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Anyone remember the Doctor on Wigan Rd?
Started by: strider_2b (25) Report abuse
Does anyone remember a Doctor who had a surgery on Wigan Rd in Ashton in the 1960s? I've no idea what his name was only that he was a middle age chap at the time and his surgery was next door to The Star and that he used to drive an Aston Martin DB2. Does anyone remember?

Posted by: annefair (1124) Report abuse
My husband says his name was Dr. Burnett, he was their doctor.

Posted by: spud1 (1638) Report abuse
It was Dr Burnett,he was our doctor too.

Posted by: geoff zx9 (inactive) Report abuse
My Doctor was in Wigan Rd also late 1950s onwards opposite Garswood Hall,Doctor Levine,very nice Man.

Posted by: gaffer (5910)   Report abuse
He sold the DB2 to Anthony Roby whose wife had the handbag shop on Wigan Road.
Doctor Fulton was the owner of the practice until he retired.

Posted by: strider_2b (25) Report abuse
That's interesting to hear. My dad told me that Dr Burnett was a great Dr, a wise old gentelman and very friendly. He said he was like Dr Ferenby from TV series Heartbeat. Bring back the old Doctor's I say:). I heard that Dr Fulton was from the army and was quite a strict person; he wore an eye-piece I believe.

My dad had heard of Anthony Roby but only knew him as Anthony. He said he used to own a blue Reliant Scimitar (an SE5a model) which used to be parked up outside the handbag shop. He also said he owned a barbers in Platt Bridge. Must've done well as a business to afford an Aston Martin DB2, those cars's are worth around a half a million today.

Posted by: gaffer (5910)   Report abuse

They were both talented and caring doctors. They achieved a certain amount of fame many years ago after a case in which a baby was successfully born alive after being presumed dead in the womb. If you want to investigate further it was GA Fulton and NT Burnett.

Posted by: brynkiwi (667) Report abuse
Didn,t Dr Burnet take over from Dr Fulton,i remember my Grandfather used to do cleaning at Dr Fultons.
Dr Burnett was our family doctor, he was very helpful for me when my father died as there was only the 2 of us, and I did not have much idea as what to do at times like that

Posted by: gaffer (5910)   Report abuse

Posted by: bert (601) Report abuse
dr fulton did have a monacle.he had only one .i dont no how but he used to call me brother when i had to see him as a child.very nice man.

Posted by: gaffer (5910)   Report abuse

He was. His only weakness, according to my mother, was a fondness for the ladies.

Posted by: bryn156 (189) Report abuse
I lived just a few doors away in 1948 and Dr Fulton attended to me. Pity the Star pub disappeared.

Posted by: cordyline (4137)   Report abuse
The Star pub
In the 1960s I supped the occasional pint in there

The landlord was Turner

Posted by: tonker (18999)   Report abuse
The Doctor used to fly round Ashton in this!

Posted by: dougie (3557)  Report abuse
--?-- Any of you old buggers remember the Doctors name on Wigan Road that Doctor Spencer took over from just after the war

Posted by: dougie (3557)  Report abuse
Looks like no one knows or remembers the name of the Doctor in the 40s that Spencer took over his practice from after returning from being a doctor in WW2,

I don't think he was an English Doctor, also can't be sure where he lived only know for sure he treated people in A-in-M and Spencer took over from him

Posted by: uncle joe (616) Report abuse
Cant remember the ones on Wigan Road, but I do remember Doctor McCurdey on Old Road. Anyone remember him?

Posted by: kenee (1956) Report abuse

I went to Dr McCurdy a few times, I remember his tiny waiting room was nearly always packed.
Dr Pitalia took over the practice about 1970, he was further up Old road between Wolmer Street and Harold Avenue.


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