat has commented on one of the photos,so
she must have seen them.

Posted by: pberry (409) Report abuse
Hello all friends, sorry been away down south, our son Chris got married on the 19 March. A beautiful wedding and they are very happy.
Hoping you are all well. Hope the coming summer is nice and hot for you.
Bernard and Margaret have been on a cruise up the north coast around the Barrier Reef. I think they may have come back y'day so will email them. We drove straight through from Sydney on Sat, left at 3am and arrived home at 4pm, a long way but no traffic at that time, good to be in your own bed.
We are still having hot weather but at least we have had some rain also, we need it.
Take care, love to you all. xx

Posted by: MarieM (5194) Report abuse
Good to hear from you Pat. Hope you and Tom are well. Glad you enjoyed your son's wedding. I enjoyed the photos of you on Album. Hope Bernard and Marg are ok. I have been up Wallgate today. Memories.

Posted by: b.toohey (186) Report abuse
Hi everyone.Just back from a cruise holiday up the Q/Land coast and it was just wonderful with great weather and the smoothest cruise we ever had.Ican imagine a walk down Wallgate Marie and trying to picture it as it was when we were kids.All happy memories eh !!
Stay well everyone.

Posted by: bravo (2557) Report abuse
hi Bernard,bit of bad news-wigan got thrashed today 62-0 against wakefeild trinity,never know wigan not to score,and are third in the league,hope everything ok with you and family.pleased to hear cruise was good,had a month in England in feb[mar,spent a day with Maureen.keep well,

Posted by: MarieM (5194) Report abuse
vince They had a nuro virus going through the camp. It should never have been played.

Posted by: bravo (2557) Report abuse
what is a nuro virus marie!!!!

Posted by: MarieM (5194) Report abuse
Vince It's a stomach bug.

Posted by: momac (9400)  Report abuse
Vince,it's Noro virus.

Posted by: MarieM (5194) Report abuse
Sorry, Maureen

Posted by: momac (9400)  Report abuse
Anyone can make that mistake Marie.x

Posted by: b.toohey (186) Report abuse
Nice to hear from you again Vince and good to hear you still get back to Wigan from time to time.
Watching the three English teams get trounced by the Aussies so easily made them a laughing stock over here.Never thought the standard over there had dropped as badly as that.Never mind keep going and hope the standard improves.Everyone stay well.

Posted by: i-spy (14194)  Report abuse
my grandson who is 7 seems to have taken an interest in old Wallgaters.
He wants to know why they were all sent to Australia.

Posted by: b.toohey (186) Report abuse
You can tell him we came of our own free will and are enjoying our life here.Suggest you go to the library and look up early Australian history which will tell you when it was a penal colony and convicts were sent here.

Posted by: b.toohey (186) Report abuse
Hi you old Wallgaters hope you are all well.
Lets not let this thread fizzle out since its been a very nice way of keeping in touch with our old town.
We are all going well here but a little sad Wigan not going to Wembley once again but you can,t win them all eh !!

Posted by: momac (9400)  Report abuse
Hello Bernard..how nice to hear from you..I hope you and Pat and your
families are keeping fine..funnily enough I was telling someone from w.w
about the long thread that we had...we wonder what happened to Harry..
Marie Vince and myself take part in Aussie Lizzie's thread on Communicate
Hobbies and books..its really good..

There's been a lot of alterations in Wigan..and none that we go along with..
but of course there isn't a lot that we public can do about it.

Well Bernard,nice to hear from you,give our love to everyone and God bless.x

Posted by: b.toohey (186) Report abuse
Thanks Mo.for your quick reply and alls well at this end I am glad to say.
We still have our weekly get togethers with Pat and Tom to chew the fat.!!
So disappointing to see a lot of old buildings disappear in Town but the council seem fit to do it eh.!
May get back to see our family early next year.
Meantime stay well and our best wishes to you.

Posted by: MarieM (5194) Report abuse
Good to hear from you Bernard. Hope you are all ok. As Maureen said Lizzie from Australia, originally from Standish, does a puzzle for us every day on Wigan World. We are trying to keep our brains working. Give our best wishes to Marg and Tom and Pat.

Posted by: b.toohey (186) Report abuse
Hi Marie good to hear from you again and hope you are going good.I will pass on your good wishes to Pat and Tom when we meet up for lunch on Wednesday.
I will take a look at Lizzies link and get into it.
Stay well and best wishes.

Posted by: bravo (2557) Report abuse
hi Bernard pleased to hear you are keeping well,as marie says the 4 of us do a daily anagram-marie Maureen-ray and myself,keeps us out of mischief as they say,i try to play golf at lease once a week,but not cheap,watched the rugby at the Olympics,some shocking results ie new Zealand,keep well your young lady and yourself,take care.

Posted by: b.toohey (186) Report abuse
Hi Vince
Good to hear from you again and glad you keep the brain in action doing anagrams.
Rugby league here in Oz.is top entertainment but I always support Wigan and the old country when it comes to sport.
Hoping the U.K.does well in the Olympics.
Stay well and enjoy life.

Posted by: sydneylass (2346)  Report abuse
Hi everyone it's been a long time since I posted we've had a lot going on but just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the very best for a healthy and happy year ahead. Bernard Marg, Pat and Tom we still haven't managed to catch up, I hope we can one day. Stay safe everyone

Posted by: MarieM (5194) Report abuse
sydnelass, good to hear from our friends in Oz. Hope Bernard, Marg, Pat and Tom are ok. Hope you all have a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Hope to hear from them soon.

Posted by: momac (9400)  Report abuse
Hello sydneylass..I'm sure when all our friends see your post..they will reply
I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
God bless.x

Posted by: sydneylass (2346)  Report abuse
I hope so Maureen I might not be on here often but I so enjoy hearing how you're all going. Hoefully the "Ozzie Wiganers" will be able to cath up soon Take care girls, talk soon

Posted by: sydneylass (2346)  Report abuse
Long time no speak, in line of recent terrorist attacks I just wanted to touch base and hope that you are all safe and well in the UK. And my fellow "Wigan Aussies" hope lifes treating you all well too, we really must catch up one day. Best regards, stay safe xoxo

Posted by: momac (9400)  Report abuse
Hello Sydneylass..yes we are safe and well..there has been quite a lot
going on in Wigan..Springfield St.Wigan Lane and Swinley..people had to
be evacuated from their homes..suspicious looking items..but according to
the press all is well now..apart from that we're all hunky.
It is tragic for the families of those murdered in Manchester..and everyone
is on high alert now..you can never really relax can you.
I hope you and yours are all well..
Will you please give my love to Bernard,Marg..Pat and Tom...and I'd still l
love to know what happened to Harry..plus I think we all miss lovely Dave.
Look after yourselves with lots of love Maureen.x

Posted by: sydneylass (2346)  Report abuse
Good to hear you are safe and sound Marueen. What a terrible business this is. My brother lives in the Springfield area you can't feel safe anywhere can you? As I write this I am warching it happen again this time in London, will it ever stop!!!! I hope the (Aussie gang) see this and I can finally catch up with them, more importantly I hope they're all well. Maybe they know some news about Harry. We'll always remember Dave with great fondness. Isn't it strange that you can feel close to some people that you have never met. Maybe one day when we come back to Wigan for holiday
Anyway Maureen, it was lovely to hear from you, take care
of yourself. Lotsa luv x

Posted by: bravo (2557) Report abuse
hi Bernard,i thought the wallgate post was dead and buried,never thought to look on people.hope you and family keeping well,ive had a couple of hick-ups but seems ok now.i missed the postings,still keep intouch with Maureen a nd marie,will look more often,by the way not the best of seasons for the rugby.take care

Posted by: ango3 (37)   Report abuse
I everyone not been on for years,glad to see the thread is still going,just came across the new thread by accident,not had time yet to read many post but I will to catch up with what happening.Had lots of happy memories and good times in and around Wallgate and Chapel lane.
TAKE Care to you all.Tom.


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