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Chinese restaurant Can anyone
Started by: xenon (103) Report abuse
Can anyone settle an “argument “? Was there a Chinese restaurant not far down from what was The Crofters, I know there was the Pacific Ocean near where JJB’s was and that was a Chinese restaurant.

Posted by: broady (15730)   Report abuse
Happy Palace was there.

Posted by: xenon (103) Report abuse
Thanks for that- I was right!! We used to go in there every Saturday night and then around to the Clarence,good times!

Posted by: broady (15730)   Report abuse
From previous conversations on here it became Sweaty Betty’s around 1980 when the one in Darlington Street closed down.

Posted by: aussie94 (2346) Report abuse
i remember Happy Palaceback in the late 69s first time i had tasted rice outside of a rice pudding.

Posted by: whups (4530)   Report abuse
where was "sweaty bettys" ?

Posted by: tuddy (1052) Report abuse
She had a place in Dalingtons Street across from where the courts are now. Then later on she moved to Market Street, about half way down. It was one of Parky's favourite eating places.

Posted by: whups (4530)   Report abuse
what,s going on with him ste ? .

Posted by: tuddy (1052) Report abuse
I was with him at Christmas time, he'll never change. I haven't seen their Alan for about five years.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (4712) Report abuse

"where was "sweaty bettys" ?"

It was at 36 Market Street in Wigan Town Centre

Posted by: roylew (3141) Report abuse
Had my first meal there with my wife before we got married i was 17 she was 15 both had pork chop and chips...7/6d....had to borrow 3/6d

Posted by: kenee (2073) Report abuse
When I was 20 I took my parents to the Happy Palace for a meal, it was their first time in a Chinese. They had pork chops, two each as I remember, mum gave me one of hers so I scoffed it with my chicken chow mein.

Posted by: aussie94 (2346) Report abuse
Took my folks to Happy Palacce , they would not eat rice insisted on chips they hated it , but I enjoy chinese food it is excellent in Sydney

Posted by: aussie94 (2346) Report abuse
My local chinese do great salty / Pepper prawns and fried rice, to die for

Posted by: mollie m (6312)  Report abuse
The one on Darlington Street wasn't a Chinese, it was an Indian and it was probably one of the first Indian restaurants to open back in the late 50s/very early 60s. and it was called the Koh-i-Noor, right across from where we lived at No 30, as a child of around 9/10.

It covered the site of where the new Court House now stands, including a house and what was then a pet shop where they had a mynah bird in a cage in the window which had a rather good vocabulary, if I remember it rightly.

The first I remember of Sweaty Betty's was in Upper Dicconson Street in the 70s and she would sit at the door to check out her customers before them being allowed in. I think it was on the corner of Upper Dicconson Street and Dicconson Terrace, but they could well have been somewhere else as well before then.

Posted by: aussie94 (2346) Report abuse
mollie m I remember the Koh-i Noor well especially on a Saturday night , after we had been playing RU at Orrell. After a hard day of playing and drinking we would finish up at the Koh for a cuury. there would be quite a few of us , all starving, lots of food ordered.
Then , it came time to pay amd that was a problem , we had all spent our money on booze.
So , off to the back of the restaurant , go to the toilet and pull the fuse. Chos , we would all do a runner , being chased by Indians with meat cleavers. But , the following week we would all show up and pay our way. Happy days

Posted by: broady (15730)   Report abuse
Presumably when you got caught that is when you were sent to a penal colony!!!!

Posted by: aussie94 (2346) Report abuse
broady , yes not long after Decided that there was something better than Koh-I Noor.
SO, of I went to God's country.

Posted by: broady (15730)   Report abuse
Glad it worked out for you.

Posted by: aussie94 (2346) Report abuse
broady , It certainly has , very happy here , like you never regretted the decision to move 45 years on,

Posted by: fossil (6705) Report abuse
Certainly very early in the 60,s there was a Chinese restaurant in the building where Betfred is now at the top of Wallgate and Market Place.It was on the top floor and there was a dress shop in the building.


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