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Old maps of Ashton
Started by: ashtonman01 (157) Report abuse
On the Old-Maps website of the Ashton and surrounding areas it gives you options for different dates, one I think for 1965 and 1972. Looking at the maps from those dates shows quite a significant change in some of the areas, particularly around the skitters, Woodedge, Lowbank Rd and Old rd with housing development between those periods.

What struck me was the amount of allotments there were. The estate behind the Pit Pony must've began around the late 60s and up to the very early 70s as the 65 map just shows allotments stretching back to Skitters Wood. Shame they had to ruin it all. Another thing I discovered was that Landgate school was originally on the opposite side of the road where the recent-ish modern housing estate (Keilder Close I think it's called) is now just off Soughers Lane. I'd always thought it was just derelict land prior to being developed.

Also just off Wolmer St there used to be a laundry, and up Old Rd towards Whitledge Geen there was an area named Whitledge Hurst, anyone know why it was called that?.


Posted by: tonker (21244)   Report abuse
"Landgate school .... is now just off Soughers Lane."

No it isn't!

Posted by: ashtonman01 (157) Report abuse
I didn't say Landgate school is now off Soughers Lane.

Posted by: tonker (21244)   Report abuse
In that case, your lack of punctuation makes the article say whatever the reader interprets!

Posted by: ashtonman01 (157) Report abuse
Anyone know exactly or roughly when the rest of the estate behind the Pit Pony was built?. I noticed on the early 70s map much of the estate was there but the remaining houses from roughly where the entry is behind Pit Pony was still spare land with allotments. They look like they were built in more recent decades, likely the mid-late 80s. I think the estate around Woodedge looks like it was built in the 80s.

Edit: from what I can gather, it looks like the whole of the estate behind the Pit Pony was almost completed around the early 80s, as was the estate on Woodedge on the opposite side of Skitters. On the maps from the late 70s, and possible early 80s as well, it doesn't appear to show the Pit Pony only a works and the garage. When they did build the Pit Pony?. Feels like it's been there for at least 40 years.

Why did they demolish the school where the estate is now at the bottom end of Soughers Lane in Bryn/Landgate?. I never knew there used to be a school there.

Posted by: gaffer (6325)   Report abuse
The school in Soughers Lane was a special needs school, it was closed when the pupils went into mainstream schools. Landgate school replaced Park Lane school.

Posted by: ashtonman01 (157) Report abuse
I had a feeling it was a special needs school as you don't see many "mainstream" schools being closed and demolished, unless it's a really old delapidated building. Looks like they started building that estate of posh detached houses around the early-mid 90s; didn't they think were built that long ago, I would've thought the late 90s.

Posted by: ashtonman01 (157) Report abuse
Been looking at an old Wigan booklet I have, which lists local businesses and companies, and in it there are maps of the Wigan, Ashton, Golborne, Leigh and other surrounding areas. I can't tell what year this was from as the front cover is missing, but judging by the ad on the back cover of the Wigan Observer with the words "Read the Wigan Observer every Friday" and the cover illustration they used shows what could be 1974 date. Looking at the Ashton map around the Lowbank Rd, Skitters Wood, Old Rd and Woodedge area, it appears that the estate behind Pit Pony is shown with all the street names, as is the Woodedge estate with all the street names in place. However, on the 1974-1975 map I've viewed on the Old Maps website, the Woodedge estate isn't there. Those houses beside Skitters on Woodedge don't look like they're over 40s years to me, I would've thought early-mid 80s at the earliest. Unless the map was created well in advance of the when those houses where built?, but I can't imagine that.

Also, in the booklet I have (assuming it is from the mid 1970s), Haydock Park Station is labelled on the map, with "Race Days Only" underneath. According to the disused stations website, Haydock Park Station closed both to passengers and closed completely in 1963, so why it is still listed as a (presumably working) station on a 1970s map I don't know. I know they did run the occasional special rail tour well into the 70s.

Posted by: jouell (4705) Report abuse
I know someone who moved to Woodedge in the mid to late 70s, so yes, houses were built there, across from the Skitters in the 1970s..

Posted by: ashtonman01 (157) Report abuse
Thanks jouell. I thought the booklet I have containing OS maps must be accurate. As I said, on the old maps website when you click on a map of the area from the 1970s, the houses on Woodedge (and some of the houses on the opp side of Skitters also) aren't there for some reason. Seems like that particular map site is providing the wrong maps. Just a mish mash of maps from somewhat dubious sources to me. One map is in Russian.

It's always wise to check out an official, physical OS map first.

Speaking of maps, but anyone know where I can find a site that has serial views of the area?. I remember seeing a photo on the Bryn album in here showing the old shops and Bryn surgery from the early 80s, taken from a plane. Where do people get these images from?.


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