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Started by: MarieM (5563) Report abuse
I have asked this before but I cannot find the post. Does anyone know where the name POOLSTOCK came from.

Posted by: FAT MICK (1025) Report abuse
It comes from the road leading to Marus Bridge and Goose Green

Posted by: priscus (8224) Report abuse
There are so many possibilities with such a name, aren't there.

I hope someone finds some interesting answers for you. I have no idea how you might establish their veracity though.

Posted by: MarieM (5563) Report abuse
Mick, I am sorry, I meant to say does anyone know where the name of Poolstock was derived from.
Thanks[priscus for your reply.

Posted by: lectriclegs (3900) Report abuse
You did say/type "Does anyone know where the name POOLSTOCK came from" ,Marie.

I think Fat Mick was trying to be clever (and failed miserably) as usual.

Good luck with your quest.

Posted by: macwil48 (333) Report abuse
I wonder if it came from the stock pools (reservoirs) used to maintain the water level in the canal.

Posted by: bentlegs (4513) Report abuse
Or could it have had stocks to punish bad lads,It may be recorded in the history shop.

Posted by: priscus (8224) Report abuse
It is not far from The Parliamentary Ditch, is it. It is always possible that there had been some form of stockade.

The true nature of the ditch has been questioned, however, it is on record that in the area defences were ordered to be hurriedly constructed. ie some form of stockade.

see 9/36, here.

Posted by: tonker (21244)   Report abuse
Does anyone know where the name of anything came from?

Posted by: fred mason (2825)   Report abuse
I believe macwil48 has the answer, as these pools/reservoirs were often built to supply the water for the canals. The only thing I wonder about though is that the flashes there, are lower than the canal and I have not seen any pumping units nearby.

Posted by: priscus (8224) Report abuse
The flashes are of more recent origin: Pearson's workings causing subsidence.

You would need to supply the canal water at the TOP of the Wigan Flight Locks, not at the bottom, which is adequately supplied by the water released as boats traverse the locks!

Posted by: spudmagoo (1167) Report abuse
I read in a book of old English place names that it came from the old English pulestoke meaning place of water. Hope this helps.

Posted by: MarieM (5563) Report abuse

Thank you so much for your response.

Posted by: MickB (13) Report abuse
What a good question to ask. I lived in Poolstock until I was 18, but I never gave a thought as to its name. 'Pool' is a fairly common name for some kind of watercourse, and apparently 'Stoc' is an old English term for a field used for summer grazing. Given that the River Douglas ran through the area, and that we have the modern street names of Fourteen Meadows Road, & Swan Meadow Road, it could be reasonable to say that 'Poolstock' means the fields that were used to graze sheep or cattle by the River Douglas.

Posted by: tonker (21244)   Report abuse
I'd be more inclined to think the name Poolstock was taken from the family name Poole (prominent in Wigan history), who held a smallholding (stockade?) on that land. Poole's Stockade - Pool's Stock - Poolstock?

Posted by: MickB (13) Report abuse
You may well be right in that Poolstock is an eponym relating to an ancient Poole family. I don't know when the area (and the road) was originally known as Poolstock. On the 1843 Ordnance Survey map, there is an area shown as 'Pool Stock' to the south of the River Douglas, and on the same map, the road nearby is shown as 'Poolstock Lane', so I suppose its origin is lost in the mists of time. I agree in referring you to your comment of 1st June on this post. All good stuff, though - it's great to see people taking pride in their local history.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (4712) Report abuse
On me travels I have been told that Whelley was named so because there was a well there

Posted by: priscus (8224) Report abuse
Perhaps there was a hospital that made people well!

One up on Stockport, who were stopping ill!

Posted by: PeterP (7613) Report abuse
Priscus I thought it was on top of a brow

Posted by: momac (10729)  Report abuse
Priscus..there was a Hospital at Whelley..I worked there.

Posted by: PeterP (7613) Report abuse
Could Whelley have been spelt with a "S" has shelley means meadow

Posted by: cordyline (5350)   Report abuse
Whelley Hospital
In the 1950s they used to say

"If you went in Whelley, you came out in a box"

Posted by: momac (10729)  Report abuse
Cordy..that is so not true..it was a great place to work,the patients were
looked after like children..also,I came out as a baby after getting cured of

Posted by: priscus (8224) Report abuse

Yes, I am well aware there there was a hospital. My mother was an inpatient in 1950's.

That is why I was attempting a jocular response to TTS proffering a well:

Well- Whelley
Stopping ill- Stepping Hill

Posted by: tonker (21244)   Report abuse
Poorly Hill Hospital,

Posted by: priscus (8224) Report abuse
Hope Hospital used to acquire a chalked additional prefix to its name sign.

Posted by: baker boy (15426) Report abuse
no way

Posted by: baker boy (15426) Report abuse
when i worked in east manchester,stepping hill was nearly always referred to as stepping on,to heaven .
sometimes this, your bloody lucky to get out of there walking.

Posted by: priscus (8224) Report abuse
You were when one particular nurse was in residence, that's for sure!

PS When I was required to live-in, at one of Manchester's hospitals, the person with whom I shared a purpose-built flat within the hospital grounds, went on to become one of the NHS's alleged serial killers!

Posted by: tonker (21244)   Report abuse
Now you know where he went when he disappeared at night. Kellogs in Stretford!


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