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John Bull
Started by: stel48 (2986) Report abuse
Does anyone remember the John Bull, as well as the Market Tavern and all the characters that used to frequent these places.

Posted by: edofwigan (83) Report abuse
I was drinking in the John Bull Chophouse last night

Posted by: stel48 (2986) Report abuse
Good Lord and your'e on here at 08.40. I'm impressed

Posted by: danni (inactive) Report abuse
I was in the John Bull last Friday still ar great place for a pint

Posted by: tigerlily2110 (306)  Report abuse
Used to go in the Bull in the 70s and 80s. Not been there for years and years.

Posted by: gary1964 (3944)   Report abuse
i used to go there during the late 70s early 80s and it used to full of rockers ie hells angels

Posted by: tigerlily2110 (306)  Report abuse
John Bull never entertained any Hells Angels as far as I know. Harold was very particular about letting patch clubs in.

You probably mean the gang at the back, they were just the regular biker lot, me included.

Posted by: gary1964 (3944)   Report abuse
tigerlily .you a biker then..you know a james fishwick from hr ince he would be in late 40s now

Posted by: stel48 (2986) Report abuse
Too right Tigerlily. They were just the usual biker lot.
And probably the safest pub in Wigan too.

Posted by: tigerlily2110 (306)  Report abuse
gary1964, the name doesn't ring a bell, but I knew a lot of people by nicknames. You don't know who he used to knock about with do you?

stel48, I think that I remember you, are you blonde?

Posted by: stuart (283)  Report abuse
Agree with you stel48,John bull and the brickhouse safest ( or used to be ) pubs in Wigan. Used to go to Angels, down King st west on fridays nights for rocker night....always felt safe there too.

Posted by: stel48 (2986) Report abuse
Nah tigerlily I am a redhead. Used to go in the Bull for years. Of course I was very young at the time .................. not !!

Posted by: ozzielass (1742)  Report abuse
I knew Harold who had the John Bull and his family very well, used to work for him when he first opened up - too many years ago! I was very sad to hear of his passing, he was a real gent. He built that place up from scratch and the 'bikies' thought the world of him and did anything he asked of them, change barrels, lump crates of ale around.

Posted by: stel48 (2986) Report abuse
True Ozzielass, and sort out anyone who tried to cause any trouble in there too.

Posted by: sydneylass (2346)  Report abuse
Ditto, I worked for Harold at the John Bull in my younger days also at Blutos when he was the manager there.You couldn't find a nicer person he was the best.
I'm sure he's "alreet" and looking down on us.

Posted by: stel48 (2986) Report abuse
Harold was a lovely bloke. His funeral was heart rendering.
God bless him.
He will always be missed in the pub.

Posted by: mrsurf (47) Report abuse
i went in the bull when it opend back in 74 75 and stil go back to this day even though i dont live here any more margret and harold wher the best for sure i hadant been back for a year or two and was gutted to find no marget and couldent see any one i knew i have a lot of memorys( pettel h)falling down the stairs bumping his head waking up saying how long have i been here squier ! .god rest his soul , i personly wouldent call the bull a bikers pub any more there was a lot went in over the years but more freaks than anything by that i mean punks bikers phsyco billys the lot` and the term freak in a nice way so dont get on my case by my terminology lol me being one of them

Posted by: mrsurf (47) Report abuse
aniway i know harold was ill for years but was very sad to hear of his death when did he die ? margret always made me welcome when i came back to wigan for a drink the only place i would make the efort to visit back was the bull and she would fill me in with local gossip , aniway has welsby stil got his car park??

Posted by: edofwigan (83) Report abuse
It was a few years ago now that Harold passed away, his funeral cortege was escorted by 100's of local bikers. It was a fitting tribute to a man who didn't care how you looked, or dressed as long as you behaved and respected others right to do the same. Margaret decided to retire and now Harolds daughter is now the licencee. It is obviously her name over the door now but Harold 'Licencee' Plate now stands over the entrance to the bar.

Harold may no longer be with us, but the spirit of the 'John Bull' continues... STILL the only town centre pub, never to need door staff, able to drink outside in a public area (due to its impeccable record for behaviour)

So next time you see a leather clad 'Biker' or a Goth, just look beyond appearance and think like Harold

Posted by: keily (306)  Report abuse
Was in there on Sunday after the Haigh Hall gig, good to see the old place again...

Posted by: mrsurf (47) Report abuse
as i mentiond i drank in the bull from the first night it opend its doors`back in 73 or 74 not many places where us mods punks bikers goths hippys could all get on so good every creed you could think of drank in the bull i think it was an alternative to the straight pubs or shaves pub ,

Posted by: mrsurf (47) Report abuse
i also drank in the market as well in the horse box

Posted by: keona (146)   Report abuse
I love the place now run by harolds daughter and her husband never changes thank god what a great jukebox

Posted by: DelMac (2) Report abuse
stel48 and Tigerlily2110 did either of you know Shep? One of the biker lot back in the late 70s early 80s. Never knew his real name! Been wondering how he is these days.

Posted by: julie cruise (1) Report abuse
DelMac, just spotted yr post. Shep (David) and I used to live in Worsley Mesnes. Great nights out at the Bull. 😁

Posted by: cordyline (5350)   Report abuse
Julie Cruise
Are you related to Jimmy Cruise and Brian Cruise ?
Brian will be about 77

Posted by: DelMac (2) Report abuse
Hi Julie Cruise! Are you still in touch with Shep? Great times spent in the Bull, such a fab crowd. I moved away and lost touch, but would love to hear how old friends are keeping. Good old days. x

Posted by: fossil (6705) Report abuse
I went to school with Jimmy CREWS,he will be 78.


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