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St. Margarets, where is/was it?
Started by: daveŠ (3501) Report abuse
St Margaret's Home for Unmarried Mothers, Goose Green?

Posted by: busy bee (631) Report abuse
i remember st margaret,s home for un married mothers it was in goose green on the site were ancliffe home is next to st.paul,s church.

Posted by: disco_diva (inactive) Report abuse
Geoffrey Shyrane once written about the place in the Observer.
I think Busy Bee is correct in saying that the place was close by to St Paul's. It had apparently a high wall around the place.Probably due to at the time the stigma of unmarried mothers. Everything quietly tucked away, out of view.

Posted by: jacks (332)  Report abuse
Busy bee is correct. St Margaret's was on the site where Ancliffe now stands,I remember it quite well, as I was brought up on St Paul's estate. It was a place of mystery to me and my mates (we were young and naive then.) It was not spoken of as a home for unmarried mothers though, and no amount of questioning by me,of my own mum,got me any nearer the truth. We knew it was something secretive but that was about all. My, how times have changed eh ?

Posted by: daveŠ (3501) Report abuse
Thanks for your replies, I came across it when I was looking at this site, the main site being heresome interesting stuff on there.

Posted by: reenie (180)  Report abuse
what memories that brought back, we always wondered about it as we were told to cross the road if we saw any of them from the home as we would catch what they had and end up in there with them, what a dilemma when my aunty and uncle became caretakers when the home closed, what a place, it was very eerie in certain parts it really felt haunted, but it had beautiful gardens they had the really old feshioned prams in the nursery

Posted by: jacks (332)  Report abuse
Can you remember what the big old,stone building on the corner of St Paul's ave (next to St Margaret's) was ?

Posted by: christi (206) Report abuse
I can remember being in the Billinge Maternity unit when one of the young girls from St. margarets had her baby. The only visitor was a lady social worker and on the day Mum and baby were due to leave, Mum was taken away in one car (crying) and baby hurried away in another!!!!

Posted by: wiganyankeeron (inactive) Report abuse
A friend of mine's mother was in the home. he was adopted by a family from Wigan when he was only a few days old. A couple of years ago he went to look for his Birth Mother. It took quite a bit of detective work as the address he had, was going back 60 years. Anyway he eventualy found out she had died some years ago, but he got in contact with various members of the family, Who apart from one person, had no idea that she had had a baby (That's how secretive it was in those days.) However on reflection they remembered her going missing for a few months. around the end of the war. He says at least now he knows where he comes from. Which is a great comfort to him.

Posted by: reenie (180)  Report abuse
the building as far as my friend Kathleen and i can remember was a cottage with some sort of garage but i can't remember their names think he was a tall man they had a daughter who used to play with my friend sorry i can'y remember more

Posted by: alanrabster (61)  Report abuse
the building was a garage car repairs the cottage my mate lived there and the garage had a long shed atached at the back think billy catterall rented it for his weight training with his mates=

Posted by: baker boy (14967) Report abuse
zac dingle was born in st margerets home.

Posted by: awinstanley1 (inactive) Report abuse
the stone building was an owd garage but also it was were billy catterall and lots more did weight training,as kids from walpole ave and kingsley ave me and mi mates used to go and watch fun days!!!!!!

Posted by: winnie (1209)   Report abuse
does anyone know anything about Shelly house

Name Ralph Unsworth
Number of Males 4
Number of Females 2
Household schedule number 155
Street Address 2 Behind Shelley House Warrington Road
Civil parish Pemberton
Ecclesiastical parish Highfield St Matthew
County/Island Lancashire
Country England
Registration district Wigan
Registration District Number 458
Sub-registration district Pemberton

Posted by: dodger (3414) Report abuse
Look on your other thread

Posted by: daveŠ (3501) Report abuse
Ten years old thread! How time passes.

Posted by: beep54 (1014) Report abuse
Was once said that a Lass gave birth to Sir Pauls Child there

Posted by: berylh (1779) Report abuse
I also remember going past the building and people spoke in whispers about what it was about. So very sad for those poor young women, thank goodness attitudes have changed.

Posted by: annron1928 (135) Report abuse
I never knew where it was but my mum used to say "bring any trouble home lady and its St Margarets home for you"


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